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Rediscover masturbation with Fleshlight

You want to break your masturbation routine, alone or as a couple, and are looking for something new. I have already given you my 14 tips for guys to masturbate well , but through this article, I will tell you about an essential sex toy in your home, The Fleshlight. And yes, what do you want, through this blog of advice on sex toys , I have to give you all the advice to make your sex life as pleasant as possible!

What is a Fleshlight?

If you want to buy a sex toy for men and you are wondering which one to buy first, then you will most certainly have to look at the Fleshlight side. Indeed, generally, the first sex toy that a man buys is a masturbator . Rarely a cock ring (and yet how very exciting it is) or an anal plug . Yes, I'm not going to teach you anything, masturbation is the sexual practice most practiced by solo men and the masturbator is therefore the most purchased type of male sex toy . But the brands present on this market are very numerous and the choice offered is immense. So as not to be mistaken, I advise you to go to the Fleshlight brand.

Because Fleshligh is a brand specializing in masturbators . It is even the best-known brand in this market, along with another brand, Tenga. There is nevertheless a big difference between these two brands, Tenga is indeed specialized in disposable masturbators, which are therefore only used once or twice, like Tenga eggs . At Fleshlight, it's solid, you can use your Fleshlight masturbator as many times as you want, unless you go like a nag...

Fleshlight is therefore the world reference in the field of masturbators. Widely copied by other brands, with a lower quality all the same, it must be said (yes, I have tried several, and I can confirm that Fleshlight is by far the best brand). These masturbators have the particularity of resembling a flashlight (which translates to flashlight in English, flesh meaning flesh). Thus, due to their shape, they are relatively discreet, they do not look like trashy sex toys. If you are looking for discreet sex toys, because you live with your parents for example, then these masturbators will be perfect! When you open the cover of your Fleshlight, you will then see a flexible sheath, very soft because it imitates the texture of the skin, into which you will insert your erect penis. Up to you !

But by the way, do you know how the Fleshlight was invented? Well, it was an American named Steve Shubin who invented it in the late 90s when his wife was pregnant. Having many sexual desires, he therefore invented his own sex toy to have fun and practice masturbation in a different way, to break the routine a bit.

Why buy a Fleshlight?


I'm going to be very quick on this part because the arguments for buying a Fleshlight are very numerous:

  • on the one hand, jerking off every day with your hand is nice but it can be routine . Having a masturbator that has a flexible sleeve with many textures will allow you to have new sensations, and thus to rediscover masturbation.

  • on the other hand, you will be able to satisfy certain fantasies depending on the Fleshlight you have chosen . I say no more, you will find out below. In any case, these masturbators are ultra-realistic.

  • finally, you can certainly use it alone during your masturbation session, but you can also use it as a couple . Ask your partner to jerk you off with a Fleshlight, you will see their excitement will also be greater!

masturbation avec Fleshlight

How to choose the right Fleshlight?


You should know that there are many types of Fleshlight masturbators today . Inevitably since the end of the 90s and the strong demand from guys for masturbators, the brand has grown considerably. So, to know how to choose the right Fleshlight masturbator, the question you have to ask yourself is: what fantasy, what desire, do I want to achieve by jerking off with a Fleshlight? To this question, you can then turn to the perfectly adapted Fleshlight.


Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight Girls are masturbators that will give you the impression of fucking with the stars of the porn industry. Indeed, the brand has partnered with many actresses to make realistic sex toys directly molded on them! Luna Star, Riley Reid, Kira Noir, you will be spoiled for choice because more than ten actresses have agreed to have their vagina or anus molded!

fleshlight girl 1.jpg

Fleshlight Pink Lady Stamina

The best-selling Fleshlight!


fleshlight girl 2.jpg

Fleshlight Vagina Go



fleshlight girl 3.jpg

Jenna Haze Vagina Obsession Masturbator



Fleshlight Boys


You have the porn actress version, but you also have the porn actor version. Ideal therefore for guys who are already used to having sex with other guys, or even for guys who would like to see what it feels like to sleep with a guy, without actually daring to do it. Also, there are Fleshlights molded into the anus of several male pornstars, like Dante Colle, Diego Sans, Brent Everett, etc.

fleshlight boys.jpg

To check out the other Fleshlight Boys, click here .

