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How to choose and use a cock ring?

If there is one sex toy that is reserved for men, it is the cockring. A sex toy that is also found under the name of penis ring . A sex toy that has more and more success with men eager for new sensations, during masturbation or penetration. And it's not surprising, the cock ring is a small sex toy that goes everywhere and is very easy to put on.

Through this article, we are going to give you all our advice to make the most of your cockring, and especially our selection of the best cockrings.

What is a cock ring?

Before offering you our selection of cock rings, it is important to give you some information about this sex toy, especially if you do not know it. Don't worry, it will be very fast. The cock ring, which in English literally means "tail ring", is a sex toy that comes in the form of a ring to be placed at the base of your penis, or against your pubis.  Some cock rings will also allow you to encompass your testicles.

How to put on a cock ring?

There is nothing simpler than putting on a cock ring. Indeed, given that it is a sex toy that comes in the form of a ring, you quickly understand that you just have to fit your penis (and your testicles if you wish) into the ring. But nevertheless, here are some tips for putting on your cock ring properly:

  • first of all, it's best to have your penis and pubis shaved. This will have two advantages: already your cock ring will be more visible, which can increase your excitement as well as that of your partner. But in addition, the cock ring will not get caught in the hair and, when removing it, you will not have any discomfort (ie no pubic hair getting stuck in the cock ring).

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  • then, you must place your cock ring when your penis is at rest or when it is in demi-mole. Indeed, once erect, you will not be able to place it since the diameter of the cock ring is smaller than the diameter of your erect penis.

If you put on a condom, we advise you to put on your cock ring first and then the condom.

Why use a cock ring?


Know that the cock ring is a small ring that you will pass around your penis which has many advantages above all. And after reading all these benefits, we're sure you're going to want one!


A cock ring to have a bigger penis

The first advantage to the cock ring that we are going to present to you is certainly the one you will love the most! Because, let's not hide it, even if the size of the penis has no importance on the quality of the sexual relationship, on your sexual performance, all men are looking for a bigger, more imposing penis.

The cock ring will indeed increase the size of the penis, especially its width, because the purpose of the cock ring is to compress the base of your penis and thus block the blood flow. Your penis will thus gorge itself with blood and therefore have a slightly larger size. The tighter the cockring, the greater the effect. But be careful not to take a cock ring that is too tight, which could cause injury.

As you will have understood, if you are a little complexed by the size of your penis, your erect penis, the cock ring can therefore be a good alternative to make you feel more comfortable.

It should also be noted that your penis will be more venous, i.e. the veins will be more visible. This may be more aesthetic for some people.

A cock ring for a longer erection

The cock ring, precisely because the penis is blocked in your penis by this sex toy, will also allow you to have a longer erection. Imagine, a bigger penis and a longer erection, your partner will be happy. The cock ring is also a sex toy used by men who may have erection problems, either simply having them or maintaining an erection for a certain length.

A cock ring to enhance masturbation

Masturbation can sometimes be very routine. Always the same movements, always the same place, almost always the same fantasies. The cock ring is a sex toy that will allow you to add a little spice to your masturbation session, for several reasons:

  • you introduce a new accessory into your routine, so it can cause new thoughts, new fantasies while masturbating. This can be a complementary accessory to a masturbation sleeve, for example.

  • you also have a bigger penis, so you will have new sensations by maintaining your penis.

How to choose the right cock ring?


Since the cock ring is a sex toy used more and more by men, because it is also very visible in porn movies, which started the trend (as often with sex toys), there is now a large choice of cock rings. But it is important to choose it well so as not to be mistaken and to make the most of it.

The size of the cock ring

Of course, the first element that you will have to take into account is the size of the cock ring. Even if the objective is to have an accessory that will tighten your penis, it is important not to take a cock ring that is too tight.

Our advice for choosing the right size cock ring: measure your erect penis and take a cock ring that is slightly smaller. It will already have an effect!

Even if you take several cock rings, there are lots of cock rings in different sizes, from 2 cm to 5 cm, so that you choose the one that suits you when you use it.

We recommend this kit of 3 cock rings. Click on the image to access it.

cockring lot.jpg

If you are really afraid of making a mistake, you can also find this cock ring set with 9 different sizes below. Yes, 9 sizes! Enough to experience all the possible sensations with the cockring!! And then, aren't they pretty placed on their plot?

Kit of 9 cock rings. Click on the image to access it.

cockring lot 2.jpg

The material of the cock ring

Another element to take into account when choosing the right cock ring is its material. And it will depend on your desires. Because the cock ring exists in all materials: silicone, the most common, but also leather, steel or latex. The choice will depend on what you want to feel:

  • the silicone material is a soft, pleasant, slightly elastic material, which will give you a certain comfort

  • leather or latex will be appreciated by people who are into BDSM or who have a little stronger sexual experience.

  • steel or metal will be chosen by men (or women) who want to have a certain look, very masculine.

