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The glass anal plug for perfect sodomy

plug anal verre.jpg

The anal plug is the preferred sex toy for having an anal orgasm. Today there are anal plugs of different materials, the most used being the silicone anal plug, but the glass anal plug is without context the one that not only is the most aesthetic, but also the one that provides guaranteed hygiene. Here is all the information about the glass anal plug.

Why use a glass anal plug?


There are different reasons to use a glass butt plug, here they are below.

The glass anal plug is aesthetic

I talked about it a bit in the introduction, but one of the main reasons for using a glass anal plug is that it is the most aesthetic. When you take a closer look, you can't say that the anal plug is a particularly pretty accessory. It's completely subjective to say that we agree. Generally, the anal plug is black, made of silicone, nothing very aesthetic. Even if the brands have launched themselves on the segments of the jewel anal plug or the tail anal plug to make this sex toy less brutal.

The glass anal plug has the advantage of being much more aesthetic than other anal plug materials due to its transparency (even if all glass anal plugs are not transparent).

The glass anal plug is risk-free

Another reason some people will prefer the glass anal plus is because it's risk-free:

  • indeed, with a glass anal plug, you will have no risk of seeing it degrade as may be the case with silicone if it is used incorrectly. It will remain as it is, for many years! An economical and ecological purchase! You can thus put any type of lubricant on the glass anal plug without risking damaging it (which is not necessarily the case with a silicone plug).

  • moreover, cleaning an anal plug is not the easiest thing depending on the material, especially when it comes time to disinfect it. With the glass anal plug, there is nothing easier to clean it, you can put it in the dishwasher! Practical no!

Here is our selection of classic glass butt plugs

The glass anal plug is colored

What if you brought a touch of color to your sexuality? A little fun outside of your antics and your imagination? Because one of the strengths of the glass anal plug is to be able to offer a certain number of colors which will make the use of the anal plug not only much more pleasant, but also much more relaxed. Indeed, if you want to introduce the lady to anal penetration, for example, offering her a pretty colored glass anal plug (purple, red, pink or blue) on the pillow could greatly facilitate the process and make her want to discover new experiences.

Here is our selection of colored glass anal plugs:

plug anal en verre 5.jpg
plug anal en verre 6.jpg
plug anal en verre 7.jpg
plug anal en verre 8.jpg

Who is the glass anal plug for?

The glass anal plug will address several profiles of users of anal plugs:

The glass anal plug for experienced people

First of all, the glass butt plug is going to be perfect for anyone who is already used to using butt plugs. Indeed, the glass anal plug is less flexible than the silicone anal plug. It will therefore be less pleasant to use and will be more suitable for people who are already used to anal penetration and anal orgasm. It will therefore be perfect for those who are well initiated in anal penetration and who are not beginners. It is indeed not recommended to take the glass material as an anal plug for beginners.

The glass anal plug for new sensations

The glass anal plug will also appeal to all those who are looking for new sensations during anal penetration. Indeed, since the glass can be heated or cooled, even frozen, you will discover with the glass anal plug new anal experiences, new orgasms. So don't hesitate to pass the glass anal plug under very hot water for a few moments and the heat will provide a nice, very pleasant sensation in your anus. Of course, there is no question of penetrating the hot glass anal plug. You can also pass the glass anal plug under cold water, or even put it in the freezer for a few hours before using it.

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