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Insert your penis into a tunnel anal plug

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Tired of using your classic butt plug? And above all, do you want to use your penis in a completely different way during your intercourse? In that case, it's time to switch to the tunnel anal plug . Discover new pleasures with this type of anal plug and above all let yourself be tempted by new experiences, alone or with your partner. Through this article we will give you all the details on what you need to know about this rather special sex toy for men .

What is a tunnel butt plug?


When we tell you that the anal plug market is very vast, you should know that there are all kinds of plugs, including the tunnel anal plug. So, no, don't worry, the tunnel anal plug is not intended to be very long, the image of a road tunnel will certainly have crossed your mind! No no, I assure you!

The tunnel anal plug, also called hollow anal plug, which is perhaps less scary, is an anal plug with a hollow in the middle , or a hole. It is therefore an anal plug which is only made up of these external parts and emptied of its interior. The objective is to insert his penis into the hollow, the anal plug being already placed in the anus of your partner.

The tunnel anal plug is found in all materials, even if it is more frequently found either in metal or in silicone.

Why use a tunnel anal plug?

The question you should definitely ask yourself is: what good is the hole in a tunnel anal plug? Well let your imagination work. Because through the hole of the anal plug tunnel you can pass a lot of nice things.

A tunnel anal plug for new sensations

Discovering new sensations is of course the goal of any anal tunnel plug. It is indeed perfectly suitable for people who have a good experience of anal penetration and who want to go further. Have new feelings. Because of course, the purpose of the hole in the tunnel anal plug is to pass things:

  • either a finger, to tickle,

  • or simply the penis for penetration. Imagine the effects that the combination of an anal plug and penetration can have on your partner.

  • unless you just want to put on a dildo.

  • you can even integrate a vibrator, to give very vibrating sensations and have a very surprising enjoyment. In short, you can spend what you want, as long as it contributes to your pleasure!!

In any case, the tunnel anal plug will allow you to discover new experiences , so you might as well take advantage of it, or, at the very least, try it out!

A tunnel anal plug to push your limits

Another objective of the tunnel anal plug is to go to the limit. Because we are not going to hide it, the tunnel anal plug is generally a large anal plug , not to say an XXL anal plug . The objective being to pass things through the hole, it is necessary that there is a minimum of space, and therefore a certain size at the plug.

Discover our selection of tunnel anal plugs here:

Who is the tunnel anal plug for?

The anal plug for the experienced


We talked about it a bit above, the tunnel anal plug is more of a plug of a certain size. It will therefore be particularly appreciated by people who already have extensive experience with plugs and anal penetration. Because of course, inserting such a plug into his anus deserves some experience. What's more, this tunnel anal plug allows you to have new sensations, different from that of a classic anal plug.


The tunnel anal plug for beginners


At first glance, the tunnel anal plug is not necessarily suitable for people who are new to the initiation of anal penetration, for those who are in full anal initiation . Even if today the tunnel anal plug exists in all materials and in all sizes, you can find certain models suitable for beginners.

So convinced by this type of plug? 

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