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Interesting sex toy for couples: the connected anal plug!

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Technology is increasingly present in our daily life and this concerns absolutely all elements: the house becomes connected with home automation, you can control your roller shutters from your work, open your front door with your phone and no longer a key, program the launch of your coffee maker, etc. This brings a big advantage, that of being able to program everything in advance. It is the same with sex toys and more particularly with anal plugs . You can indeed find as a type of plug the connected anal plug, i.e. a plug that you can use with your smartphone.


What is a connected anal plug?


As we said in the introduction, the connected anal plug is therefore a plug that you will be able to use thanks to your mobile phone. To do this, you will need to download an application specific to the plug-in. Don't worry, a user guide, a manual is present in the box of the connected anal plug, so you will know which application you will need to download. Generally, applications are available on both Android and Iphone.

Once you have downloaded the application, you will be able to activate the connected butt plug from the application, remotely.

Why use a connected anal plug?

The connected anal plug will allow you to have new sensations compared to the classic use of an anal plug.

A connected butt plug for solo play


What's good about the anal plug is that you can use it both as a couple or with your partners, but also solo! And the connected anal plug is particularly for this for a simple and good reason: once you have inserted it into your anus, you will no longer need to touch it! Your hands will be completely free except to play with your smartphone to activate it and give you good sensations! You will therefore only need to be comfortably seated and enjoy!

A connected anal plug for foreplay

Like any sex toy, a dildo, a vibrator, an egg, a masturbation sleeve, etc., the connected anal plug can be a perfect way to warm up, or warm up your partner. Because it's not only fun, but it can also help prepare for other sexual acts. Thus, the connected anal plug can be used to dilate the anus before anal penetration, or even double penetration. Or, for the more experienced and for those who want to go beyond their limits, the connected anal plug can be used as a preliminary before a fisting.

A connected butt plug for public sex play

Do you want to break the routine in your relationship a little and are looking for a way to bring something new, excitement, daring? So the connected anal plug is an excellent sex toy for this and will allow you to create scenarios, sexual games in public. Why ?

  • the advantage of the anal plug is that once inserted into the anus, it is invisible. So no one will see that you or your partner has a butt plug connected in their anus. You can indeed wear an anal plug all day without any problem.

  • then, since the connected anal plug is activated by your phone, you can very well pretend to send an SMS or to be on the Internet, on your social networks, etc. to actually play with the application of the connected anal plug! Neither seen nor known, well, unless your partner suddenly starts crying out in excitement. Besides, you don't need to be with a partner, you can very well insert it in your anus and play alone with your phone.

Imagine, you are at the restaurant with friends, or even with your family. You are at your workplace in the middle of a meeting, you are in a public park, in an airport, on a train... With the anal plug connected, you can have a lot of fun and create many sex games in public.

Discover our selection of connected anal plugs here:

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Geisha Balls Connected Gballs²


What are the functions of a connected anal plug?

The connected anal plug with different vibrations


The main feature of the connected anal plug is that it will allow you to activate different types of vibration, with different vibration powers. A connected anal plug is nothing more than a vibrating anal plug. You will thus be able to activate:

  • more or less fast, weak, medium or even powerful vibrations, depending on what you like. And yes, some people will prefer slow vibrations, others that the vibrations are intense.

  • alternating vibrations which therefore combine continuous vibrations with small pauses, even jolts.

If you are a man, the vibrations will have a significant impact on the prostate, this very beautiful, little-known organ that can give you an orgasm as strong as an ejaculation.

The connected anal plug is long distance


If you want to play with your partner, know that you can activate the connected anal plug from your phone no matter where your partner is:

  • if your partner is close to you, a few meters away, then you can activate it using bluetooth.

  • if your partner is several kilometers away, or even thousands of kilometers, then you can activate the plug using the internet. So you don't have to be nearby to play together with your connected butt plug. Imagine, you activate the anal plug while your partner is in a meeting with his manager!! You will have things to say in the evening when you come home from work (even to do with the excitement that it can bring!).


The connected anal plug is silent


Of course, the purpose of a connected anal plug is to remain as discreet as possible. Especially if you want to play in public with it. The vibrations should not be heard and those around you should immediately sense that you have an anal plug in your buttocks. Thus, the majority of connected anal plugs are silent, but look well before this point before buying it.

The connected anal plug is activated according to ambient noises


Another advantage of the connected anal plug, and this can give you new sensations if you are used to using an anal plug, is that you can adjust the vibrations according to the sounds around you:

  • if you listen to music, the vibrations of the connected anal plug will be in time with the music. If you listen to electro music, it can be quite rock!

  • if you are in nature, then the connected anal plug will vibrate to the sound of the noise around you: the words of people, the sounds of nature, etc. This can be interesting if, after a picnic, you are comfortably lying on a blanket and want to have a leisurely walk.

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