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Is the penis sleeve effective for having a bigger penis?

Having a bigger penis is the dream of many guys, especially those who they believe have a small penis, not to mention a micro-penis. To develop your penis, you have several sex toys for men at your disposal, such as the cock ring or the penis sheath. Also known as penis extender sheath. We will immediately specify that even if you use a sheath, you will still feel sensations. The products are indeed very flexible allowing you to feel sensations during penetrations. Through this article, we are going to give you all our advice concerning this sex toy.

What is a penis sleeve used for?


The penis sleeve has two main uses:

A sheath to increase the size of the penis

Having a bigger and bigger penis is the main benefit of a penis sleeve. You should know that on average, depending on the sheaths, they can increase the size of the penis by 2 cm on average. This is of course an average, everyone will react differently with their use. In any case, 2 cm more is what will allow you on average a penis enlargement surgery operation. The result is therefore the same, but with much less risk. 2 cm on average, but some products provide penis extension of up to 4 cm.

However, it is important to specify that by using a penis sleeve, you will not gain in width. Only in length. If you want to gain width, then cock rings will be a better solution for you.

You can find our complete article on cockrings: Cockring: which one to use and how to choose it?

A sheath to have a straighter penis

Many of you guys have a curved penis, which can be characterized by what is called Peyronie's disease. Having a curved penis is not uncommon, don't worry if you have a curved penis, you are far from alone.

A sheath to delay ejaculation

If you have problems with premature ejaculation then the penis sleeve will be an excellent way to delay ejaculation and take more pleasure. We have already mentioned premature ejaculation in this blog, but it is true that the penis sleeve is a very good sex toy that will allow you to prolong the pleasure. Why ? Because your glans is not in direct contact with the vagina, anus or even the skin of your partner, it will be less sensitized. We know that the majority of cases of premature ejaculation come from excitement. With a sheath, excitement is less immediate, so you will prolong your erection and thus delay ejaculation.

Article to read: premature ejaculation: why and what to do?

How to choose the right penis sleeve?


Have you decided to take the plunge and use a penis sleeve? Here are all our tips:

  • First, choose a penis sleeve that is 0.5cm to 1cm smaller in diameter than your penis . And yes, the goal is to put pressure on your penis to stop the blood flow and above all to ensure that the sheath stays in place. Too large a sheath and it will be very uncomfortable to use.

  • Next, choose a penis sleeve based on how it feels and what you want to use it for . There are very simple sheaths but also more sophisticated sheaths with heating mechanisms, vibrations, etc.

How to put on a penis sleeve?


Before applying the penis sleeve directly to your penis, you will need to apply a lubricant inside the sleeve . Attention, the majority of penis sleeves are made of silicone, so it is necessary to have a water-based lubricant. This type of lubricant will prevent the sex toy from degrading over time. Why put lubricant in the penis sleeve? To give you some comfort. Your glans in particular will be in direct contact with the silicone material. Certainly it is a relatively soft material, but with the back and forth movements during penetration, it may be quite unpleasant. The presence of lubricant will allow you to have a great time!

Then you have to insert your erect penis into the sheath in a very simple way, as if you were putting on a condom. The sheaths are very flexible, so they can be put on quickly and easily. Putting on a penis sleeve will automatically give your penis a little more width: your partner will necessarily feel it when masturbating or being penetrated by you (therefore more pleasure).

If you are penetrating your partner, start slowly, with light back and forth movements. Do not go straight there in a quick or abrupt way, you must make sure that the sheath is well put on and above all that it is comfortable for you.

As soon as you have finished, it is necessary to clean the sheath well, with a suitable product such as liquid soap. Dry it well before storing it in a closed place, to prevent any dust from settling there.

Types of penis sleeves

You have different types of penis sleeves at your disposal:

The smooth penis sleeve

This type of smooth penis sleeve is the simplest product. It will therefore allow you to increase the size of your penis with ease. And it will only have this function. It is therefore particularly suitable for men who are complex about their size. Here is our selection of the best smooth penis sleeves.

Here is our selection of smooth penis sleeves. Click on the image to access it and have more details.

gaine pour pénis 2.jpg

We also give you this strap-on whose dildo part is empty. So you can insert your penis inside. We put it here because the strap-on can bring a little more bestial side to your reports.

Click on the image to access it and have more details.

gaine pour pénis 3.jpg

The penis sleeve with studs

The penis sleeve with studs (or with ridges also depending on the model) will have a dual function:

  • on the one hand allow you to have a bigger penis like any sheath,

  • on the other hand, to give you additional sensations thanks to the studs and/or the ridges present inside the penis sleeve. Of course, with the back and forth movements against your penis and your glans, these pimples will act and tickle you. Thus, this type of penis sleeve with studs can perfectly replace a masturbator to have fun solo and thus have other sensations during your handjobs!

Some sheaths also have pins on the outside. This will allow you to give pleasure to your partner during anal or vaginal penetration . The pimples will indeed tickle the anus or the vagina.

gaine pour pénis 4.jpg
gaine pour pénis 5.jpg

The sheath for penis and testicles


A third type of penis sleeve that can be found is the sleeve that will not only encompass your penis but also your testicles. It's called a bowl strecther. This has a dual function:


  • allow the sheath to be well maintained by the testicles, and thus prevent it from slipping during back and forth movements associated with penetration.

  • but it will also make it possible to give more pleasure by the sensation of having the testicles blocked.


Here is our selection of penis sheaths with consideration of the testicles. Click on the image to access it and have more details.

gaine pour pénis 1.jpg

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