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My 6 tips for masturbating in the shower

How to masturbate in the shower and make this moment even more pleasant?  You are on the right page  I will give you all my advice to make your little handjob under the shower even more enjoyable.

Masturbation is a subject that is still relatively taboo for men, very few guys talk about it among themselves. It's not necessarily a subject that comes up on the table when you're with your friends. So you must be wondering if there are better ways to masturbate in the shower , to have fun during this moment. It should not be forgotten that masturbation is practiced almost every day in man, mainly in the morning when waking up or in the shower in the morning. A good way to start the day!

Know that there are several ways to masturbate in the shower, including using sex toys for men . Through this article I will give them to you. I know that many women read my sexo articles, even if this blog is aimed at men, I will still through this article give advice that may also concern you ladies. And then, masturbate in the shower alone OK, but why not masturbate in the shower as a couple! This can give a little spice!

Small warning before starting the article: do not put too hot water to avoid the risk of burns. It would still be a shame to have the glans burned and not be able to use it for a few days (beyond the dangerous side for the glans which is a very fragile area).

For masturbation in the shower is more exciting

Before giving you my advice on the best ways to masturbate well in the shower, I would like to come back to one point: why jerking off in the shower attracts a lot of guys (and girls)? Quite simply because you have water which will act as a lubricant on the glans. This is a very important point because during masturbation, you move back and forth on your penis. We must not forget that :

  • a number of guys don't get wet at all and that's completely normal . Don't think that because you're not wet at all, you're not normal! It's all a gossip story. Also, not getting wet can make masturbation difficult, even painful, for some. Hence the fact of putting saliva or a lubricant so as not to masturbate dry!

  • when you masturbate, the back and forth movements produce heat ! And inevitably, dries your wet, even your saliva.

Thus, some guys prefer to masturbate in the shower because:

  • the water will have a lubricating effect, without having to add saliva or lubricant. So it makes jerking off easier.

  • the shower gel, or the foam generated by the cleansing product, will also bring sensations to the glans. Come on, on this subject, I'm going to give you my first advice for masturbating well in the shower: use a shower oil , you'll see, before it foams, the effect is great on the glans! Here are two shower oils that I use.

The accessories to masturbate well in the shower


Come on, it's time to get to the heart of the matter and I will now give you all my advice to make your masturbation in the shower more pleasant. Come on, if I had to speak a little raw, jerking off in the shower will take on new sensations!

A lubricant adapted to the shower

The second tip I'm going to give you for your little pleasure session in the shower is to use a lubricant .

But beware, not just any lubricant, a lubricant that is really suitable for the shower. This implies that it will keep its role of lubrication throughout your shower, it will not leave with the water. It is still important. Why do I start with a lubricant as my first tip for masturbating well in the shower? Because it is the simplest product to have: whether you put a finger in your vagina or your anus, see that you move back and forth on your erect penis, the lubrication is ultra- important for having fun.


Here is the special shower lubricant that I recommend.

A cock ring for masturbating in the shower

The cock ring is a fabulous accessory for male masturbation! If you don't have a cock ring at home, I can only advise you to buy one if you have to masturbate in the shower . Why the cock ring is awesome:

  • on the one hand, it will allow you to have a bigger penis . Indeed, by putting the cock ring at the base of your penis, you will block the blood in your penis which will therefore swell. You will thus gain in thickness. Ideal therefore to have the feeling of having a bigger erect penis. Very interesting for your partner, whether for oral sex or anal or vaginal penetration , who could then have the feeling of having another sex in her or him (ideal for fantasies).

  • then, it will make your glans more sensitive. And that, in the shower with the effect of water, it's perfect!


Here are the cock rings that I recommend. Click on the image to access it.

cockring lot.jpg

Masturbating in the shower with a masturbator

Another sex toy that I recommend is to use a masturbator . Obviously, it's because men masturbate almost every day (yes yes, I asked the question on my sexo Instagram account @faistoimale), you should all have at least one masturbator at home! The interest of the masturbator is that it will offer you different sensations than using your simple hand because they contain textures (in the form of spirals, spikes, etc.), which will tickle your glans and your penis. What fun!

If I had to recommend masturbators to you, I can only recommend one that is currently one of the best-selling in the world, the Flight Pilot masturbator from the leader in masturbators, Fleshlight .


My opinion on this masturbator after use:

It is certainly one of the best masturbators with a price below 50€. For having tested it, it offers very nice sensations, which will change you from your "masturbation routine". The integration of the penis in this masturbator is very simple (and all erect penis sizes fit in this masturbator), it is ergonomic, light and easy to handle. And above all, it offers a large number of different textures inside, with a very pleasant soft effect (soft in the natural sense), enough to vary the pleasures! In short tested and highly approved !! Very very good value for money, you will hardly find better.

Another masturbator that you could use, also cheaper than the first, is the Original Vacuum Cup masturbator from the Tenga brand. So small point of precision, it is cheaper because it is also disposable. Namely that you can only use it 2 to 4 times maximum depending on your use, and the force you put into it!


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Original Vacuum Cup masturbator:

If you want a mix between a basic masturbator such as Tenga eggs and more elaborate vibrating masturbators, then this Original Vacuum Cup masturbator from Tenga is for you. It's a disposable masturbator (well, several uses are possible) but which offers a relatively thick texture in which you can insert your whole penis. Very pleasant textures inside to have very nice sensations during masturbation. And above all the deep throat effect is really very well done!!  

A suction cup anal plug for the shower

Do you want to go a little further while you masturbate and want to associate anal sex with it? Very good idea ! The anus and rectum contain many nerve endings, not to mention the presence in men of our famous G-spot, the prostate. So of course, if you're not used to it and you're in the middle of an anal initiation , you'll have to take it easy and put on a lubricant.

Since you are in the shower, the ideal is to have your hands free. Indeed, unless you have a good shower head installed on the ceiling, you may have to hold it by hand. Also, I advise you to opt for an anal plug with suction cup , its suction cup can be put on the tiles or on the wall of your shower.

Here is the selection of suction cup plugs that I recommend:

plug anal ventouse.jpg
plug anal ventouse 2.jpg
plug anal ventouse 3.jpg

The suction cup dildo in the shower

Last sextoy that I can advise you is the suction cup dildo. Perfect sex toy for women, but also for men who are used to anal penetration. As for the plug, there are dildos with suction cups which can therefore be placed directly on the tiles of your shower, thus leaving your hands free to masturbate!

Click on the image below to access a value-for-money selection of suction cup dildos.

gode ventouse.jpg

If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! If you don't have an Instagram account, find us also on Facebook . Feel free to send me messages to possibly discuss your doubts and questions about male sexuality.

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