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Depilation of the men's bikini, my advice

Here is a subject that will interest a large number of men, the hair removal of the men's jersey! It is true that more and more men, of all ages, are doing men's hair removal , and in particular bikini hair removal. It is no longer a taboo subject as it was before, men even talk about it among themselves. And today showing up in a locker room with a depilated or shaved shirt is no longer a source of mockery.

What do we mean by depilation of the men's jersey?

To be clear about the area here that I am going to talk about, bikini waxing can also be called pubic hair removal. Basically, it's the whole area that will go from the bottom of the navel to the penis, not passing between the thighs as well. More than bikini waxing, which can have a feminine connotation, men sometimes prefer to talk about pubic hair removal. Male genital hair removal is the subject of another article.

Why depilate the men's jersey?

Depilation of the men's jersey offers many advantages:

Bikini hair removal for aesthetics

The question that many men ask themselves is whether they should wax their bikini line. In fact, it's all a matter of taste! Some men will prefer to be natural, in jungle mode as they say, but the current trend is that the hunt for hair is in full swing. And especially on the shirt! Current aesthetic codes indeed attach importance to hairless bathing suits.

Moreover, women (and men) prefer men with little hair on the jersey, it is a pledge of a man who takes care of himself, who is clean. Be careful, however, women do not like when it is completely shaved, white.

Bikini hair removal for sex

One reason that leads men to wax their bikini line is for sex! Indeed, waxing the bikini line has several advantages in this situation:

  • the sex of the man is better put forward, and in certain situations, it is an advantage! And yes, it's a more visible sex, and therefore may seem bigger, rather than hidden by a forest of hair!

  • it avoids having hairs in the mouth in certain situations ... yes, I know, but this situation leads a certain number of people to require their partner to do hair removal!

Waxing the bikini line against odors

The hairs, because they allow the development of bacteria, may be the cause of bad odors. And depending on the situation, it can still be unpleasant. Again for example during sex. Thus, men who have a certain odor on this part may have to wax their bikini line.

Waxing the bikini line to hide age marks

Waxing the bikini line can be very effective in erasing the signs of aging! It also helps to remove the white hairs on the pubis. And yes, it gives a big boost to morale to see the first white pubic hair!

But the waxing of the men's jersey requires some attention. I'm not going to teach you that it's a very sensitive part.

Is it necessary to do an epilation of the penis?


The depilation of the men's jersey can also concern the base of the penis. It is indeed possible that hairs are present on the penis and that, for aesthetic reasons, must also be shaved or waxed. So source of bleeding very easily, the skin of the penis was very thin. In any case, it is important to wax the penis for several reasons:

Waxing of the penis if you do the jersey

It would not be very nice to wax the bikini line without touching the hairs of the penis. Imagine having a well trimmed pubis but with longer hair on the penis. I think your partner will make a nice point to you!

Epilation of the penis if you do the testicles

As with the jersey, if you decide to wax or shave your testicles, then it will be even more essential to wax the penis. Here also with the aim of having homogeneity.

Is it a depilation of the sex of the man?

So no, we have to be very clear here, depilation of the bikini line or depilation of the penis is not depilation of the male sex. It is a depilation partly of the sex of the man, then that it is also necessary to associate it the depilation of the testicles which is a subject treated in another article.

The gestures before depilation of the men's jersey?


Before you start tackling the hair on your bikini line, here are the things to do:

A shower for waxing the men's jersey

The ideal before doing your waxing of the men's jersey, is to start by taking a shower with hot water. Indeed, the shower will greatly facilitate your task:

  • the heat of the water will soften the hair, so it will be less strong and less resistant when you pass the razor blade or apply the depilatory cream.

  • the pores of your skin will also open with the heat of the water, thus making the hair more accessible.

With the shower, you will thus make waxing the bikini line easier.

The trimmer for depilation of the men's jersey

If you are tackling hair removal for the first time, you must certainly have a certain length of hair. Even, let it be a bit like a jungle with bikini hairs going all over the place!

Also, do not hesitate to pass the mower before passing the razor blade or applying the depilatory cream:

  • shorter hairs will prevent you from applying a certain amount of product (shaving product or depilatory cream)

  • you will spend less time waxing. Long hairs will take longer to dissolve with the depilatory cream, and will interfere with the passage of the shaving blade.

To do this, first attack the hair of the bikini line with a small comb of your trimmer. Then, iron the mower without a comb, this will allow you to have the shortest hair possible.

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Exfoliate before depilation of the men's jersey

Another care that you must do before depilating the men's jersey is to erase this part of your body. Yes, I know, it's not necessarily a part of the body that we are used to erasing. The exfoliation will have a beneficial effect for your depilation of the bikini line:

  • it will allow to remove all the dead cells and thus have a perfect skin, in particular for the passage of the razor blade

  • it will allow to straighten the hair, to facilitate its depilation

  • with cleansed skin, without excess sebum, you will also make it easier to clean your razor blade, if you do hair removal while shaving.

