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14 tips for guys to masturbate well

How to masturbate well? Here is a question that few men dare to ask. Here are my tips for masturbating well.

We're not going to hide it, masturbating is no longer a taboo subject as it once was . Formerly, finally, a few years ago still, it is not so far, the fact of masturbating for a man was to hide. Above all, it was not necessary to talk about it. And then science found beneficial effects to masturbation: it would prevent the appearance of prostate cancer for example.

So today masturbation is talked about everywhere, even men's magazines do not hesitate to put it forward through sex issues.

Also, given that I had a lot of requests, especially on Instagram, following the highlighting of masturbators, here are my tips for masturbating well and making the most of this moment, alone or as a couple.

The importance of preparation for good masturbation

Unless you need to empty your balls quickly, sorry for the expression but we must be honest, many guys practice masturbation in a few minutes either in the morning quickly before going to work, or during a blow of stress (it is well known that masturbation is almost widely used by guys to de-stress, and there is no problem with that), here are some tips if, on the contrary, you want to take the time!

A quiet place to masturbate well

Of course, to masturbate well you must be in a perfectly calm, quiet place. No noise that bothers you, no smell that will keep your mind occupied with something else. Because to masturbate well, you have to be in your world, in your fantasy of the moment! Putting yourself in your room, lying on your bed is of course the perfect place to masturbate quietly. This is the place of all fantasies. But you can also sit on your couch, where then enjoy relaxation in your bath, in your shower, etc.

A film to masturbate well

Some people are going to need a good movie to masturbate well. By good film, we must understand a porn film, which highlights its own fantasies, its own desires. This gives the impression of being in the scene and having fun with the actors. This can thus decouple the pleasure rather than being alone with your own imagination.

A cam plan to masturbate well

If you need more interactions to masturbate well, then the solution may lie in making a cam plan! To do this, there are quite a few websites where you can connect and share live with certain men or women. So in this kind of plan, you have three possibilities:

  • either you are the one who will show yourself, show off,

  • either you are going to watch other people show off.

  • either you are going to masturbate together, with your partner at the other end of the cam.

What accessories to use to masturbate well?

To masturbate well, you will also be able to use accessories . Accessories that will increase your pleasure during masturbation. And you are spoiled for choice for that!

Use a lubricant

The lubricant will be an ideal accessory to masturbate well, because it will have two main interests:


  • not only is the lubricant going to be perfect for good masturbation because it allows your hand to slide better over your erect penis, or your hands if you are doing a two-handed masturbation.

  • but it will also make the glans, which is the most erogenous zone in men, more sensitive. You will thus be able to concentrate on the glans to have more pleasure and masturbate well.

Having a lubricant can especially be essential for some guys who wet little or not at all . Indeed, we are not all equal in terms of the amount of pre-ejaculatory fluid we produce. And masturbating dry is not necessarily pleasant, hence the fact that instinctively, many guys will use their saliva to masturbate well. But the disadvantage of saliva is that it dries quickly under the effect of the heat caused by the back and forth movements of the hand on the penis. To counter this, you can use a lubricant. We advise you to use an anal lubricant, which lasts longer than a classic lubricant. In addition, you can try putting your finger in your anus (don't worry about that, especially if you're alone in your room) while you masturbate, you'll see, it's not bad at all and you will discover new, more intense pleasures!

Here is the lubricant that I recommend, in terms of value for money, it is perfect.

A warming cream for ecstasy

Yes, you read it right, a warming cream for masturbation! Here is a product that will put you even more in heat! And especially to have new sensations!


My opinion on this warming cream after using it:

Inevitably when I received this cream I hastened to test it. Feeling hot on the penis and glans was something I had never experienced. And it is well known that applying a cream or lubricant to the penis during masturbation increases sensations . Well this warming cream is very very pleasant! A new sensation that brings additional pleasure to masturbation. So associated with a masturbator or a cock ring, it's a new experience guaranteed!


Massage oil for good masturbation

If you don't have a lubricant, don't panic, a good massage oil can also do the trick for good masturbation. Massage oil has the advantage of not being dry, but of being very shiny, which will remain in its state for a relatively long time, but after many passages of the hand.

Another advantage of massage oil is that it will also provide a scent, unlike lubricant which is rather neutral on the sensory level.

Masturbating with a masturbator

The masturbator can also be a good accessory, sorry, a good sex toy, to masturbate well. Its shapes, its textures, its materials will indeed allow you to have other sensations than with your hand. And why not also other fantasies!

To do this, you have the choice between many masturbators on the market today. I have tested many, disposable ones like Tenga eggs or more technical ones that combine vibrations and heat. And these are really excellent for discovering new sensations, especially since you just have to let yourself go: no back and forth gestures on the penis, you insert the penis into the masturbator and let yourself go. do... magic.

I particularly recommend the Flight Pilot masturbator from the leader in masturbators, Fleshlight.


