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How to wax the testicles?

Hair removal from the testicles is a less and less taboo phenomenon among men, more and more of you are practicing hair removal for men . It is true that previously the hair was synonymous with masculinity. Today, men want to see less and less hair on their bodies, or else, when it is present, the hair must be perfectly shorn. In order to present a neat body. Today, the testicles are an area that men take care of and this notably involves the depilation of the testicles.

Here is everything you need to know in this article to perform testicle hair removal perfectly!


Why wax the testicles?

Hair removal of the testicles offers many advantages:

Hair removal of the testicles for aesthetics

There is no denying it, completely smooth testicles, without the slightest hair, puts them much more in value than testicles which are in jungle mode! Finally, everything is a matter of taste of course, some people will prefer the natural side to the smooth side.

Hair removal of the testicles for sexuality

The testicles are an essential element of sexual desire and sexual pleasure. At the same time erogenous zone for the man, with the perineum, but also zone of gluttony... I will not go further in this last element. In short, some people will want to lick their testicles, and it's still more pleasant to have smooth testicles. This avoids having hairs in the mouth!

Similarly, if you use a chastity cage for your pleasures, it will be recommended to wax the testicles to prevent hair from getting caught in the cage.

Depilation of the testicles against odors

Depilation of the testicles can be a necessity for some people in order to no longer have bad odors on this part of the body. This can be very embarrassing on a daily basis, even, to take up the point below, during sexual intercourse.


Waxing the testicles can therefore be a good way to have less odor, most often related to perspiration.


Epilation of the testicles to homogenize

If you have decided to wax the bikini line or wax the intergluteal fold , it will be necessary to wax the testicles to maintain uniformity. Otherwise it will be strange to only have hair on your testicles!

But depilation of the testicles requires great attention. My god it's fragile, the skin of the testicles being very very very thin. And it can bleed quickly if you use a razor in a hurry. Not to mention that the skin is not stretched on this part .... Precautions are therefore to be taken to carry out a good depilation of the testicles.

What do men do for ball waxing?

Come on, let's talk like guys! Because on a forum I could see that men could be upset to see some of them having their balls waxed, to use their word! And yes, dear gentlemen, men take care of themselves today, of their appearance, and that in no way affects their masculinity or their virility. Just because you wax your balls and have no more testicular hair doesn't mean you're not a man anymore. Women like to have men in front of them who take care of their body to make it as pleasant as possible. So it's not a hair removal on this part that will make you a man with less testosterone.


My advice before depilating the testicles?


Before you start waxing the testicles, here are some tips that will make your job easier.

Before depilation of the testicles, take a shower

As with shaving the face, it is advisable to take a shower before you start waxing the testicles. Or, in any case, if you don't have time to take a shower (or if you can't, depending on where you are), feel free to apply a past towel to hot water. Why ? Because in this way, the hair will soften, which will allow you to have a more efficient shave.

Before depilating the testicles, pass the mower!

To make depilation of the testicles easier, and also to see more clearly if you have very hairy testicles, I advise you to pass a clipper on the testicles before. Of course, use a shoe so as not to catch the blade of the mower on most of your testicles!

Here are the two mowers that I recommend, they have combs adapted for the private parts.

tondeuse one blade 2.webp

4 beard combs (1, 2, 3 & 5 mm) + body comb and protection system for sensitive areas. Unique OneBlade electric technology: efficiency without irritation or cuts

tondeuse 1.jpg

Self-sharpening blades for comfortable mowing and impeccable styling

The protection tool preserves the most sensitive areas of your body

During depilation of the testicles with a razor

If you decide to depilate the testicles with a razor, or even with a clipper, you will have to stretch the skin with your fingers. Indeed, the skin of the testicles is wrinkled, and you risk cutting yourself if you go rough. By tightening the skin, you will only spend less time depilating your testicles, but the shave will be perfect, you will not have any hair left.


How to wax the testicles?

Here are my tips for performing testicular hair removal without ending up in the hospital.

Depilatory cream, the best solution for testicular hair removal

This is the best solution today to perform testicular hair removal. Easy, fast, depilatory cream is the perfect ally for men who want to present testicles without a hair on the horizon. But be careful, because the skin is very fragile, if you are using a depilatory cream for the first time, or if you are changing brands, it is necessary to test the cream on a part of the skin. Because the risk of burns can happen very quickly, and believe me, this is not the best place to get a burn. In any case, always take a depilatory cream for sensitive skin.

