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Why choose metal for your anal plug?

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The metal anal plug is not the most used type of anal plug , but it has many advantages. Indeed, a large number of people turn to the silicone anal plug for its softness and the comfort it can provide. But the metal anal plug also has its advantages, which we will show you in this article, with our small selection.

Why use a metal anal plug?


There are different reasons for using a metal anal plug, which we present to you below.

The metal anal plug for her sensations

The glass anal plug is known for the sensations it can provide when it is put in the fridge or even when it is slightly heated. But the metal anal plug is not left out! Indeed, you can also very well place the metal anal plug in the fridge a few hours before use, or even in the freezer (or the freezer part of your fridge) a few minutes before. And you will see that the feeling of cold can give you very good sensations!!

The metal anal plug for its aesthetics

Another advantage of the metal anal plug is its aesthetics. We are not going to hide it, the silicone anal plug, which once again is the most used type of plug, is not the prettiest. Generally black in color, it is relatively sad. Due to its metallic and shiny side, the metal anal plug will be prettier.

Find below our selection of metal anal plugs (click on the image to access it).

The metal anal plug for its quality

Another point that may encourage you to opt for a metal anal plug is its quality. The disadvantage of the silicone anal plug, for example, is that after a while, especially if you use it very very regularly, the material can be damaged. With the metal anal plug, you will have no problem with this. And don't worry about rust, if you clean it well and above all dry it well after each use, you won't have any problems at this level.


Here is our selection of metal anal plugs. Click on the image to access it.

plug anal en métal.jpg

Which shape of metal anal plug to choose?

​The advantage with metal anal plugs is that you will find them in all shapes :

  • the conical shape, the traditional shape of the anal plug, which allows it to penetrate the anus in the most optimal way possible.

  • the conical and textured shape, or with grooves on the cone to give you even more sensations by tickling the nerve endings of your anus more intensely.

You can also find:

  • the metal anal plug with a suction cup: the suction cup will allow you to fix the plug on a flat surface (the floor, a wall, etc.) and thus allow you to have fun quietly alone, and make the most of the sensations

  • the tailed metal anal plug: fox tail or rabbit tail? You will have the choice to give you an animal and wild side! And yes, once you introduce the tailed metal butt plug into your anus, only the tail will be visible. Perfect to tickle your partner.

Tips for using a metal anal plug properly

Clean your metal butt plug before and after use

Like any type of plug, it is of course advisable to clean your metal anal plug before and after use:

  • before use to possibly remove any dust that may have settled there Even if your metal anal plug is well hidden, you never know. The dust could indeed irritate your anus, which would be a shame given that the goal is to take pleasure.

  • after use so that your metal anal plug is perfectly clean before storing it. Even if you have carried out an anal cleansing before using your plug, it is possible that traces of excrement have been deposited there, even very small ones. In any case, you have applied lubricant so you have to wash it off.

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