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The diamond anal plug: what you need to know

The diamond anal plug is one of those sex toys that are pleasant to offer. Yes, to offer, to your partner in particular. Because the diamond anal plug is absolutely not this type of somewhat crude, somewhat ugly sex toy that you can regularly find. No, the diamond anal plug is all about its aesthetics.

What is a diamond butt plug?

The diamond anal plug is a plug that looks like a jewel. A naughty little gem! Concretely, if your wife (or your mistress, but that's another story) loves jewelry, then you can surprise her by buying her a diamond anal plug! Surprise her and make you happy at the same time!!

Concretely, the diamond anal plug is an anal plug, with a completely classic shape, but which contains at its base a small jewel which takes the appearance of a diamond. Because, we're not going to hide it, it's not a real diamond of course, but a stone that takes on the appearance of a diamond.

Why use a diamond anal plug?


There are several reasons a person may want to use a diamond butt plug:

The diamond anal plug for its aesthetics

This is the main reason a person is going to want to buy or use a diamond butt plug. It is true that plugs in general are not the most aesthetic. Most are black, in silicone material, well, it lacks a bit of cheerfulness. While the diamond anal plug is generally made of metal, like silver that shines. Associated with the diamond, this can therefore give a pretty product, pleasant to look at, and above all a good idea for a gift!

The diamond anal plug for beginners

One reason that may make you turn to the diamond anal plug is that they are generally small in size. Even very small sizes. The diamond anal plug is therefore perfect to start your experiments with anal penetration, sodomy . It is an excellent means for anal initiation . Because remember, if you are a beginner, you will have to go very slowly: the anus is a very fragile area, you must not injure it at the risk of generating you very strong discomfort. Plus, it would be a shame to get stuck with using anal plugs because your first experience didn't go well. You can therefore easily turn to a diamond anal plug to start and discover its beautiful sensations.

The diamond anal plug to entice your partner

Do you want to discover new sensations during your lovemaking with your partner? Do you want to experience the joys of anal penetration but you don't know how to tell your partner? In that case, give her a diamond anal plug! We believe that the diamond anal plug is indeed a very good solution to start the conversation on this subject with your partner? Why ? Because the diamond anal plug is cute, it's pretty, it's beautiful, it looks like a piece of jewelry. It is much less raw than a silicone anal plug. And since it is small in size, you will have an easier time encouraging your partner to take the plunge.


Discover our selection of diamond anal plugs:

plug bijou 1.webp
plug bijou 2.webp
plug bijou 3.webp

The different types of diamond anal plugs

You can find different types of diamond anal plugs.

Colored diamond butt plug

The diamond anal plug is not only limited to the white color, the traditional color of the diamond. No, you will be able to find different colors of diamond (of fake diamond we want to specify it once again). Pink of course, purple. But also red to give a slightly hotter side, or even blue to encourage your man to use it. You can even find black that will give a wild, BDSM side...

Here is our selection of diamond anal plug below (click on the image to access it)

plug anal diamant couleur.jpg

The silicone diamond butt plug

To make using the diamond anal plug even more pleasant, you can opt for a plug made of silicone material. It may be a little less crude than the metal diamond butt plug, less strict and you will thus have a better chance of encouraging your partner to accept its use in the context of your antics.

The silicone material has the advantage of being soft and slightly flexible, which can facilitate penetration into the anus. This is an important point if you are new to using plug-ins.

plug anal bijou silicone.jpg

Discover our selection of jeweled silicone anal plugs at


Blooming diamond butt plug

If you want to surprise your partner even more and make him happy, then you can give him a flower-shaped diamond butt plug. There are all kinds, the main ones being the rose of course, but you can also find the four leaf. The rose, imagine, you combine a jewel and the flower, it is obvious that you will please by offering this!

Click the picture below to buy flower shape diamond anal plug

plug anal fleur 2.jpg
plug anal fleur 1.jpg

Textured diamond butt plug

Finally, if you want to have even stronger sensations than with a simple anal plug, then you can take a textured diamond anal plug! This type of diamond anal plug has grooves that will further tickle your nerve endings. Especially if you start playing with it by twisting the plug a bit while it's in your anus.


Click the picture below to buy diamond anal plug 

plug anal bijou texture.jpg

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