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How to maintain and clean an anal plug?

Have you bought an anal plug and now you can't live without it? We understand you! But be careful, using it is good, cleaning your anal plug is necessary! Here are all our tips for cleaning your anal plug.

Why clean an anal plug?

Cleaning a butt plug seems like a no-brainer, yet some people don't. Of course, there are many reasons why it is important, even necessary, to clean an anal plug:

Clean an anal plug to remove any traces

First of all, the anus is not an entirely clean area. We are not going to draw a picture, but the anus is an area in which many remains of feces can be found there. And this also concerns people who would go to the toilet before using an anal plug, or who would have done an enema with a pear for example. So yes, there may be surprises when you remove the anal plug and of course it is essential to clean the anal plug immediately after use. Why ? Because feces can contain bacteria that should not be introduced into another anus, if you share it with your partners. Then, apart from bacteria, there is of course the hygienic side (you're still going to put it somewhere, in a drawer or other, you shouldn't put traces of excrement there), and we're not even talking any odors!

Clean a butt plug for your health

This point may seem surprising to you, but it is indeed important to clean an anal plug well for your well-being, for your health. The anus is a very fragile area that is not used to receiving external elements. Basically, the anus is not made for the elements to enter it, which is the reason why it is absolutely not lubricated. If your anal plug is stored at your bedside or in another place such as a floor of your bathroom for example, dust, even the smallest, can be there. Above all, do not insert an anal plug which contains dust and which can therefore enter your anus, as this could irritate your anus.

Clean an anal plug to preserve its quality


Finally, the last reason why it is important to properly clean an anal plug is to preserve all of its quality, especially when the anal plug is made of certain materials. Indeed, as much as a glass anal plug will not deteriorate over time (everything depends of course on the conditions in which you store it), but a silicone anal plug which is fragile requires some care, especially after use. Indeed, you must clean a silicone anal plug well before storing it, we explain how to do it below.

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How to properly clean an anal plug?

Cleaning your anal plug is therefore an important act to do after each use. But depending on the material of your anal plug, it will be necessary to clean it in a very specific way. We tell you everything below.

How to clean a silicone butt plug


Silicone is the most widely used material for making anal plugs. The silicone anal plug is indeed renowned for its soft and flexible material, which offers a nice feeling. Especially if you are a beginner. But the silicone material deserves special attention.

  • When using your silicone anal plug, be sure to use a water-based lubricant and not a silicone-based one. The silicone-based lubricant may indeed damage it.

  • As soon as you have finished using your silicone anal plug, wash it with soap and water. Do not use other products to clean the anal plug, water and soap are perfectly sufficient.

  • As soon as you have finished cleaning the silicone anal plug, dry it well. Do not leave it wet on the edge of your sink. Not only could people fall on it if you forgot to put it away, but it's also not to maintain good silicone quality.

How to clean a glass butt plug


The glass anal plug is not necessarily suitable for everyone. To use it, it is necessary to have some experience of anal penetration, and above all, to know how to properly dilate your anus. But the advantage of such a plug is that cleaning a glass anal plug is very very simple. You have several options for cleaning a glass anal plug:

  • As with the silicone butt plug, you can clean the glass butt plug with soap and water. This is the fastest moment, especially if you are several partners and you want to exchange your anal plug.

  • You can also clean the glass butt plug by putting it in the dishwasher. Yes, you can put it next to your glasses or in the cutlery basket. Be careful though, it should not be another person who empties the dishwasher!

  • Finally, the last possibility to clean the glass anal plug is to put it in boiling water for a few moments. Of course, be careful not to burn yourself.

How to clean a latex butt plug


There are all kinds of latex anal plugs, but it is true that they are not necessarily the easiest in terms of maintenance. As you have seen with silicone or glass, soap and water are more than enough. Cleaning a latex butt plug is a whole different story.

Indeed, to clean a latex anal plug, you will have to go through the disinfection stage. And to do this, it is necessary to put the latex anal plug in boiling water, with soap. Suffice to say that it is not the most practical, it is thus necessary to boil water (in a container large enough to immerse your anal plug in. If it is an anal plug for beginners, it is relatively simple, whether it's an XXL anal plug or a rosary anal plug with large balls, it's less obvious!).

Another way to disinfect your latex butt plug is to clean it with cotton soaked in alcohol.

How to clean a rubber butt plug

To clean a rubber butt plug, it is also necessary to take precautions, namely the same as for cleaning a latex butt plug.

How to clean a tailed butt plug

If you have a tailed anal plug, be careful when you go to clean it not to damage it. Indeed, the tail can be fragile, some care must be taken. Thus, we advise you to clean it with a cloth soaked in water and pass it over the tail of the plug. And when the tail is dry, it will be necessary to brush it (yes, to brush it as if you were brushing hair), to give volume to the tail!

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