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What is the best sex toy for men?

Here is an article that will appeal to a large number of guys. If I wrote it it's because I often have this request through my Instagram account @faistoimale dedicated to male sexualities. An account in which we talk a lot about sex toys between guys and which made me want to launch this sexy section dedicated to the test of sex toys . And suddenly, as I have used a number of them, I can say that, so I am able to tell you which is the best sex toy for men. But at the end of this article, you will not have THE best sex toy for men, but I will give you my preferences according to the possible uses. Because there are many sex toys for men and above all for very different uses: masturbation or anal penetration, it's not the same thing, it's not the same sensations.


So, ready to have my ranking of the best sex toy for men by category? Let's go !

Summary of the article:

​1. Why have a sex toy for men

1.1 A little fun in your sexuality

1.2 Discover new sensations with a sex toy

1.3 To spice up your relationship

2. Our selection of the best sex toys for men

2.1 The best sex toy for men for masturbation

2.2 The best cock ring that I recommend

2.3 The best sex toy for men for the prostate


Why have a sex toy for men?


Maybe you're new to using sex toys for men, and maybe you're wondering if these products are right for you. Well, if you have already arrived on this page, it is because you have already wanted to test.

A little fun in your sexuality


The sexuality of guys today is relatively basic. If we simplify, it is played on two levels today:

  • on the one hand masturbation when you are solo. And besides, masturbation is part of everyday life for guys if we are to believe the survey I conducted on the Instagram account @faistoimale. You can find my dedicated article below.

Article to read: Masturbation: how often do men masturbate?

  • on the other hand, sexuality with his or her partner.

And it usually comes down to this, for the simple reason that men haven't made a habit of having fun with their sexuality . And by having fun, I don't mean laughing while masturbating, but going to bring some fun. And for that, there is nothing better than sex toys because there are different shapes, different materials, different colors, and for all the pleasures, depending on your sexuality. And let's be clear here: anal penetration is for all guys, not just gays! I therefore advise all guys to discover their prostate... if only by shoving a finger up their ass, that's it!

Discover new sensations with sex toys


We were talking about sticking a finger in the anus to discover new sensations, and quite precisely with sex toys for men you will discover sensations. This is the main purpose of sex toys, moreover, to have a different sexuality than when you use your fingers, your hand or when you are with your partner and he or she takes care of you. But new sensations OK, but above all pleasure!

Masturbating alone can be painful in the long run, it is always the same gesture that is applied. But using a sex toy like a masturbator can drastically change how you feel when masturbating. Because there are simple ones, like the Tenga eggs which I have already mentioned on the blog, but also more developed ones with different vibration rhythms, even heating effects. As much to tell you of the sensations that will give a lot of pleasure to your glans!!

Article to read: I tested Tenga eggs, my opinion

But it's not just masturbators that can bring new pleasures, another sex toy for men is starting to be used more and more: the cockring . The cock ring comes in the form of a ring that is placed at the base of the penis, and which can also encompass the testicles. This ring will tighten the penis, thus blocking the blood flow a little, which will make your penis grow. You will thus have in hand (or your partner) a bigger penis.

Finally, an anal plug used during your masturbation can also give you great sensations, by combining the pleasure caused by the penis and that caused by both the prostate and the perineum.

And these are just a few sex toys, we can also talk about prostate stimulators or anal hooks , but here we are already going far enough!

To spice up your relationship

More and more women are using sex toys either for their own pleasure or for use as a couple during sex. Moreover, in the films, we very regularly see women taking out a sex toy for her while seducing their boyfriend to make him come to bed more quickly. But what about guys who take out sex toys in front of their female partner? I don't remember. And yet, men also have the right to use a sex toy with their partner. Well that says a lot, guys don't dare, or think, to release a male sex toy for use during sex. Because, in culture, the penis is enough.

Well no, integrating a sex toy for men with your partner during your intercourse can bring a lot of spice. Especially if you give carte blanche to your partner to use it as he/she wishes, it's up to you to let yourself go. And besides, connected sex toys are perfect for that.

Pourquoi avoir un sextoy
sextoy pour homme

Our selection of the best sex toys for men


Come on, now that the presentations are done with the sex toys, it's time to get my rankings out!