My opinion on this masturbator after use:

It is certainly one of the best masturbators with a price below 50€. For having tested it, it offers very nice sensations, which will change you from your "masturbation routine". The integration of the penis in this masturbator is very simple (and all erect penis sizes fit in this masturbator), it is ergonomic, light and easy to handle. And above all, it offers a large number of different textures inside, with a very pleasant soft effect (soft in the natural sense), enough to vary the pleasures! In short tested and highly approved !! Very very good value for money, you will hardly find better.

Another masturbator that you could use, also cheaper than the first, is the Original Vacuum Cup masturbator from the Tenga brand. So small point of precision, it is cheaper because it is also disposable. Namely that you can only use it 2 to 4 times maximum depending on your use, and the force you put into it!


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Original Vacuum Cup masturbator:

If you want a mix between a basic masturbator such as Tenga eggs and more elaborate vibrating masturbators, then this Original Vacuum Cup masturbator from Tenga is for you. It's a disposable masturbator (well, several uses are possible) but which offers a relatively thick texture in which you can insert your whole penis. Very pleasant textures inside to have very nice sensations during masturbation. And above all the deep throat effect is really very well done!!  

Use a cock ring to masturbate

If you don't have a masturbation sleeve, another sex toy for men that you can use to masturbate well is the cock ring ! The cockring is this tight ring that is placed at the base of the penis. It will have two main interests:

  • making the penis bigger when erect, so you will feel like you have more mass in your hands while you masturbate,

  • prolonging pleasure by delaying ejaculation. And so a masturbation that will last longer, isn't that fantastic?

You have all kinds of cockrings, you even have the cockring cage, which also tightens the testicles.

Honestly, this sex toy is amazing. This is also the product that I recommend as the first sex toy for men . The sensations are fabulous, whether during masturbation (the feeling of having a bigger cock in hand isn't bad for your ego!) and even during oral sex. You will have new sensations, your glans will be more sensitive and your partner will have a bigger penis in the mouth!

But here is the one that is for me the best cock ring currently on the market, the Bond from We-Vibe


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the We-Vibe Cockring Bond:

The strong point of this cock ring lies in its opening which allows very easy fitting around the penis (or around the testicles). And this regardless of the size of the penis. The remote control that comes with it allows you to play with the different vibration modes simply. The elongated shape of this cock ring also allows you to press on the perineum for even more sensations. A very good cock ring for a solo moment during masturbation or during a relationship with his/her partner.

Here is my selection of cock rings, also tested and approved. Click the picture to buy them.

cockring lot.jpg
cockring vibrant

An anal plug to combine penis and anus

Another sex toy that you could use to masturbate well is the anal plug . Still very little used by men, the more anal will allow you to stimulate the anus and complete the pleasure you could have with masturbation. Indeed, the anal area is an area full of nerve endings that will make you take off. are focused on your penis.

If you don't have a butt plug or prostate simulator, you could very well insert a few fingers into your anus, that could do the trick perfectly. Be careful, however, to put the lubricant well.

Here is our selection of anal plugs, tested and approved.

plug anal débutant 1.webp
plug anal débutant 1.webp
plug anal connecté 2.jpg

The poppers to masturbate well

Many men use poppers to masturbate well. These small bottles that are mainly found in sex shops (and sometimes in nightclubs) indeed allow for a few seconds to experience immense pleasure and to feel like a wave of heat running through the body. Masturbation then takes on another dimension. However, be careful not to abuse it too much, and especially not to swallow it, it is a relatively dangerous product.

By clicking on the image below, you can find a large selection on Jacquie and Michel's website (discreet delivery by the brand, their name does not appear on the package).


What steps to take to masturbate well?

Now that you have prepared yourself well and that you have all the accessories, here are the tips and especially the gestures to do to masturbate well.

Take all your sex to masturbate well

To masturbate well, you will have to take control of your entire sleeve: from the base to the glans. Do not stay focused on the glans, the most sensitive area. This could make your masturbation time shorter. Enjoy the length of your penis as a whole.

Vary the speed to masturbate well

There is no point in going too fast, unless you are in a hurry of course!! Alternate gears, take it slow, speed up, brake, depending on your fantasies, the ideas you have right now.

In any case, if you want your session to last, slow down the pace: 

  • or you can even stop masturbation for a few moments by stroking other parts of your body: your stomach, testicles, inner thighs, etc.

  • either you continue to touch your penis but leave your glans alone for a few moments, it is indeed one of the most sensitive parts that can make you come.

  • you can also change position, or even room if you are alone, it will slightly lower your desire to cum.

Vary the force of pressure to masturbate well

In addition to the speed, you can also vary the pressure that you will exert on your penis, and on your glans. This will allow you to hold yourself back by releasing the pressure and making your masturbation last longer.

If you have questions that you don't dare to ask, do not hesitate to send them to me via the contact form .

This article has you more? Do not hesitate to share ;)

If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! If you don't have an Instagram account, find us also on Facebook . Feel free to send me messages to possibly discuss your doubts and questions about male sexuality.

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