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Experience wild sex with the tailed butt plug

The anal plug market is such a large market that brands offer all kinds of products to meet the expectations of as many people as possible. And among the types of anal plugs that we find, we can get the anal plug with tail. Which is also found under the name of fox tail anal plug, for its resemblance to a fox tail. but it can on the contrary give a certain bestiality which can please some people.

What is an anal plug with tail?

The tail butt plug is a butt plug that, like the jewel butt plug , is rather pretty to look at. It is indeed not a basic anal plug made only of silicone. The tail anal plug is therefore a basic anal plug that is extended by a certain length of fur. Depending on the tail anal plugs, the length of the fur can be up to 80 cm.

What's more, the fur on its tail gives it a pleasant feeling to the touch.

The different types of anal plug with tail

Brands have a lot of imagination with the anal plug with tail, there are different types today. Here is an overview of the main ones.

Anal plug with fox tail

I already talked about it a bit in the introduction, the butt plug with a fox tail is the most common butt plug with a tail. So of course, it's not a real fox tail, it's a fictitious tail, made with synthetic hair, but which has exactly the color and shape of a fox tail.

Here is our selection of anal plug with fox tail:

Anal plug with cat tail

Another type of butt plug with tail that works enormously, especially with women, is the butt plug with cat tail. Miaouuuu, inevitably, it inspires a lot of things, it lets our imagination do great things during a sexual act!


Here is our selection of anal plug with fox tail:

plug anal queue 2.jpg
plug anal queue 3.jpg

Butt plug with bunny tail

Finally, a last type of butt plug with tail that is very successful is the butt plug with a rabbit tail. The rabbit is very cute, and then here too you can imagine lots of very nice little scenarios to have fun with your partner!

Here is our selection of anal plug with rabbit tail:

plug anal queue 4.jpg
plug anal queue 5.jpg

Who is the anal plug with tail for?

The tail anal plug will mainly have two types of users:

  • first of all, women will greatly appreciate the tail anal plug for the both vulgar and soft side that it can present .

  • but also all those who tend to want to be dominated by their partner . Indeed, by having a tail anal plug inserted in the anus, the person can very quickly turn into a female dog, under the domination of his master. And the longer the tail, the greater the feeling of being a female dog!

  • finally, the tail anal plug will also be of great interest to all those who like having feathers passed over their skin, nipples, anus or vagina. In short, whatever the place. The tail of the anal plug can thus prove to be an excellent sexual stimulant, before integrating the plug into the anus.


How to choose the right tail anal plug?

To choose the right tail anal plug, it's very simple: you will have to choose the one you find the most aesthetic. Quite simply. Because there are different kinds of tailed anal plugs, of different lengths, of different colors. If you have a bit of a beastly side, and you want to give your erotic games a certain allure, then you will most certainly choose an anal plug with a fox or other animal tail. So of course, these are synthetic tails, don't expect to find real animal tails. Fortunately.

But if you want something more fun, then you can choose a tail anal plug with a color such as pink, blue, white, etc.

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