Fleshlight Ice

These Fleshlight masturbators have a very interesting feature: they are transparent. Completely transparent. Not only will you see the different textures of your masturbators, but above all, you will see your penis inside. And between us, we're not going to hide it, it's still very exciting to see your own penis in the masturbator, it adds pleasure.

fleshlight ice.jpg

Fleshlight Turbo Core

Blue Ice


fleshlight ice 2.jpg

Fleshlight Go Torque Ice



As its name suggests, the Quickshot is a smaller sized masturbator than the Fleshlights. Concretely, you do not put your penis in the masturbator but you put it in the masturbator and you will see it come out. For me, this type of Quickshot masturbator is ideal for two reasons:

  • on the one hand, if you like to see your penis while you masturbate.

  • on the other hand, if you are looking for a discreet masturbator, then you can easily hide it in a closet or under your clothes. Discretion assured.


Of course, as with the other Fleshlights, you can choose the orifice you want: mouth, anus, vagina. Knowing that on the Quickshots, since there are two orifices, you can choose the one that suits you depending on the type of orifice (mouth and anus, etc.).


Practical & Discreet, you can easily store it and have fun!


This masturbator is slightly different from the basic Fleshlight in the sense that you won't be inserting your penis into the masturbator. The Fleshskin is a flexible masturbator that has 5 holes on one of the edges. These 5 holes are used to pass your fingers. You will thus take the Fleshskin masturbator directly with your fingers and pass your penis over it, like a classic handjob with your hand. With the difference that the Fleshskin has many textures to offer you new sensations … strong pleasant.

How to use a Fleshlight?

Using a Fleshlight is really not complicated at all and you will see that when you receive your Fleshlight masturbator, using it will come naturally to you! You don't need to have done long studies to use this sex toy.

First, you need to remove the caps that are on each end of the product:

  • one of the ends, in the shape of a mouth, anus or vagina, will be used to introduce your erect penis . Once your penis is in the masturbator, you will then discover all the textures that the sleeve has... for your greatest pleasure. You will then regret having waited so long before buying such a sex toy.

  • the other end will allow you to manage the pressure by regulating the vacuum in the masturbator. Concretely, this will allow you to manage the suction effect . The more you plug the hole, the more you'll feel like your penis is being sucked into the masturbator. If you are very sensitive to the glans, guaranteed effect!


To increase your pleasure, it is advisable to use a lubricant! This will allow you to slide better in the Fleshlight. In any case, even without a masturbator, a handjob with lubricant is more pleasant. My advice, use an anal lubricant! They're tougher than regular lube, and with the heat of the back-and-forth motions of jerking off, regular lube can dry out quickly. Forcing you to stop and get over it. With an anal lubricant, this problem is over.

lubrifiant anal 2.webp

How to clean your Feshlight

You used your Fleshlight masturbator and came inside. Cheer ! Now you have to clean it. If so, I really advise you to clean it right away, just after you've finished, and not wait for it to dry... with all the textures that the sheath has, it's better to clean it while your semen is fresh!

To clean it, you have two options:

  • either pass it under hot water with a little soap (or shower gel)

  • or use the Fleshlight Wash cleaning spray perfectly adapted to the texture of the sheath and maintain its softness. It also allows it to be disinfected.


Here is my presentation of the Fleshlight brand. If you want to discover all Fleshlight products easily accessible (and with discreet delivery, your postman will not know that you ordered from a shop that sells sex toys), click here . I strongly recommend this shop which offers the best prices.


If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! If you don't have an Instagram account, find us also on Facebook .

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