Here are the two products I recommend:

Veet Men.jpg

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream can be used on the chest and the whole body* *Chest, Back, Armpits, Groin, Arms, Legs

no hair crew.jpg

Premium depilatory cream for intimate areas: groin, pubis and buttocks


A little advice if you are depilating the testicles with depilatory cream: once you have applied the cream, do not move, remain static. Because if you move, you risk putting depilatory cream on the crotch and the effectiveness will be reduced, you will have to put depilatory cream again.

Another little tip: rinse your testicles in the shower with your hands to remove the depilatory cream and therefore the dead hair. It will be softer. The spatula that comes with the depilatory cream is not necessarily effective on the testicles: their shapes make it difficult to scrape correctly.

Do not use the electric epilator to epilate your testicles

Very, very bad idea to use an electric epilator to remove hair from your testicles. The skin of the testicles does not lend itself at all to this device with its many folds. Even having to smooth the skin of the testicles by hand, it will prove to be very complicated, and very painful.

Wax, a solution for the depilation of the testicles

Many aesthetic salons use wax to depilate the testicles (yes, this is a service that can be performed in some centers). But if you are cozy, I strongly advise against this solution. Or, get ready to scream!

The manual razor, a good solution for depilating the testicles

The manual razor is a good solution for performing testicular hair removal. Simple and quick, it is not necessary to buy special products, normally you have everything you need in your bathroom.  However, I advise you to take a suitable razor for the body, because they are generally more adapted to the level of the handle, easier to use. On the other hand, to depilate the testicles with a manual razor, it is necessary to respect the following rules:

  • use a transparent shaving gel to see the skin clearly.

  • Stretch the skin of the testicles before passing the razor, this will allow you to see the hair well and avoid cutting the skin because of the folds.

Here are the two shaving products that I recommend:

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Ergonomic non-slip handle for control in the shower.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

You can find more details on how to properly shave your testicles .

The trimmer for the depilation of the testicles

Some brands have launched testicle trimmers. So I tried ... and I slept!! Honestly, I don't necessarily recommend this type of trimmer for depilating the testicles, in fact, it's exactly the same as a beard trimmer for example. There is no special delicacy. 

I invite you to read my article:

I tested the Balls testicle trimmer, my opinion

On the other hand, I advise you to use a classic trimmer which has combs perfectly adapted to sensitive areas such as the testicles.

What form of depilation of the testicles to do?

Many men wonder if they should wax the entire testicles or if they should leave hair? To answer this question, I will simply say that it depends on the waxing of the bikini area that you have done.

  • Indeed, if you have done a full bikini hair removal, in this case, to have homogeneity, you will have to do a full testicle hair removal.

  • If you have done a classic or indented bikini waxing, with the maintenance of hair, then you will just have to shave your hair so that you only wear 1 or 2 millimeters of hair on your testicles. But you can also do full depilation of the testicles, it will absolutely not be shocking.

Use a moisturizing solution after depilating the testicles

Regardless of the means used to remove your testicles, always apply a moisturizing product to soothe the depilated testicles. The skin of the testicles is indeed very fragile, it must be taken care of. The razor, the trimmer or the wax attacked the skin, it is now necessary to take care of it.

A few days after depilation of the testicles, do not hesitate to exfoliate your testicles. Yes, you read that right, a testicle scrub! Be careful, the scrub must be soft, with small grains. Don't go rough on a body scrub that usually has large grains. Opt instead for a facial scrub where the grains are smaller, and therefore softer. You can also make a homemade scrub by mixing honey with powdered sugar. The exfoliation of the testicles will prevent you from the appearance of ingrown hairs and unsightly pimples. It would indeed be a shame to have smooth testicles but with lots of pimples!

My opinion on testicular hair removal

If you want to have your testicles waxed, do it. Don't trust the opinions of other guys, your body belongs to you so do what you want with it! If you prefer to have shaved testicles, it's your choice, it's up to you!

If you decide to take action, remember the following points:

  • the skin of the testicles is very thin, you will have to be careful

  • the skin of the testicles is wrinkled, so be careful not to cut yourself and cause bleeding

  • prefer a depilatory cream for sensitive skin to depilate the testicles, it will be less aggressive. But be careful to test it beforehand on a small part of the skin to see if you are not allergic.

  • moisturize your testicular skin after hair removal.

  • don't forget also to do a depilation of the sex to have a homogeneity and a depilation of the shirt (or a mowing of the shirt if you do not want depilated).

Now you have all my tips for successful hair removal of the testicles. Happy waxing!

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