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3 methods to enlarge your penis: have a bigger penis!

If many guys are looking to have a bigger penis, it's for nothing. It's usually because they feel like they have a small penis, or in any case a smaller penis compared to other men they have been able to compare themselves to. Moreover, it is not uncommon to see some men looking for ways to enlarge their penis, especially young men (it is much less frequent among older guys, from their forties or finally the question of having a large penis is no longer a problem). But do you really have a small dick if I may say so?

What is the average size of a penis?


Let's not forget that the average size of a penis at rest is 7 centimeters to 10 centimeters in length and 9 centimeters to 10 centimeters in circumference . As for the average size of the erect penis, it would be between 13.12 centimeters and 16 centimeters in European countries. Thus, if you have a penis whose size is above these measurements, then you can consider having a large penis, in any case a penis larger than the average. Come on, go get a meter to measure your penis! If you're a teenager and you wonder if your penis will still grow, know that its size evolves until the end of your puberty, around 17-18 years (it may even be later for some guys). And if you think you have a micropenis, be aware that you are most likely mistaken because it is a very rare phenomenon: it only concerns 1 in 10,000 men in France! So finally, don't you have a big penis compared to the average?

But what about women? Know that according to an American study, women prefer an average penis length of 16 cm when erect. This corresponds to the average length of the sexes.

What about gay or bi men? Well, there are differences too! Some guys will prefer to have a male partner with a large and large penis (those who are looking to have a full anus during penetration) while others will instead look for smaller penis sizes in erection (those for whom anal penetration only matters to tickle the prostate, which is not far from the entrance to the anal door!).

A bigger penis for self-confidence

Of course, if guys want to have a bigger penis it's usually to increase their self-confidence. Let's say that the penis is to men what the size of the breast is to women: a factor of virility. The bigger your cock, excuse me the expression, the more you will feel like a guy, a real guy! It is true that we are enormously conditioned by what happens in porn movies. Guys are sporting big, fat penises and we feel like it's becoming a norm. Don't forget one thing guys: porn movie actors are recruited on casting! And inevitably one of the things that casters look at is the size of their penis! But the big, fat penises of porn actors are not the norm! So don't compare yourself to them.

Similarly, if you have the impression of having a smaller penis compared to other guys after seeing one in the locker room (and especially in the showers of the locker room), a small point of vigilance here too: this does not is not because a penis seems big at flaccid that it will be immense in erection! It can indeed be smaller than yours once at attention!

A bigger penis to improve your sexuality

The other reason guys want to get a big penis is to improve their sexual performance. But also to be more comfortable with their partner. It is good to think that the bigger your penis, the more you will satisfy your partner, whether during anal or vaginal penetration . So it should be noted that for vaginal penetration, it is not the length or the size of the penis that matters. The famous G-spot being very quick to access, a small penis can perfectly give pleasure to your partner. For sodomy , it's a little different indeed: for some people, it's the feeling of having a full anus that will give pleasure. It is for this reason that manufacturers of sex toys have launched the large butt plug , also known as the XXL butt plug . But that's another story, because these anal plugs are really really big, no penis can compare to it.

Anyway, presenting a big penis in front of your partner can be a way to excite him even more . It's true, let's not be dishonest, if your partner presents a large penis in front of you, it will strongly affect your excitement. We give you below ideas of sex toys that will allow you to have a bigger penis.

How to properly measure your penis?

That's a good question, do you know how to properly measure your penis? Because we have been talking about penis length for a while, but concretely, how is a penis measured? This is a question that many guys ask themselves, especially during adolescence! To do this, you need to take his measurement while flaccid and erect.

To do this, we advise you to take a ruler (a 30 cm ruler will be more than enough!!). You must therefore measure from the base of your penis to the end of the glans, where the urethra is located. If you have a slightly curved penis (don't worry many guys do, it's not abnormal), you shouldn't follow the curve. No, you imagine that it is straight and you also start from the base to its end.

When you measure the size of your erect penis, of course, make sure you have maximum arousal for it to be the best arousal . So excite yourself before taking the measurements and as soon as you feel that you are at the maximum, hop out the ruler. If it can save a few millimeters! In any case, we are not in favor here on this blog of the rule that a bigger penis is a more efficient penis. No really not. For us it is not at all the size of the penis that matters, but the way you use it, taking into account the desires and pleasures of your partner. This is what makes all the difference between a good shot and a bad shot. A guy with a big penis can perfectly be very bad in bed, precisely because with his huge cock, if I can say that, he will have the impression of perfectly managing the report.

How to get a bigger penis?


Sex maintenance to enlarge it

There is a very simple solution that you can put in place to enlarge your penis is to maintain all your hair, whether on the pubis and the penis itself. Indeed, if you are still among the rare guys who do not wax their pubic hair or shave their pubis, then you will have to get started. Not only is this happening more and more, but in no case are you going to lose virility and masculinity because you will have completely shaved or close-cropped hair. Inevitably, with this solution, your penis will give the sensation of being longer because it will not be invaded by pubic hair, like a jungle. It's simple to set up, quick and above all within everyone's reach: you must have a razor at home! If you are looking for the best products to shave or remove your pubic hair, here is our selection of trimmers below.

tondeuse one blade 2.webp

4 beard combs (1, 2, 3 & 5 mm) + body comb and protection system for sensitive areas. Effectiveness without irritation or cuts

tondeuse 1.jpg

Self-sharpening blades for comfortable mowing and impeccable styling

The protection tool preserves the most sensitive areas of your body

But you can also use shaving products.