How to wax your bikini line?

Shaving for depilation of the men's jersey

This is the fastest solution, especially in an emergency (hearing an unexpected date in the evening). And men's favorite way to do bikini waxing. Why ? Because it is not necessary to buy any particular product, you have everything in the bathroom: a shaving product and a razor. Be careful, however, to preferably use a shaving gel, transparent, which will allow you not to make any cuts when depilating the men's jersey.

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Avoid the epilator to do the hair removal of the men's jersey

Just thinking about the electric epilator hurts me! Just the sound of the machine gives me stomach aches. The electric epilator is not at all made for this part of the skin, but rather for the legs, arms or even the torso.

Wax for depilation of the men's jersey

The jersey is one of the parts of the body on which the wax can be applied, the skin being relatively thick. But it will still hurt!! Prefer hot wax directly rather than wax strips. If you ever opt for this option to wax the men's jersey, apply an ice cube to the area beforehand: this will anesthetize the skin on this part of the body.

The depilatory cream for the depilation of the men's jersey

Depilatory cream is the simplest solution for depilating men's jerseys. And this for many reasons :

  • the depilatory cream is very convenient to use: just put the cream on the skin to apply and wait.

  • the depilatory cream is painless: once the cream is applied, you can do something else (well, while being naked of course) and without being embarrassed. Be careful however, it is still necessary to test the product first on a part of the skin to make sure that you are not allergic.

  • the depilatory cream has a rapid effect: after a few minutes, the hairs can be removed easily, by passing your hand directly or using a spatula, generally offered with the depilatory cream.

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The depilatory cream, however, has a disadvantage in the depilation of the men's jersey: the hairs are not destroyed in depth. It is therefore necessary to exfoliate once a week to facilitate hair regrowth without risk of infection.

Risk: once again depending on the skin, the depilatory cream should not be left on the skin for too long. Some men literally burn their skin with these products.

What form of hair removal for the men's jersey to choose?

Many men wonder what form of bikini hair removal to do. I would answer that it all simply depends on what you want to do, or what your partner wants to have! Because generally, you can wax your men's jersey to please your partner. But if there is one form to avoid in men, it's the depilation of the jersey in the shape of a metro ticket... unless you want to make his or her partner laugh, but that's another story !

Depilation of the complete men's jersey

Depilation of the full men's jersey is simply to shave everything including the testicles. There should be no hair left! This has the advantage of highlighting the penis well and providing soft skin. Some will also say that for certain sexual practices it is more pleasant, in particular fellatio. Some like it, others hate it because it also loses a certain physical virility.

Waxing of the classic men's bikini

Depilation of the classic men's swimsuit just consists of removing the hairs that protrude from the briefs, namely the hairs that are towards the navel as well as at the level of the crotch. We thus keep the majority of the pubic hair, but which will be shorn relatively short. This to have a beautiful homogeneity in the pubic hair, no shaggy hair. It is the most chosen form of hair removal for men's bikini because it leaves a clean and neat bikini. What's more, the masculine side is preserved. If you choose this form of depilation of the jersey, you will also have to mow the hair of the testicles so that the whole is homogeneous.

Depilation of the low-cut men's jersey

The depilation of the high-cut men's jersey goes a little further than the depilation of the classic jersey because it consists of completely shaving the upper part of the pubis, so as to leave only a strip of a few centimeters between the penis and the limit. high of the hairs. Depending on individual tastes, the retained strip of hair can measure 3, 4, 5 cm. It's a good alternative between a depilation of the full men's jersey and a depilation of the classic jersey.

The care to be done after depilation of the men's bikini

Moisturize after waxing the men's bikini


Regardless of the means used to remove your hair from the bikini line, always apply a moisturizing product to soothe the waxed bikini line. This will do good for the skin of the swimsuit that has just been attacked by razor burn, mower or even wax.

A scrub after depilation of the men's jersey


Similarly, a few days after having waxed your men's jersey, exfoliate. This will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs on the bikini line which can not only be unsightly but also painful. It can even create infections and I'm not sure your partner would appreciate seeing that part of your body with lots of red or even purulent pimples.

Depilation of men's jersey : my opinion

I will say that my opinion on the waxing of the men's jersey does not matter! Everyone does what he wants. If you prefer having a beardless jersey, it's your choice and you don't have to justify it to anyone. If you prefer to have a furry jersey, because you find it more manly, that's your choice too.

In all, the fact of doing an integral depilation of the men's jersey will in no way take away your virility, your masculinity. Already, virility is a subjective notion. Then, it is not the hair that makes manhood, but your attitude. So my opinion on the hair removal of the men's jersey is as follows: if you want, do it!


Pubic hair removal homme : how to ?

So, when we talk about the jersey, we also have to talk about the man's pubis. So, all the information I have presented below is very suitable for doing pubic hair removal for men.

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