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How to choose the right lubricant?

What is the best lubricant for anal penetration  ? What lubricant should I use for fisting? Which lubricant to choose with a sex toy or a condom without damaging them? So many questions you can certainly ask yourself about the lubricant.

It is true that today the choice of lubricants offered by brands is very wide. You can find all kinds. Silicone-based or water-based. Scented or with freezing effect. Choosing the right lubricant is indeed important because it can have an impact on your comfort during your sexual intercourse. It can be difficult to make the right choice, but don't panic, this blog specializing in sex toy tests and advice on male sexuality is here to help you!

Through this article I will therefore give my advice for choosing the right lubricant according to the type of report you are considering. I will also answer any questions I may have received through the blog or my Instagram page specializing in male sexuality @faistoimale


What is a lubricant used for?


Already before asking the question of the right lubricant to use according to its report, it is important to replace certain things!

First of all, what is a lubricant used for? Basic question, but important! The lubricant is a product that will make penetration easier . It comes in the form of a generally transparent gel, which is applied to the penis, on a sex toy, at the entrance to the vagina or anus. Its objective is to moisten these areas or the sex toys over a certain period of time in order to improve comfort, even for certain lubricants to amplify desire and pleasure.


What are the types of lubricants?


Today there are different types of lubricant, those that are found mainly are water-based or silicone.

The silicone-based lubricant

The silicone-based lubricant is the type of lubricant that is generally the most recommended because it has two very important advantages for your comfort and for your pleasure:  

  • Not only does it provide a much higher sliding effect than other types of lubricants ,

  • But in addition it does not dry or, in any case, dries much less than other kinds of lubricants. Also, you will normally not need to reapply it during your report, only once is enough.


Be careful though, the silicone-based lubricant is not edible. You will therefore not be able to perform fellatio , or even rimming with this type of lubricant.

Here is my selection of silicone-based lubricants including the 2nd, in phallic shape, which can give you some ideas of use, much more than a simple lubricant!

lubrifiant silicone 2.jpg
lubrifiant silicone 1.jpg

Silk Silicone Lubricant


The water-based lubricant

Water-based lubricants are lubricants that generally contain 80% water. It is these lubricants that are flavored because they are the only ones that are edible (of course, this concept must be indicated on the packaging of the lubricant, if this is not the case, do not put it in your mouth). You can therefore play a lot more games with this type of lubricant than with a silicone lubricant.


Their main drawback is that because they are water-based, they dry out faster . And yes, the back and forth movements that you can make during penetration create heat, which will therefore gradually remove the lubricant. It will therefore be necessary to keep your tube of water-based lubricant close to you to reapply it quickly and thus maintain a certain comfort.


Another important point with water-based lubricants is that they don't stick! And this is a very important point because you don't need to wash your hands after application. It would still be a shame to waste a few minutes, or even dampen the excitement, because you have to go to the bathroom!

lubrifiant eau 1.jpg
lubrifiant eau 2.jpg

Vegan Water Lubricant


Oil based lubricants

Last type of lubricants that you can easily find are oil-based lubricants. Attention, they are to be used without a condom. You must therefore have taken HIV and other STI/STD tests with your partner before using them. They are not compatible with male condoms because they can damage the latex by making it porous (which promotes condom breakage).

Generally, these oil-based lubricants are found in the form of massage oil.

Is it possible to use a lubricant with a condom?

This is a question that comes up regularly, as what condom brands should perhaps communicate more on this point.

Yes, of course, you can use a lubricant with a condom. It is even advisable to use a lubricant with a condom because it will give you more comfort during the act. More comfort than your saliva, for example, which will dry out with the heat caused by the back and forth movements.

You should know that the majority of lubricants are compatible with condoms, namely silicone-based or water-based lubricants. Please note that oil-based lubricants are not compatible with condoms.

Which lubricant to choose according to the type of report

Now that you have seen the different types of lubricants that exist, we will go into detail. I am going to give you my advice for choosing the right lubricant according to the type of report you are about to have.

Which lubricant to choose during vaginal intercourse?

Of course, the question to ask yourself is whether you are going to put on a condom. If so, your choice will have to be between water-based lube or silicone-based lube.

If you are considering vaginal intercourse, it is more advisable to take a water-based lubricant, which will not stick. Of course, discuss with your partner to find out which lubricant is more pleasant, comfortable for her.

Which lubricant to choose during anal intercourse?

Unlike the vagina, the anus (and rectum) is not naturally lubricated. It should also be noted that at the base, nature did not think that we would use it to penetrate things (or penises) via the anus. Therefore, before any anal penetration it is necessary to use a lubricant. This will help to avoid some pain. Again, this is necessary because the anus does not moisten naturally. But be aware that there are anal lubricants that are even more suitable.


Here is my selection below:

lubrifiant anal 1.jpg
lubrifiant anal 2.jpg

Relaxing anal lubricant


Which lubricant to choose for a fist?


Well, here we are going to address people who have a great experience of sodomy, of anal penetration. We are here in a practice that must be done with care, without sudden gesture, because the damage to the rectum can be important.

For those who are unfamiliar with this practice, fisting consists of putting a forearm as far as possible into the anus. It is therefore necessary before that to return the hand (or rather the fist). This therefore involves significant preparatory work on dilation, in particular by using certain sex toys such as an XXL anal plug (which is a large anal plug) .

This practice being extreme, a simple anal lubricant might not be enough. There are thus lubricants specially adapted for fisting . Click on the image below to access it.

lubrifiant fist.jpg

Which lubricant to choose for fun?

Go now I'm going to make you discover lubricants that can be nice to integrate into your routine, to give a little spice, or to amaze your partner.

I'm going to start with a sperm-effect lubricant! And yes, you will have the sensation by putting this lubricant to put sperm instead. Something to increase your excitement. Click on the image below to access it.

lubrifiant effet sperme.jpg

If you ever want to combine comfort and pleasure with taste, then why not opt for a flavored lubricant? There are all flavors, but I've put the strawberry tagada that will satisfy the greatest number!

lubrifiant fraise tagada.jpg

There are also lubricants that are either cooling or warming. This to bring new sensations during penetration.

lubrifiant rafraichissant.jpg
lubrifiant chauffant.jpg

How much lubricant to use?

Answering this question is complicated because there are no single answers. The lubricant is to be used mainly to improve your comfort. It is therefore up to you and your partner to apply the necessary amount of lubricant. It's on a case-by-case basis.

However, it should be noted that with a silicone-based lubricant, which is more slippery and more resistant, you will normally need a smaller quantity than with a water-based lubricant.

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