Be careful however, steel is a very rigid material, which can therefore be uncomfortable after a certain time, or even after a certain moment of use. Similarly, the advantage of silicone is that it is a material that can be cut, just in case!

Types of cock rings

There are different cockring materials, but also simple cockrings and other more advanced ones. By simple, we mean the basic cock ring which consists of a simple ring to place. But some are more advanced:

The adjustable cock ring

You can find the adjustable cock ring that will suit people:

  • who don't necessarily know which cockring size to choose

  • or who want to experiment with the cockring by pushing their limits as far as possible.

The adjustable cock ring is therefore a cock ring that you can easily adjust to the diameter you want. You or your partner if you leave the hand to him!

Here is our selection of adjustable cock rings that we recommend. Click on the image to access it.

cockring réglable
cockring réglable

The vibrating cockring

If you want to add sensations in addition to having a bigger penis, then the vibrating cock ring will be for you! As its name suggests, the vibrating cock ring will bring vibrations, which you will feel but especially your female partner. Indeed, the vibrations will stimulate her clitoris. Know that if you use a cockring in the context of anal penetration, sodomy , the anus being stuffed with nerve endings, this will also have an impact on this area.

Here is our selection of vibrating cock rings that we recommend. Click on the image to access it.

cockring vibrant
cockring vibrant

The cock ring with stimulation of the perineum

The perineum is a relatively unknown muscle in men and yet it can provide very beautiful sensations. By the way, when you masturbate, don't you sometimes touch the area between the anus and the testicles? And very unconsciously you press on your perineum.

There are cock rings with an elongated format that will allow you to touch this area, and thus give you sensations elsewhere than at the level of your penis. Ideal especially during masturbation...

Here is our selection of cock rings with stimulation of the perineum that we recommend. Click on the image to access it.

cockring perinee

The cock ring with anal plug

If you want even more sensations, know that there is the cockring with an anal plug! We are here on a 2 in 1 sex toy which combines pleasure at the level of the penis, but also at the level of the anus. Don't forget, gentlemen, that your anus contains a little treasure: the prostate. An organ which, when titillated, can provide an orgasm stronger than an ejaculation. Of course, you have to want to stimulate this area.


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​​Here is our selection of cock rings with anal plugs that we recommend. Click on the image to access it.

cockring plug anal
cockring plug anal

Le cockring intégré aux sous-vêtements


Si vous avez envie de porter le cockring en journée, pendant que vous êtes au travail par exemple, en week-end en famille, alors un cockring intégré directement à votre slip, votre boxer ou même à votre jockstrap pourrait vous intéresser ! Une marque bien connue de tous les amateurs de sous-vêtements sexy pour homme, Addicted, a en effet lancé des sous-vêtements qui contiennent un cockring en silicone, d'un diamètre de 5 cm mais réglable par bouton pression. Très ingénieux pour tous ceux qui adorent le cockring et la sensation d'excitation qu'il peut donner.

ring up 1.jpg
ring up 2.jpg
ring up 3.jpg

What is the best cock ring?


You can imagine that to write this article, many cock ring tests have been done. It was a very, very difficult job!! In any case, we are able to give you what we consider to be the best cock ring.

The cockring that for us is by far the best, the one that will give you great sensations, is the Bond cockring from We-Vibe . He is just perfect ! Perfect in terms of size, perfect in terms of comfort, perfect in terms of tightening and above all very nice vibrations.


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the We-Vibe Cockring Bond:

The strong point of this cock ring lies in its opening which allows very easy fitting around the penis (or around the testicles). And this regardless of the size of the penis. The remote control that comes with it allows you to play with the different vibration modes simply. The elongated shape of this cock ring also allows you to press on the perineum for even more sensations. A very good cock ring for a solo moment during masturbation or during a relationship with his/her partner.

Here is a presentation video of this cock ring:

Precautions to take with a cock ring

We have already pointed out above, it is important to pay attention to the size of the cock ring that you are going to take. Because wearing a cock ring that is too tight for a certain period of time could cause you edema. If you are unsure about the size, do not hesitate to take a kit made up of cock rings of different sizes.


In any case, if you feel the slightest discomfort, you will have to remove your cock ring. Don't leave it, don't be in pain, the goal is still to have fun.

Also, if it's too tight and you can't get it out, don't panic. We advise you to put some soapy water, or better some lubricant (or an anal gel). This will allow the cock ring to slide.


Here are the lubricants we recommend:

lubrifiant anal 1.webp
lubrifiant anal 2.webp
lubrifiant anal 3.webp

Once you've used your cock ring, don't forget to wash it! Like any sextoy for that matter. Between perspiration, possibly bodily fluids, saliva, lubricant, etc., bacteria can indeed settle on the cock ring.

When you have cleaned it, store your cockring in a dry place, ideally putting it in a small pocket.


To properly clean your cock ring, here are the products we recommend.

nettoyant plug anal 1.webp
nettoyant plug anal 2.webp
nettoyant plug anal 3.webp
nettoyant plug anal 4.webp

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