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What is the best masturbator for men?

Are you tired of traditional handjobs and are you looking for the best masturbator , the most suitable for you, the one that will give you good sensations? Then you are on the right page! Here we are going to talk about masturbators, why you should not hesitate to use them, and especially which are the best masturbators. And that without any taboo! Masturbating is a normal act, which gives pleasure and which allows us to better know our body and control our ejaculations, so why deprive yourself of it!


While more than 95% of men claim to have already practiced masturbation at least once in their life (the remaining 5% would they not be liars??), the masturbator is a perfect toy to have new sensations during male masturbation and thus cause different orgasms . Vibrations, heat sensations, simulation of a deep throat, the different textures inside, etc., the masturbators will make you take off, whether you are alone or masturbating with your partner.

Everything you need to know about the masturbator is in the article, but before that, here is the summary!

Summary of the article:

1. What is a masturbator

2. Why have a masturbator?

2.1 A masturbator for fun

2.2 A masturbator for new sensations

2.3 A masturbator for new fantasies

2.4 A masturbator for the couple

3. How to choose your masturbator

3.1 A masturbator alone or as a couple?

3.2 Where are you going to use your masturbator?

3.3 Which shape of masturbator to choose?

3.4 Which masturbator texture to choose?

4. Our selection of masturbators

4.1 The single-use masturbator

4.2 Fleshlight masturbators

4.3 The masturbator that works for you

4.4 Discreet masturbators

What is a masturbator?

The masturbator is simply a sex toy for men that will allow you to masturbate differently, with an accessory other than your hand.​ It will simply allow you to stimulate your orgasm and have a much more intense pleasure than with simple masturbation. 

The masturbator is an accessory in which you will insert your penis . Don't worry, they are specially molded to receive your penis, of course, without any pain, this is not the principle. So I see you coming, there are different shapes and sizes of masturbators to accommodate all penis sizes. In any case, you will be able to masturbate in the masturbator until ejaculation (and clean it afterwards).

The masturbator also contains a material that will approximate the texture of the skin or the inside of the mucous membranes. To have the same sensation as a  mouth, vagina or anus. To have even more sensations, you can put a lubricant in the masturbator, whether it's your saliva, a purchased lubricant or even a natural lubricant._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Why have a masturbator?


You should know that masturbation is an act recommended by medicine! Yes, you read it correctly. You will no longer have any remorse for masturbating regularly, even if you have already had remorse while practicing it!! Because you should know that masturbation allows you to de-stress, to calm down, to relax! How many guys have practiced masturbation to calm down? In any case, be aware that there may be several reasons for having a masturbator at home.

A masturbator for fun


Some men will want to have a masturbator simply for fun, to masturbate well . To have fun. Indeed, the practice of masturbation, especially if you practice it often, daily, can prove, at one time or another, boring. We must already find ideas, fantasies. Change place to do something other than on the bed or in the bathroom. When it's not on weekends. Not very glam after all when you think about it!

Thus, having a masturbator can make the practice of male masturbation more fun, with a sex toy for men that will give you new ideas for fantasies .

The masturbator we recommend: the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration masturbator. 

Qu'est-ce qu'un masturbateur
Pourquoi avoir un masturbateur

Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration:

It is certainly one of the best masturbators currently. For having tested it, it offers very nice sensations, which will change you from your "masturbation routine". The integration of the penis in this masturbator is very simple, it is ergonomic, easy to handle. And above all, it offers a large number of different vibrations, enough to vary the pleasures! And it's true that the heat function brings a little more not unpleasant at all! In short tested and highly approved !! And above all, very good value for money.

Here is a video presentation of this masturbator below:

A masturbator for new sensations

Having a masturbator also allows you to have new sensations during your masturbation and thus have new pleasures. Well, the hand is nice, but in the end the masturbation is always the same, there is nothing original (except to take accessories in the kitchen like certain fruits, or unless you have warts on the hands to give new sensations!!!). 

The masturbator, thanks to its wide choice of products offered by brands, allows you to have new sensations, whether it is:

  • by the shape of the masturbator: masturbators for men have the shape of a classic hole, but also the shape of a mouth, a vagina or an anus. 

  • by the texture of the masturbator: some masturbators can indeed offer small nubs that will tickle the glans or even spirals, grooves, etc. which will give you new sensations very different from your smooth hands.

A masturbator for new fantasies

As I said above, some masturbators will have the shape of a vagina, a mouth or even an anus. Thus, the masturbator will allow you to discover new pleasures that you have not yet experienced :


  • if you have never tried anal penetration, sodomy , for example, because your partner is against it, having a masturbator that represents an anus will allow you to discover the sensations that it can provide.

  • likewise, having a masturbator in the shape of a mouth will make you feel like you are having a blowjob and not a masturbation. 

This will pave the way for you to new fantasies.