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Non-slip ergonomic handle.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

Sex toys, perfect for gaining size


If we had to recommend products to enlarge your penis, it would necessarily be the use of sex toys for men. Still too few guys use sex toys and yet this can have very interesting effects on your sexuality, on the excitement of your partner, whether your partner is a woman or a man, but also on your confidence! You will be able to show with these accessories a very appetizing machine! To do this, we recommend two sex toys in particular:

The cock ring to have a bigger penis


The cock ring is the ideal sex toy for having a bigger penis because it will block the blood flow in your penis, thus giving it a bigger thickness. And the effect is immediate! Not only will you gain a few centimeters more thickness, but you will also see your veins. In short, something to rejoice you and your partner. Here is our selection of 1st price cock rings that we recommend (all tested).

cockring lot.jpg

But if you really want to get off with a cock ring, then we recommend the vibrating Bond cock ring:


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the We-Vibe Cockring Bond:

The strong point of this cock ring lies in its opening which allows very easy fitting around the penis (or around the testicles). And this regardless of the size of the penis. The remote control that comes with it allows you to play with the different vibration modes simply. The elongated shape of this cock ring also allows you to press on the perineum for even more sensations. A very good cock ring for a solo moment during masturbation or during a relationship with his/her partner.

Here is a presentation video of this cock ring:

The penis sheath

The second sex toy for men that we recommend to enlarge your penis is the penis sleeve . Don't be afraid, contrary to a hatred that serves to have a flat stomach, the penis sheath will allow you to gain in size!

Here is our selection of sheaths below (click on the image to access it).

gaine pour pénis 4.jpg
gaine pour pénis 5.jpg

Surgery as the ultimate solution

Surgery may be the ultimate solution to showing the world a bigger penis! Yes, I'm going strong!! For this, there are several surgical techniques. Little information beforehand: to be able to have access to these operations, you must first pass psychological and psychosexological tests in order to know your motivations and rule out any diagnosis of dysmorphophobia (the impression of having a penis smaller than it looks). is actually).


Among the solutions is penoplasty. It is an operation that aims to enlarge the circumference, the diameter, or the size of about 1 to 2 centimeters. . This technique consists of incising the surface of the corpora cavernosa along their entire length to place a small piece of vein there. Well, honestly, is it worth doing an operation to gain 1 centimeter? Might as well use a cockring!

The lipofilling

This technique, more aesthetic medicine than aesthetic surgery, consists of injecting fat, very often previously taken from the buttocks by liposuction) directly into the penis. I specify that it is more of aesthetic medicine because, like any fat injection, especially in the buttocks, it does not give a definitive result: the fat dissolves after about a year. If you opt for this, it is therefore a treatment to be repeated every year.

Myths for enlarging your penis

So there are different techniques to have a huge penis (let's exaggerate a bit!!), to enlarge your penis, if we are to believe everything we can find on the internet (and especially on Amazon). We are going to go around the question and present to you what for us is the best solution to have a big and long penis!

Are pills and supplements effective?

The Internet is full of pills and supplements to have a bigger and longer sex, which would allow the enlargement and/or enlargement of the penis. So a little advice anyway: take a good look at the composition of the products that compose it. Here on the blog I have already tested one of its products, I have indeed tested Erector . Well, it's a product that is mainly composed of water and sugar ... I don't see how it would make my machine bigger. In any case, these products contain certain ingredients such as taurine, but this is for marketing purposes only! Their presence is so low in the composition of the products that their effect will be almost non-existent! You will have a penis in its normal, usual length, even with the intake of these supplements.

You will also be able to find pills that contain androgens, which are a steroid hormone. But this will also not bring any efficiency here. And if you plan to take products that must be injected directly into the penis, do not go there because you can experience serious complications (it is still not trivial to inject products, which come out of who knows where, directly in the penis and therefore in the blood!).

Also avoid all pills that are taken for natural aphrodisiacs: no scientific study has proven their results and will not allow you to have a longer machine!

So in the end are these pills and supplements suitable for enlarging your penis? FAKE !

Kegel exercises for men

Many sites present Kegel exercises as one of the miracle solutions to have a bigger penis size. Well that's not the case at all! In fact, Kegel exercises actually help strengthen and tone the pelvic area. They are thus indicated in men who have erectile dysfunction because they improve erection control and duration.

So unless you're having trouble getting an erection, don't waste time doing these Kegel exercises!

Weight suspensions to have a bigger penis

Always on the Internet, you will also find different accessories to have a big penis folds. Accessories called weight suspensions. Don't go spending money for nothing! These techniques which require attaching weights directly to the penis while it is at rest to stretch it have not been scientifically proven! It can even be dangerous to your health.


Come on here is another myth that will have to tidy up! Jelqing is a technique of repeatedly pulling on the soft penis. This would promote blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the penis. No scientific study has to date validated the relevance of this practice to enlarge the penis. Even, it could be dangerous because it would cause pain, bruises and other damage that can lead to erectile dysfunction. So forget!

More advice on male sexuality?

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