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The vibrating anal plug: our complete guide

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The vibrating anal plug is an anal plug that will satisfy all those looking for special sensations, with a sex toy. Because as its name suggests, the vibrating anal plug is a plug that vibrates!! Imagine feeling vibrations inside your anus! Magic, no? Finally, you have to like it, and some people are not very receptive to the vibrating anal plug. Through this article, we are going to give you all our advice on the vibrating anal plug and present our selection to you.

Why use a vibrating anal plug?


There are many reasons why you can use a vibrating butt plug.

The vibrating anal plug to relax

And yes, it may seem surprising to you, but the vibrating anal plug will allow you to relax! One could think the opposite, since the vibrations generally are not made at the base to relax. But you should know that the vibrations will allow you to relax the anus, and in particular the sphincter, and thus help you to have more pleasure. This can be a very good accessory to use during an intimate masturbation session, for example.

The vibrating anal plug for more pleasure

And this point will mainly concern men. Because, dear gentlemen, you have at the level of your anus an organ which can prove to be an immense source of pleasure if you are well relaxed: the prostate. You should know that the prostate loves to be titillated, this is how it provides the most pleasure. Then the vibrations of a vibrating anal plug are perfect to titillate her.

But this also applies to women! Because the anal plug once inserted into the anus will press against the vaginal wall, and the vibrations will also bring you more pleasure.

The vibrating anal plug to surprise your partner

Surprising your partner is one of the most important points in a couple's sexuality. Also, why not surprise your partner? Don't tell him that you have a vibrating anal plug, just a plug, and once inserted in the anus, start vibrating it. Your partner will thank you for this surprise effect.

The vibrating butt plug is also perfect for erotic games: imagine that one of you wears the vibrating butt plug and, in a restaurant for example, the other starts to activate it. A little game that can be very nice!

Here is our selection of vibrating anal plugs:

What are the types of vibrating anal plugs?

Fortunately, to do this, there are different types of vibrating anal plug:

The single-speed vibrating butt plug

You will be able to find the vibrating anal plug with only one speed. The advantage is that once you activate it, you no longer have to think about the speed of the vibration, but to enjoy your vibrating anal plug correctly installed in your anus. This type of vibrating anal plug is therefore particularly suitable for people who do not want to worry!

Multi-speed vibrating butt plug

You will also find the anal plug vibrating at several speeds. This vibrating anal plug will be perfect for those who want to have several different sensations using their vibrating anal plug. If you want something soft, then you can put the speed soft. On the contrary, if you want to climb to the ceiling, the strongest speed will help you enormously. Of course, you can play with all speed levels depending on your excitement.

The vibrating anal plug with several degrees of vibration

You will also find the vibrating anal plug with several types of vibrations. Indeed, either you can set up a vibration that will remain the same throughout the use of the anal plug. Either you can put a program that will alternate different types of vibrations. It's up to you to let yourself be guided by the vibrations.

How is a vibrating anal plug used?

The vibrating anal plug is very easy to use:

The vibrating anal plug with an on/off button

This is the simplest anal plug, you can indeed find an on/off button on the base of the vibrating anal plug, to trigger the sensation. Generally, with this type of on/off button, you will only have one type of vibration (an identical vibration). Some plugs offer several vibrations, so you have to press the button each time to change the vibration. It turns off when the button is pressed for a long time.

The vibrating anal plug with a remote control

You can also find the vibrating anal plug with a remote control. It is true that it is the simplest solution to use a vibrating anal plug. Once you have placed your vibrating anal plug in your anus, you don't have to touch it anymore. And the remote control will allow you to choose the preferred vibration mode. What's more, if you use a vibrating anal plug with your partner, he can choose the vibration for you, and also get excited on his side.

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