A masturbator for the couple

But you can also have a masturbator to have fun with your partner during your naughty moments. Indeed, the masturbator has several advantages in a couple:

  • it can spice up sexual relations and break the routine.

  • it also makes it possible to increase the number of sexual relations: having toys makes you want to make love more often.

  • the masturbator allows to bring new sexual practices in the couple. 

  • the masturbator allows you to practice masturbation with your partner. Rather than you holding the masturbator, why not let your partner manage it and take care of the movements. You just have to enjoy the present moment.

  • the masturbator can also open your sexual relations. If you've had fun using an anus-shaped masturbator, your partner may want to give it a try.

In any case, it is advisable to choose your masturbator carefully to be used as a couple, so as not to shock your partner, for example, with a product that could be too coarse.

Why don't men have masturbators? 

A question that we could ask ourselves, conversely, is to understand why not all men have at least one masturbator. I asked the question to my community on the Instagram account @faistoimale dedicated to male sexualities, and here is what comes out of it:  

  • first of all, the main reason why men still don't have a masturbator is linked to a complete lack of knowledge of this sex toy. So few guys finally know what a masturbator can do and say that their hand is more than enough for them. Yes, but the hand can't cause heat or vibrations like some onaholes, or even your hand doesn't have textures or grooves that will bring nice sensations to the glans.

  • then another reason given is that the partner disagrees, or rather, they think their partner would disagree. It's true that the subject of masturbation is still taboo. But to talk about it easily to your partner, you could tell him that the masturbator is made to be used by two people.

  • finally, some do not have masturbators because they do not live at home (young people in particular) and there is a fear of discovering the masturbator.

How to choose your masturbator?


If you have made the decision to buy a masturbator, now is the time to choose the right masturbator. Because masturbators, there are all kinds, and for a novice in the field, it can be complicated to know which is the most appropriate for his personal pleasure.

Here are my valuable tips for choosing the right masturbator.

A masturbator alone or as a couple?

Before choosing your masturbator, it is first necessary to ask yourself an important question: how are you going to use it? Because it's not the same thing to choose your masturbator for solitary pleasure than to make a moment more complicit with your partner. In effect :

  • if you use it alone, in this case you have no limit to choose your masturbator: you can choose the one that appeals to you the most, due to its shape, size, material, color. In short, you can choose the masturbator that will excite you the most. 

  • if you plan to use it with your partner, be it a woman or a man, be careful before choosing your masturbator. The masturbator will have to make you happy, but also that your partner will like it so that he or she wants to use it with you. You shouldn't choose a masturbator that scares him or that doesn't make him want to play with it. 

So, to choose the right masturbator, take this consideration into account. Even if it means taking several masturbators, to use solo and another, or others as long as you want, to use with your partner.

Where are you going to use your masturbator?

Similarly, another question to ask yourself before choosing your masturbator is where are you going to use it? Ah, big question isn't it! Even if the majority of men will use the masturbator in their bedroom, comfortably installed on their bed, some might be tempted to bring it with them when they travel! And yes, if you have to travel a lot for work, having your masturbator at the hotel can be nice: no one to watch you, you are free to have fun as you want!

Thus, before choosing your masturbator, you will have to choose it according to this, so that you can easily put it in a small bag, without it taking up too much space.

Thus, there are small masturbators, even very small ones that will just allow you to masturbate the glans, like Tenga eggs. Ideal eggs to put in a small bag and go unnoticed!

Article to read: I tested Tenga eggs, my opinion

Which shape of masturbator to choose?

When you go to choose your masturbator​, the first criterion you will take into account is of course the shape! Because yes, there are different shapes of masturbators, vagina-shaped, mouth-shaped, anus-shaped or simply a basic hole. This is going to have a big impact to excite you. Indeed, if you have never done anal penetration, choosing a masturbator that represents an anus can give you an idea of the sensations that it can represent.

Which masturbator texture to choose?

When you go to choose your masturbator​, you will also have to look at the different textures. Because masturbators can have textures inside to give new sensations or simply to increase desires. Thus, you may have small nubs inside the masturbator, spirals, grooves, etc. In short :

  • if you want a classic masturbator, I advise you to choose a masturbator without texture,

  • if you want to be surprised and discover new sensations, then you will have to choose a masturbator with different textures.

In any case, before choosing your masturbator, always favor those that are made of silicone: it will last you a long time.

You now have all the keys to choosing the right masturbator.

Our selection of masturbators

Don't worry, we're not going to leave you in the dark and we'll give you our selection of masturbators. A little advice to make the most of your masturbator: put some lubricant in the masturbator, you will have better sensations.

The disposable masturbator

There are indeed single-use masturbators. That is, disposable masturbators, which can be thrown away once you have finished having fun with them! The single-use masturbator has several advantages:

  • on the one hand its price, which is very accessible for everyone

  • its size then because they are generally small in size

  • and above all, you throw it away once used! So, if you're in a relationship and you don't want to show your partner that you've used a masturbator, in this case, there's no need to hide it somewhere, at the risk that he or she won't found.

