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How to fight excessive underarm sweating?

Perspiration in the armpits in men can be a source of embarrassment and anxiety. Find my tips to avoid underarm sweating.


How many men ask themselves this question of how to avoid sweaty armpits? It is true that this is a real problem that arises in several situations:

  • sweating of the armpits at work when you have to wear shirts: some men who sometimes have excessive sweating of the armpits do not hesitate to put a thin T-shirt under their shirt to avoid traces of perspiration on the shirts. Even not to take off their suit jacket to prevent it from being seen, even if it means being even hotter and therefore increasing armpit perspiration.

  • in summer this can be very problematic with the high temperatures.

In addition to being a source of embarrassment to others, armpit sweat can also be a great source of discomfort, especially due to the odors that armpit sweat can cause.

In short, like the vast majority of men, we are looking for solutions to deal with armpit sweating. But before I give you my tips for dealing with underarm sweat, here's what you need to know about sweating.

Types of armpit sweat

Did you know that there are different types of armpit sweat? There are more specifically two:

  • Thermal perspiration: it is perspiration that will help regulate body temperature in the event of an increase in outside temperatures (or even a drop in temperature) or in the event of physical activity.

  • Emotional sweating, which is therefore linked to an emotion. This type of sweating usually occurs in a phase of stress, fear, anxiety attack, or even pleasure. It is this type of perspiration that happens when we have to speak in public, for example, and we immediately have traces of perspiration under our arms, thus making our shirts look very pretty! We also have sweaty palms in this type of situation.

How does excessive armpit sweating work?


Armpit sweat, or sweat, is secreted by sweat glands, also called sweat glands, which are found in the dermis. These sweat glands are themselves divided into two types of glands:

  • The eccrine sweat glands, mainly present in the hands, feet and foreheads. They are the most numerous on the body and have an essential role in thermal sweating and emotional sweating. The perspiration caused by these glands is generally odorless.

  • The apocrine sweat glands which are present in certain parts of the body, such as the armpits or the genitals. These glands react mainly in case of strong emotions. The perspiration caused by these glands is accompanied by the famous smell of perspiration which can be so embarrassing for oneself, but also for others.


You should know that armpit perspiration is essential for the proper functioning of the body: not only does it allow the body to thermoregulate, but it also eliminates toxins and creates a hydrolipidic film to hydrate the skin.

How to stop having excessive armpit sweating?


Have a healthy lifestyle against armpit sweating

Perspiration in the armpits or other parts of the body such as the feet can also be linked to our lifestyle. Thus, we will have to limit any action in our daily life that will have the effect of stimulating the action of the sweat glands. Thus, it will be necessary to avoid the consumption:

  • alcohol

  • tobacco

  • spicy dishes

  • foods made with caffeine


Similarly, stress can have negative effects on the action of the sweat glands. You will therefore have to de-stress by doing, for example, a physical activity or quite simply going to see a specialist if you have stress linked to a difficult moment in your life. I know, it's very easy to say!

Use a sweat remover to stop excessive underarm sweating


If the antiperspirant has no effect on you, you can use a deperspirant which will have an effect on the flow of perspiration by resting the sweat glands. The production of sweat will thus be temporarily stopped. The antiperspirant will therefore have a stronger action than an antiperspirant. Several brands offer this type of product such as Laboratoire Vichy or Etiaxyl, which can be found in parapharmacies.

Attention, a detranspirant does not apply every day, but 2 to 3 times a week.

Botox for armpit sweating

If the tranquilizer is not enough to regulate armpit perspiration, in this case only surgery can be effective. The most gentle means is the injection of botox in the armpits. Yes, botox will indeed block the activity of the sweat glands. This is a treatment that will have to be done regularly because the botox will disappear after a few months.


Surgery to stop underarm sweating


This is the most radical solution, that of the extraction of sweat glands from the armpits. At least you won't have excessive armpit sweat anymore.

My advice to reduce the discomfort associated with excessive armpit sweating.


Dry your armpits well after showering.


It is advisable to dry your armpits thoroughly after showering.

Apply your armpit care on dry skin

When the time comes in your beauty routine to apply your deodorant for men or your antiperspirant product, do it systematically on dry skin. I know that many men tend to apply their deodorant right after showering and it is true that we pass the towel very quickly under the armpits. However, it is important that the skin is perfectly dry before applying your deodorant for men.


Underarm hair removal to limit excessive armpit sweating

If you sweat a lot in your armpits, I advise you to do armpit waxing . This will in particular limit the proliferation of bacteria and therefore bad odors.

A word of advice: do not apply deodorant or antiperspirant immediately after epilating the armpits.

Here is my selection of products to avoid underarm sweating:

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