The best sex toy for men for masturbation

I will start with the sex toy for men that is used the most, the masturbator. And yes, it's normal, as I said above, the vast majority of men masturbate every day. So if you have some time to give to your masturbation, and make sure it's not in ultra-fast flash mode, I advise you to use a masturbator. But not just any masturbator, I strongly recommend the Men Heat Vibration masturbator from Satisfyer, a recognized brand in the world of masturbators (also called masturbation sleeves).

Sélection des meilleurs sextoys

Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration:

It is certainly one of the best masturbators currently. For having tested it, it offers very nice sensations, which will change you from your "masturbation routine". The integration of the penis in this masturbator is very simple, it is ergonomic, easy to handle. And above all, it offers a large number of different vibrations, enough to vary the pleasures! And it's true that the heat function brings a little more not unpleasant at all! In short tested and highly approved !! And above all, very good value for money.

This masturbator is less than 50€ but it can still represent a certain budget. Also note that the size is quite imposing, and that it is difficult to hide it, especially if you live with your parents, family or friends.


Also, I can recommend smaller masturbators, but which are also disposable (thus to be thrown away after 2/3 uses), such as the famous Tenga eggs which I have already mentioned above.

Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on Tenga eggs:

I tested 6 different Tenga eggs and I must admit that they are very nice. They honestly make masturbation both fun and very enjoyable. Each egg has its own texture which allows you to discover new sensations each time. They are very easy to use and their ultra light and flexible texture allows you to make very quick back and forth movements on the penis, ultimately as if you didn't have a masturbator. But with more sensations.


As you see, these Tenga Eggs are really small in size, you can easily slip them into your pocket.

oeuf 1.jpg
oeuf 2.jpg

Tenga Masturbator

Egg Wavy


oeuf 3.jpg

Tenga Masturbator

Egg Spider


oeuf 4.jpg

Tenga Masturbator

Egg Crater



Tenga also offers another form of disposable masturbator that may be more practical than eggs, because you can insert your penis directly into the sex toy (while the egg you have to slide over your penis). And I particularly recommend the Original Vacuum Cup masturbator , which provides a "fellatio" and deep throat effect!! Yes, deep throat!!


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Original Vacuum Cup masturbator:

If you want a mix between a basic masturbator such as Tenga eggs and more elaborate vibrating masturbators, then this Original Vacuum Cup masturbator from Tenga is for you. It's a disposable masturbator (well, several uses are possible) but which offers a relatively thick texture in which you can insert your whole penis. Very pleasant textures inside to have very nice sensations during masturbation. And above all the deep throat effect is really very well done!!  

The best cockring that I recommend

The cock ring is for me one of the best sex toys for men. This small ring indeed offers very nice sensations, whether in the hand by taking the penis, at the glans level but also when there is penetration. Every guy should have one, especially since it's small in size so you can store it away, or stash it away, very easily. And above all, you can take it with you on a weekend or on a trip!! If that's not practical!

So there are several types of cock rings, but the one I recommend is the vibrating cock ring from the Satisfyer brand. Not only is it rather pretty as a sex toy for men, but it also has different vibration modes that will provide additional sensations. Very very nice!!!

You can click the picture below to buy it.

cockring vibrant

The best sex toy for men for the prostate

Finally, I will end my ranking of the best sex toy for men with a very nice little toy to integrate for the anus. And don't worry, I'm not going to talk about an XXL anal plug but a prostate stimulator. The difference between the two: the prostate stimulator is thinner and has a curved shape allowing it to directly touch the prostate (while the anal plug will be used to fill the anus). It is therefore more pleasant to use, especially for novices. And the one I recommend is the Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator from Aneros .

​​You can click the picture below to buy it.

stimulateur prostatique.webp

Jonathan - Le Male Français review of the Aneros Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator:

It's a sex toy for men that will strongly reassure all guys who want to try anal penetration with a sex toy but who don't dare for fear of pain. Not only is the material very soft, very delicate, but it is also very thin, allowing penetration very simply, very easily, without forcing. The transition is therefore smooth. The other strong points are as follows: the prostate is very quickly affected and the base of this sex toy for men is perfect for tickling the perineum. In short, lots of fun.

If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! If you don't have an Instagram account, find us also on Facebook .

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