So between us, they are for single use if you ejaculate inside the masturbator. If you do it outside, on your belly for example, most can be reused once (provided you wash it well).

Among the single-use masturbators, we have the best known, the famous Tenga eggs, each of which offers a particular texture, a particular sensation. We clearly invite you to test ALL of them!! There are ten different ones.

Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on Tenga eggs:

I tested 6 different Tenga eggs and I must admit that they are very nice. They honestly make masturbation both fun and very enjoyable. Each egg has its own texture which allows you to discover new sensations each time. They are very easy to use and their ultra light and flexible texture allows you to make very quick back and forth movements on the penis, ultimately as if you didn't have a masturbator. But with more sensations. Tested and highly approved!

Comment choisir son masturbateur
4. Notre sélection de masturbateurs
oeuf 1.jpg
oeuf 2.jpg

Tenga Masturbator

Egg Wavy


oeuf 3.jpg

Tenga Masturbator

Egg Spider


oeuf 4.jpg

Tenga Masturbator

Egg Crater



Here is a video presentation of these Tenga eggs below:

As you see, these Tenga Eggs are really small in size, you can easily slip them into your pocket.

The Tenga brand, a Japanese brand specializing in masturbators, offers a wide choice of disposable products to please you. If you want a masturbator with a more classic shape than an egg, we also recommend their Original Vacuum Cup masturbator , which is very very good and gives a "fellatio" effect or even a deep throat.


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Original Vacuum Cup masturbator:

If you want a mix between a basic masturbator such as Tenga eggs and more elaborate vibrating masturbators, then this Original Vacuum Cup masturbator from Tenga is for you. It's a disposable masturbator (well, several uses are possible) but which offers a relatively thick texture in which you can insert your whole penis. Very pleasant textures inside to have very nice sensations during masturbation. And above all the deep throat effect is really very well done!!  

For even more pleasure, you can find this pack made up of several disposable masturbators, each offering a different sensation. Have fun guys!

Click on the image below to buy this masturbator packs

masturbateur 4.jpg

Fleshlight masturbators

And you also have all the masturbators from the Fleshlight brand, masturbators known because they are directly molded on the vaginas or anuses of porn actresses! They are therefore rather realistic masturbators, which will make you want to be closer to your favorite actresses (imagine watching one of their films with the associated masturbator in your hand...).

But the brand also offers all its expertise in more classic masturbators, nevertheless with many sensations due to the interior texture.

We recommend the Fleshlight Flight Pilot masturbator. Click on the picture below to buy this product.

masturbateur 5.jpg

The masturbator that works for you

When you take a disposable, single-use masturbator, you have to move back and forth on your penis. As if you were masturbating without a sex toy. But there are onaholes that will work for you, you don't have to use your hands to enjoy them. Except for holding your masturbator, it all depends on your position. In concrete terms, all you have to do is place your erect penis (or semi-soft) in the masturbator and choose the program that suits you! Yes the program. Because generally these masturbators offer different sensations:

  • realistic sensations between fellatio, vaginal penetration or anal penetration thanks to the texture inside. You can thus give free rein to your fantasies when you use your masturbator.

  • vibrations or movements that will directly tickle the penis or the glans. What make you want to enjoy even without using your hand.

  • finally, some have a heating function, not too much I reassure you not to have the glans burned!

The Satisfyer brand is the specialist in this type of masturbator. Of course, they are bigger than disposable masturbators, hard to hide them!

We recommend the Satisfyer Men Vibration. Click on the picture below to buy this product.

masturbateur 3.jpg

Discreet masturbators

You don't live alone, especially with your parents, and you don't want to get burned with a masturbator? Don't panic, there are discreet masturbators. The advantage of these masturbators is that they can go unnoticed and even if your mother or father falls on them, you have no risk that he or she will take it for a sex toy. Unless they've used it before, but that's another story!! So here is my selection of discreet masturbators, to please you without the risk of getting caught!

The vibrating glans stimulator: does this glans stimulator look like a masturbator? Nope ! And yet it will be perfect to tickle your glans! So if you are very sensitive to the glans, you really have to test this sex toy. Click on the picture below to buy this product.

stimulateur gland.jpg

Here is a masturbation sleeve that does not say its name! You might think that this product is a kind of protection for I don't know what: In any case, at first sight, you wouldn't think of putting your penis inside for a good masturbation session! And yet, its pearly appearance on the inside will allow you to have very nice sensations! Click on the picture below to buy this product.


Do you want to discover other masturbators? Realistic mouth-shaped, vagina-shaped or even anus-shaped masturbators? Dolls? So I advise you to click here .


If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! If you don't have an Instagram account, find us also on Facebook .

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