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Which natural lubricant to choose?

Which natural lubricant to choose? Does this question seem strange to you? Don't be surprised. There are indeed many natural alternatives to industrial lubricants that can be purchased.


Why use a natural lubricant?


Here are the different reasons why you can lean towards a natural lubricant.

  • because more and more of you are looking for natural products for your daily life.

  • because some are very sensitive to industrial lubricants and can hardly tolerate them.

  • because you no longer have your usual lubricant and you will have to find a product in your cupboards to replace it.

  • because it can spice up your sex life, like a kind of naughty adult game .

So it is true that lubricants have become a trendy accessory in the life of a couple. Not to say essential when there is a certain dryness. But lubricants have become playful, with fun packaging to spice up your sex life. Lubricants can indeed be used in preliminary as a massage product, or even edible. But the industrial lubricants that can be found contain ingredients that are not very pretty. Moreover, since lubricants are not considered cosmetic products, manufacturers are not required to list the ingredients. We therefore do not really know how these lubricants are 100% made up, which is still problematic in terms of the level of transparency. It is thus possible to find silicones or polymers, some of which may be endocrine disruptors. Avoid therefore, especially when you know where the lubricating products go (vaginas, anus, namely mucous membranes). 

Here is my selection of products that can be a natural lubricant. They will also be cheaper to buy than industrial lubricants.

Vegetable oils as a natural lubricant

If you are a fan of organic products in cosmetics, you must certainly have one or more vegetable oils in your bathroom. So, you can replace your industrial lubricant with macadamia oil or jojoba oil. You can also apply coconut oil or even hazelnut oil, which will add a little flavor to your adult games! Of course, choose them organic, it goes without saying when we talk about vegetable oils.

A vegetable oil will prove to be an excellent natural lubricant because it will last a certain time: vegetable oil does not evaporate. However, be careful not to use a condom with it because the vegetable oil will make it porous.

Aloe vera as a natural lubricant

Aloe vera can also be a very good natural lubricant. Prefer it in gel form, which you can also use as a massage gel as a preliminary. On the other hand, the aloe vera gel will last less long than a vegetable oil, it will be necessary to give some. The aloe vera gel is indeed composed of water which will evaporate as and when penetrations.


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