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Which anal gel to use?

Inserting an anal plug into the anus is not a natural thing. It is therefore necessary to facilitate its introduction, in particular by using an anal gel. Indeed, using an anal gel at the same time as having pleasure with an anal plug is essential, even inseparable. This will allow you to take the maximum pleasure.

Why use an anal gel rather than a lubricant?


If you use an anal plug, it will be better to use an anal gel to accompany it rather than a lubricant. Why ? Because the lubricant is adapted to the vaginal area, which has natural lubrication, unlike the anal area which has none at all. It will therefore be necessary to have a product that will lubricate the area as much as possible, and over time. Indeed, you should know that the lubricant will last less long, it will dry faster. This is why anal gel is more relevant than a lubricant.


If you don't have anal gel but only a lubricant, in this case you will have to reapply it more regularly.

Choose the right anal gel according to the material of the anal plug

Then, it will be important to choose your anal gel according to the plug you have. Because depending on the material of your plug, you will not be able to put just any anal gel, at the risk of damaging it. Well, if you have a glass anal plug , you have no risk. On the other hand, if you have a silicone anal plug or a latex anal plug, then be careful.


There is the anal gel specially adapted for all materials. If you are a big gamer, or a big gamer, and you have different plugs at home; always opt for this type of anal gel.


How to properly apply your anal gel?


First of all, to properly apply your anal gel, you will have to do it hazelnut by hazelnut. Do not take a large dose of anal gel, at the risk of getting it all over the sheets. The anal gel is indeed a rather liquid product, which therefore flows easily.


Then, put the anal gel on your fingertips and start applying it to your anus opening. This will relax you and you will begin the foreplay of anal stimulation. Then insert your fingers into the anus to apply to the internal walls.


Finally, put anal gel directly on the anal plug, over its entire surface, this will help to introduce it better into you.


In any case, always have your anal gel near you, within your reach, so that you can reapply it regularly if you notice a certain dryness. It would indeed be a shame to disturb your moment of pleasure, all because you have to look for your lost anal gel in the sheets!

The anal gel that we recommend: the Anal Play Slow Sex relaxing gel. Click on the picture to buy it.

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