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Introduce magic into your sexuality with the unicorn anal plug

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Through this article, we are going to talk about a type of anal plug that will bring a little gaiety, a little joy, a little color, a little fun to your sexual encounters, the unicorn anal plug. Have you ever wanted to think you're a unicorn? Thanks to the unicorn anal plug, your dream will come true! But in this case, the horn is not to be put on the forehead, but in the buttocks!! Come on, here we are going to present to you everything you need to know about the unicorn anal plug, and our selection of plugs.

What is a unicorn butt plug?


But concretely, what is a unicorn anal plug? Well, it's a plug that has a very long unicorn tail at its end. It's sort of a variation of the butt plug with a tail. Except that instead of having a fox tail, a cat tail, or even a rabbit tail, here you have a unicorn tail. A very long unicorn tail. Because this is also the difference with other tail plugs: generally, on this type of plug, the tails are short. But here you have length.

Why use a unicorn anal plug?

The reasons that may encourage you to use a unicorn anal plug are varied:

A unicorn anal plug to bring fun


We saw it above, the unicorn anal plug is a colorful fun plug, very colorful even in its rainbow version (which could suddenly make a very nice gay anal plug). It's also an anal plug that can be fun and that could make your partner smile when you take it out to insert it for him (or when he or she inserts it for you). Very clearly, the unicorn anal plug is a plug that breaks the codes a bit, which is very different from the aesthetics of other types of plugs. We cannot say that the plugs are a particularly pretty sex toy, unless we are talking about the jewel anal plug or the diamond anal plug of course.

As you will have understood, the unicorn anal plug is a plug that will bring a little spice to your sex life.

A unicorn anal plug mainly for women

It is true that the unicorn anal plug, due to its shape, its colors, its aesthetics, is an anal plug for women more particularly. By the way, unicorns are fantastic animals that women adore. Thereby :

  • if you want to please your wife, or your female partner, you can very well offer her a unicorn anal plug.

  • if you want to encourage your wife to try the adventure of anal penetration, the unicorn anal plug may be a great way. Indeed, many men are attracted to anal penetration, but do not know how to tell their wives. It is true that anal penetration is equated with pain, even dirty. But when it's done well, it's not. Since the unicorn anal plug is quite pretty, seeing it your wife will certainly want to have the plug inserted.

Discover our selection of unicorn anal plugs here:

plug anal licorne 1.jpg

Unicorn Tails Butt Plug


plug anal licorne 2.jpg

Unicorn Tails Butt Plug


plug anal licorne 3.jpg
plug anal licorne 4.jpg

Unicorn Tails Butt Plug Pastel


​​A unicorn anal plug for the wild side

Finally, one of the reasons that may encourage you to take a unicorn anal plug is the wild side it will give to the person, man or woman who will wear it. Indeed, the animal side that is in you will come out thanks to the long tail that you can have. This can be very exciting for some, especially if the person wearing the anal plug is giving you a blowjob at the same time and you therefore have good visibility of their unicorn tail. Also, instead of grabbing it by the hair, you could grab it by the unicorn tail. In short, this type of unicorn anal plug will allow you to imagine very beautiful and exciting things.

A unicorn anal plug to serve as a whip

Here we enter another type of sexual scenario, we are more on a dominant / dominant side, even BDSM. Because the advantage of having a unicorn anal plug, with its long tail, is that you can use it as a whip! The unicorn anal plug is thus a 2-in-1 sex toy: anal plug on one side and whip on the other . A kind whip of course, we are not here on a whip that cracks and brings pain. But, it can be a good introduction to BDSM to see if your partner is receptive to this type of act.

This type of plug you like more? So when are you going to think you're a unicorn?

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