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How to use a rosary anal plug?

plug anal chapelet

The rosary anal plug is usually an anal plug that arouses curiosity. It must also be said that its use is very different from the rosary used by believers. Although, for some, anal pleasure is much more than a religion! So we talk about rosary anal plug, but we also find the term anal rosary. Here are the details.


Anyway, the rosary anal plug meets a particular need of the classic plug, because its shape allows you to feel other sensations. Moreover, some people can no longer do without it and swear by the rosary anal plug.

Here is everything you need to know about the rosary anal plug in this article.

Information about the Rosary butt plug or anal beads


What is a rosary anal plug?

The rosary anal plug has a completely different shape from the traditional anal plugs you can find. It is not at all slender, all in length as can be the classic anal plug. On the contrary, this anal plug is like a rosary made up of several spaced beads , which follow each other, connected by a small rod or a string. Finally, when we talk about pearls, we can even say balls for some who are already well experienced. Because there are different sizes of balls depending on your experience with anal penetration .

The objective of the rosary anal plug is of course to fit all the beads into the anus . Finally, as many pearls as possible according to your experiences and your desires. Thus, there are different lengths of rosary anal plugs, depending on the possibilities of each.

​​The rosary anal plug and pleasure

It's not so much when you put them in that the pleasure is most intense, but when you take them out. Indeed, the rosary anal plug will not provide crazy pleasure when inserting the beads into the anus. Except for some or some who can be very sensitive, especially men with prostate. Likewise, it is not when you have put the beads (or the balls, depending on the size) in the anus that you will have pleasure. No, the pleasure with the rosary butt plug comes when you are going to squeeze the beads out of your anus. Guaranteed effect!

At the base of the rosary, you have a kind of strap (a hole), to be able to easily remove the rosary (you pass a finger through it).

The different shapes of anal beads or anal beads

Even if the rosary anal plug, or anal rosary, comes with the same structure, namely beads or balls, there are still two types of plug, the rigid and the flexible.

Flexible rosary butt plug

As its name suggests, the flexible rosary anal plug is a completely flexible plug, which you can bend and put in any direction. It is thus very light and most often small in size. It is therefore ideal for all those who want to test the rosary anal plug. Why ? Because it is easier to penetrate completely (with the exception of the ring, of course, which must be left outside to be able to remove the rosary anal plug.​

Rigid rosary butt plug

Then you have the rigid anal plug, or rigid rosary. This one, as its name suggests, does not bend in the hand, it is perfectly rigid like a very firm rod. Its use is thus different because it requires a certain mastery, a certain security too. Care must be taken when pushing it in so as not to damage the rectal canal. It is therefore particularly aimed at people experienced in the use of an anal plug.

chapelet anal rigide 1.webp
chapelet anal rigide 2.webp
chapelet anal rigide 3.jpg
chapelet anal rigide 4.jpg

How to use the rosary anal plug?

To use a rosary anal plug, it is recommended to follow some tips. Indeed, the idea is not to enter all the pearls at the same time and to remove them with a sharp blow . No, don't forget that the anus is a very sensitive area and the slightest cut or scrape can be very painful. Use a suitable lubricant.

Then, it is recommended to work his anus with his finger(s) first, in order to start the dilation work. You can then gently tuck in the first lubricated bead. Take your time, it should be fun. Then tuck in as many beads as you can. Once you have penetrated the pearls, do not hesitate to sit on your buttocks and press firmly, so as to feel them well.


Finally comes the time to remove them. If you are a beginner, go slowly, bead by bead to discover this new sensation. If you are more experienced, you can pull your beads butt plug out more abruptly.

​​The rosary anal plug for all tastes

Of course, there is not just one kind of rosary anal plug, the brands have had fun diversifying this little gem to meet all expectations, and especially all desires! Thus, we find:

  • of the most anal beads of all materials, silicone, metal, aluminum, etc.

  • anal pluses with pearls of different sizes. From small beads for beginners to large beads for the more experienced.

  • rosary anal plugs with pearls of progressive sizes. It's a great way to see how far you can push things into your anus, and see if you can upgrade from a beginner's butt plug to an XL or XXL butt plug. This lets you know how dilated your anus may be. The rosary anal plug with beads of progressive sizes is therefore an excellent sex toy for discovering the joys of anal pleasure before switching to a classic anal plug and thus becoming an expert.

  • smooth rosary anal plugs or the rosary anal plug with different textures to increase the sensations of pleasure

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