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Armpit hair removal for men, my advice


Armpit hair removal for men is an act increasingly performed by men. It's very simple, the armpits are one of the most shaved areas by men today. It is also increasingly rare to see men today with natural armpits. If they are not waxed, the armpits are shorn. In short, it is an area that men are very concerned about today, like other parts of the body: male hair removal is in vogue. It is absolutely not a taboo subject, and it concerns all men today. 

Why do armpit hair removal for men?


Underarm hair removal for men offers many advantages:

Armpit hair removal for men against odors

First of all, epilation of the armpits in men makes it possible to limit the odors of perspiration. If there is one area in men prone to sweating, it's the armpits (and the famous underarm sweat spots, which are a real problem for some men). And if men today wax their armpits, it's so as not to retain the perspiration of the armpits , the sweat. A shaved armpit retains less perspiration than a hairy armpit.

Underarm hair removal for men for aesthetics

Then for aesthetic reasons, especially in men who have very long armpit hair. It is indeed not very aesthetic to see hair protruding from the arms. Especially when you're in tank mode during the summer or on the beaches. And even less at the gym where the tank top is the preferred outfit (and the arms raised while doing certain exercises). This is one of the reasons for practicing armpit hair removal in men.

Armpit hair removal for men in athletes

This will mainly concern athletes and in particular those who do water sports. Indeed, the hair can be a brake in the water and we know that in competition, the slightest second can be decisive. So swimmers will decide to have their armpits waxed.

Likewise, other athletes, who may be in sports tank tops or bare-chested, such as wrestlers, boxers, etc. can decide to have their armpits waxed, but here we will be more on an aesthetic aspect.

Armpit hair removal for men for sexuality

Finally for sexual reasons, the armpits being an area prized by some, the presence of hair can prove to be a certain embarrassment. So some men will do armpit hair removal for this purpose.

The gestures before hair removal of the armpits for men?


If you have decided to have your armpits waxed, here are a few things to do beforehand in order to optimize your session. And this, regardless of how you are going to do your armpit hair removal.

A shower for men's armpit waxing

Before you wax your armpits for men, take a shower! Do not immediately apply the product to do your armpit hair removal, but first take a hot shower. Well, without burning yourself either, the objective is not to end up in the emergency room! The shower will indeed have two advantages to perfectly optimize your armpit hair removal:

  • the heat of the water will allow the hair to be more flexible, so it will be easier to cut or dissolve.

  • the pores of your skin will be more open, your hair will be more accessible and easier to remove.

Of course, as soon as you have finished your shower, dry your armpit hair well.

The trimmer for men's armpit hair removal

Your armpit hair may be relatively long. Also, before doing your armpit hair removal, you will have to take care of it a little by passing the mower!

  • you will indeed save time by doing your armpit hair removal with a very short hair.

  • you will use less product to do your hair removal, whether with a depilatory cream or a shaving product such as shaving foam.

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How to do armpit hair removal for men

So here are my tips for performing a good underarm hair removal for men.

Shaving, the most practical solution for armpit hair removal in men

To do armpit hair removal for men, men prefer the razor, and that makes sense. Not only because they're used to using a razor, but also because it's the quickest solution: a quick shave every week under the armpits while you're taking a shower and presto, 2 minutes, here we are with clean armpits. The downside is that the regrowth is fairly quick, but hey, since it only takes a few minutes to epilate your armpits, that's no big deal.

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​Wax a solution for armpit hair removal in men


Wax can also be a good solution, especially if it is practiced at the beautician. This prevents the hair from growing back too quickly (slower than with a razor), and the skin in the armpits will also be softer. But the cozy ones will not like it too much. One must suffer to be beautiful !

Depilatory cream to depilate the armpits of men

Depilatory cream can also be a good alternative to shaving for underarm hair removal in men. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is important to test the cream on a small part of the armpits beforehand. Because some will very quickly have the skin that burns.

The advantage of the cream is that you just have to leave the cream on for a few minutes (admittedly, with your arms slightly in the air, in a not very comfortable position), then remove it either with a spatula or by passing the hand directly in the shower.

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What care should be taken after armpit hair removal for men?

Moisturize after a men's armpit hair removal

Regardless of the means used to do your armpit waxing, always apply a moisturizing product to soothe the waxed armpits. Because this product will have two advantages:

  • the first will be to rebuild the hydrolipidic film of the skin, this film which will protect it from external aggressions.

  • then, it will hydrate the hair follicle, where the hair takes root. And a hydrated follicle will allow the hair to grow well, straight, in the best conditions.


A scrub after hair removal for men's armpits

The next day or two after doing your underarm waxing, exfoliate your armpits. It is also an important care, because it will avoid you various inconveniences:


  • this will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs. By exfoliating, you will indeed promote the emergence of hair from your skin.

  • it will also avoid the appearance of red patches which can be unpleasant, because they scratch a lot.

There you go, you now have all the advice for a successful armpit hair removal.

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