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How to choose and use a chastity cage?

Do you want to test new sexual experiences, with your partner or solo? We therefore advise you to go to the chastity cage if you are a man! An object that will allow you to test your limits, especially if you keep your chastity cage on for several days.

Through this article, we will give you all our advice on the chastity cage as well as a selection of products. The chastity cage will no longer have any secrets for you.

Who is the chastity cage for?

The purpose of a chastity cage is simply to prevent erection (and therefore penetration) but also masturbation. Indeed, you must put your penis, and sometimes your testicles depending on the model, in the chastity cage when it is at rest: it will thus be completely oppressed by the cage. The goal is therefore to choose a chastity cage of the right size, to prevent the penis from moving, especially when you are aroused.


Basically, the chastity cage was therefore used to avoid any attempt to look elsewhere when one of the members of the couple was on the move. We talk about this in the Middle Ages. This is to avoid deception. But the chastity cage was also used to avoid masturbation, at a time when it was very frowned upon, as something dirty. Especially in certain religious orders. Thus, a chastity cage was put on all the men who could not control themselves and who masturbated a little too much. The installation of such a cage had then for principle to accompany the man to have a certain masculine chastity.

Try the ManCage chastity cage below (click on the picture):

cage de chastete 2.webp

Today, in our societies, these are no longer the goals, the chastity cage has become a sexual game , a sex toy, a toy to use to spice up your sex life. Whether it's to increase excitement by avoiding masturbating to keep all your "energy" (or to hold on during No Nut November), or to enter into a role-playing game taken from the side of the BDSM universe, combining domination and submission.

Why wear a chastity cage?

There are many reasons for wearing a chastity cage that we will detail below:


A chastity cage to be submissive


Obviously, the chastity cage is a perfect accessory in a role of domination and submission. And more and more of you want to play this game, which has its origins in BDSM. So playing Dominant/Submissive can take different variations, even just giving a little spanking on the buttock of your partner, male or female, already gets you into the game of Domination and Submission. But the chastity cage is an additional step because in the end, the man puts himself entirely under the domination of his or her partner. Indeed, locked in its chastity cage, your penis cannot deploy and therefore penetrate your partner as long as he has not opened the chastity cage. Your penis no longer belongs to you! You must therefore wait for his goodwill and above all respond to all his requests! And yes, as long as you don't, your penis will remain locked in a chastity cage!


A chastity cage to have more orgasm


Obviously, locked in its chastity cage, your penis will not be able to deploy in its fullest light, have a good erection, and you will not be tempted to masturbate, whether you are in the presence of your partner or not. Thus, you maintain all your excitement in you, impossible to discharge yourself, to masturbate, as long as your partner has not released you from your chastity cage. Imagine your state of excitement when releasing your penis, and the beautiful erection you are going to have!

A chastity cage to prevent penetration


As we know, penetration is generally the most performed act during a sexual relationship. And yet, there are other ways to please your partner, other techniques that will give him a different excitement, a different orgasm. And even for you for that matter. Wearing a chastity cage allows you to concentrate on other practices, such as cunnilingus, even fingering, or even on other parts of the body, such as the anus!

  • thus, no longer having your penis to penetrate your partner, you could better make him enjoy your tongue movements, or even a sex toy, like an anal plug to give him pleasure.

  • you might also discover other pleasures, such as anal pleasure. Without your penis available for you to masturbate, locked in its chastity cage, all your concentration will be focused on your anus and all the potential it has to offer you.

If you have thus, with your partner, decided to focus your sexual relationship on practices other than penetration, the chastity cage is therefore the ideal accessory. This practice is what is now called male chastity: it can last just a few hours (the time of a report), as well as several days or even weeks. It is an increasingly widespread practice, penetration (vaginal or anal) is no longer seen as an obligation with each report.

How to choose your chastity cage?

When you are about to choose your chastity cage, there are two elements to take into account:

  • the length of the chastity cage

  • but especially the width of the chastity cage.


Indeed, there are different sizes of chastity cages. So it's time to take a ruler and measure your penis, at rest of course. Take the measurement of the width of your penis, it is the most important measurement for choosing the right chastity cage and not making mistakes. So don't just take the size of the glans.



How to put on a chastity cage?


Already, it is possible that when you receive your chastity cage, you receive it as a kit to be assembled. And yes, before you can even enjoy it, you will have to mount it.

