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How to choose an anal plug? Everything you need to know

If you have decided to use an anal plug for your pleasures, it will be necessary to choose it carefully! It would indeed be a shame to choose the wrong anal plug and to have a bad experience, which would make you no longer want to use it. But there are different shapes of anal plugs, different sizes too, so choosing the right anal plug can be very complex. Here are all our tips for choosing the right anal plug.

The criteria for choosing the right anal plug


You have decided to take an anal plug, it's a good thing, you will be able to experience new sensations with this type of sex toy. Finally, these types of sex toys, because there are a very large number of anal plugs. It is therefore important to choose it well according to your desires, your abilities too. Here are the criteria to take into account to choose the right anal plug.

Choose your anal plug according to its size

Of course, the first element to take into account when choosing your anal plug is its size. It seems logical but be careful, do not be too greedy! When you go to choose your anal plug, do not hesitate to take the smallest size to start! Don't have your eyes bigger than... your anus!

Why start by choosing your small anal plug to start with? Because you must not be disappointed and unable to put on your anal plug. And then the more you will take a small anal plug, the more you will be able to progress by gradually increasing the size of your anal plug. You must then choose an anal plug for beginners, i.e. a small anal plug (bigger than a finger anyway), just to get started with this sex toy. Generally, plugs for beginners are size S. You can also opt for discovery kits, i.e. plugs sold by 2 or 3 with each a different size to practice

Here is a selection of anal plugs for beginners:

Here is a selection of XXL anal plugs:

If, on the contrary, you are experienced and you are used to using an anal plug, in this case, treat yourself and take the size that will give you the most pleasure, or even take the maximum with an XXL anal plug. !

plug anal XXL 1.jpg
plug anal XXL 2.jpg
plug anal XXL 3.jpg
plug anal XXL 4.jpg

Choose your anal plug according to the material


When the time comes to choose your anal plug, another point to take into account will be the material. Because there are anal plugs of different materials: silicone, glass, wood, metal...

Once again, the choice of the anal plug will be made according to your desires. But be aware that the silicone material is the most pleasant and the easiest to insert into the anus because it is flexible. Be careful however, the silicone anal plug requires some care, you must not damage it so that it becomes porous over time and small pieces of silicone come off.

Choose your anal plug according to the shape


The shape is also an element to take into account when choosing the right anal plug. To do this :

  • if you are a beginner in the use of the anal plug, take one with a classic, iconic shape. It will be easier to understand this new toy and make you fully adhere.

  • if you are already a user of this sex toy, in this case do not hesitate to vary the pleasures by taking an anal plug with balls, of different sizes for example. Even an inflatable anal plug to increase the pleasure and why not push your limits.

Choose your anal plug according to the options


Yes, you read that right, depending on the options! Because you should know that there are anal plugs of all kinds.

  • if you are used to using an anal plug, why not choose its anal plug with vibrations? This would allow you to discover new sensations through vibrations.

  • if you are also used to using them, be aware that some anal plugs are textured. It also allows you to have new sensations, especially if you are a fan of the back and forth movement to use the anal plug.

Find below our selection of plugs

choisir plug anal 1.webp
choisir plug anal 2.webp
choisir plug anal 3.webp

Focus on security


When choosing an anal plug, pay close attention to where it comes from. There are indeed so many plugs on the market that some do not meet the simplest safety standards. Avoid buying them on certain sites that do not seem qualitative to you. So, for example:

  • avoid getting a very cheap silicone anal plug, the quality of the plug may be good enough to last

  • pay attention to the inflatable anal plug, you must prevent it from bursting, for example, as it inflates.

These are just points of vigilance.

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