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Rosebud and jewelry anal plug: the most beautiful sex toys

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When we talk about butt plugs, usually the first image that comes to mind is a very large butt plug, the so-called XXL butt plug or big butt plug . As if anal penetration, or anal pleasure, had to be coarse, not to say brutal and vulgar. To restore the image of anal pleasure and the anal plug market, brands have launched themselves into the jewel anal plug, an anal plug that offers another vision of this sex toy, much more aesthetic, much softer, and which is particularly pleasing. Women's.

What is a jewel anal plug?

The jewel anal plug is an anal plug that has the advantage of being rather pretty to look at. The jewel anal plug has the particularity of having a small jewel at its base, whether it is a stone, a fake diamond, a flower, etc. In short, the jewel anal plug is embellished with a small effect that makes it very aesthetic. Moreover, we also speak of a jewel anal plug. The fake diamond stone can be of all colors, even if the colors that we find the most on a jewel anal plug remain pink, white, purple and blue.

Also, the jewel anal plug is an anal plug that will be acclaimed by women, for its aesthetic and not vulgar side. It can thus be an original gift to offer to his wife or his friend to encourage him to test sodomy or anal penetration. It can also be a nice sex toy to offer on Valentine's Day, it changes classic jewelry!


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The different types of jewelry anal plug

Since the jewel anal plug is ultimately a basic anal plug in terms of its shape, the difference comes mainly from the shape of the jewel that is placed at its base, but also from the colors. You can find jewelry anal plugs of different types:

Diamond-style jewel butt plug

The version of the jewelry anal plug that we find most often is the one that has a diamond daçon stone at its base. Moreover, this type of plug is called diamond anal plug. This plug, due to the small stone it contains, is not only very aesthetic, but also, and above all, very chic. And yes, doesn't having a small diamond make this jewel butt plug very high-end? You should know that depending on the tastes of each, the stone can wear different colors. There are more classic whites, but also pinks, blues, blacks, etc.

Jeweled silicone anal plug

Regarding the texture of the jewel anal plug, there too you have the choice, according to your preferences. Of course, if you want a jewel anal plug with a soft material, which is easy to penetrate, and comfortable once inserted, we advise you to take a jewel anal plug in silicone.

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Flower jewelry butt plug

To have an even more aesthetic side, even more feminine too, the jewel anal plug can have at its base not a diamond, but a flower. Enough to make the jewel anal plug even prettier, but above all even softer and take away all that bestial side that the anal plug can have. This type of jewelry butt plug can also be a great way to get someone to try the butt plug, especially if they are afraid of it or fear such a sex toy. Its softer image will indeed reassure the person.

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plug anal fleur 1.jpg

Textured jewel butt plug

Although the majority of jewel butt plugs are smooth and usually made of metal, you can also find the jewel butt plug in a textured format. By textured, we mean that it is not smooth, and that it has streaks, grooves to give sensations at the time of its introduction into the anus.

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