Once your chastity cage is mounted, you will have to put your penis in it. Here are our tips for getting your penis into the chastity cage properly:

  • pass your penis under cold water! And yes, you know it well, cold water makes it possible to firm up your penis, and in particular your testicles.

  • then put a good dose of silicone-based lubricant on your penis and a little in the cage.


Next, most chastity cages come with a ring through which you will first pass your testicles and the base of your penis. Your testicles will thus be well packed, well blocked. Once you have put the ring on, all you have to do is put the rest of the penis in the second part of the chastity cage and close everything with the padlock.


Types of chastity cages


Just as there are different sizes of chastity cages, there are also different types:

  • the plastic chastity cage: it will generally be hard, very inflexible. It is interesting for quick use, during sexual intercourse, but impractical if you have to wear your chastity cage for a certain period of time, a whole day for example. Indeed, as it is rigid, it will be easily seen through your pants, especially if you are used to wearing tight jeans, or slim pants. Concretely, it will make you a big bump. So, unless you are a little showy, it is not recommended to wear this type of chastity cage for a long time.

  • the flexible chastity cage: to overcome this problem of visibility (important all the same if you have a meeting with your boss), there are flexible chastity cages, very flexible even, which will go unnoticed. This type of chastity cage also has the advantage of being lighter.

  • the silicone chastity cage: it has the advantage of being more comfortable than other types of cages, silicone being a soft material, pleasant to the touch and slightly flexible.

Buy the Lock-a-Willy Silicone Chastity Cage (click image to buy).

cage de chastete 3.webp
  • the leather chastity cage: this type of cage will perfectly please all fans of leather, sadomasochism. So these cages are not entirely made of leather, they have leather straps and the ring is also made of leather. Be careful however with this type of chastity cage, it is recommended to wear them for a short time because it retains the smell of perspiration in particular.

  • the metal chastity cage: it is the most resistant material and once your chastity cage is put on, without having the key it will be impossible for you to remove it! Of course, the metal chosen is of good quality to avoid the appearance of rust in particular.

Buy the Worx metal chastity cage (click on the picture to buy it).

cage de chastete 4.webp

Can you pee with a chastity cage?


If there is one question that novices ask themselves when they think of a chastity cage, it is whether it is possible to pee or urinate with it. Well, yeah ! It is quite possible to urinate with a chastity cage, and fortunately elsewhere. Let's not forget that a chastity cage can be worn for several days, so it is impossible to hold back with it.


But to pee with a chastity cage, here are our tips: pee sitting down and not standing up. With the chastity cage, you would indeed risk getting it all over the place and having to clean after each visit to the toilet.

To discover a large selection of chastity cages: click here

best chastity cages

Do you want to own a chastity cage? Here is our selection of the best chastity cages.

The cheapest chastity cage

Do you just want to try wearing and using a chastity cage? Discover the sensations that it can bring? So at first, there is no point in investing too big a budget in a cage, I advise you to buy the Detained chastity cage at 21.90€ , one of the cheapest on the market. The other cages that have a lower price are not of super quality. Because do not forget above all your comfort, you will at least wear it for a few hours!! This Detained chastity cage is a product of the Master Series brand, a brand specializing in BDSM and fetishism (so they know it and their products are really very good). This cage is transparent (which makes it sexy because your partner will still be able to see your penis), it is completely soft (an important point for me to discover the use of a cage, more gently than with a steel cage ) and it is of good quality.

Purchase the Detained Chastity Cage (click image to purchase).

cage de chastete detained.jpg

The chastity cage with anal plug


With this chastity cage, you are in total submission! This chastity cage from Pipedream also has an anal plug! This means that by wearing it:

  • not only will you not be able to have an erection and therefore be able to penetrate or masturbate

  • but in addition with a plug in the anus, you will not be able to be penetrated.

So it's up to you to discover other pleasures, other erogenous zones on your body. On the other hand, with an anal plug permanently (the time that you wear the cage), you will be able to take pleasure continuously, by the simple stimulation of the prostate!

So, ready to try it??

Buy the Fantasy Elite Chastity Cage & Butt Plug Ass-Gasm Cock Blocker Anal Chastity Cage (Click the image to buy).

cage de chastete plug anal.jpg

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