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What is anal bleaching?

On a blog that talks about anal plugs, and various anal sex toys like the anal hook , it was obvious that one day we were going to talk about the subject of anal bleaching, also called anal bleaching, anal depigmentation or anal lightening.

And yes, an unavoidable subject when we talk about the anus, especially since anal bleaching is a fashionable subject at the moment, since some stars have dared to say that they have recourse to it, when they are not some who were caught in the act by paparazzi!

What is anal bleaching?


Anal whitening consists in depigmenting a part of the skin close to the anus, which is more colored than elsewhere. Moreover, it does not only affect the anus, today, through the methods that we will show you below, it is possible to depigment any part of the body. Let's say bleaching is a bad term because the idea is not to make the anus white, but to depigment it to have a complexion close to that of other parts of the body. The objective in performing anal bleaching is therefore to have a perfectly homogeneous skin color over the entire anus. Basically, to no longer have this colored washer that gives a certain aesthetic to the anus.


But besides, why do we have the anus more colorful than elsewhere? Simply because this part of our body produces more melanin, the melanin that is responsible for the color of our skin, our hair, our body hair, our beard, etc. And as the production of melanin is stronger, then this part of the body is more pigmented. Also, we all have a more pigmented anus than the rest of the body.


Why do anal bleaching?


If some people resort to anal bleaching, it is quite simply for sexual reasons. We are not going to tell you the opposite, but the anus is becoming an increasingly explored area, both by women and by men. Since some have understood that the anus is stuffed with nerve endings reacting to anal penetration, the anus is now one of the sexual areas to titillate. And let's not forget that the anus has the prostate, which can give men an orgasm stronger than just an ejaculation.


So rimming , anal penetration, sodomy , are on the rise. But for some, having a colored, pigmented anus can be identified with a dirty anus (which is absolutely not true). This is the reason why some resort to anal bleaching, to give the partner the feeling of having a clean anus. Now, what makes a clean anus is a good enema.


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Who uses anal bleaching?


So, it is a very clear observation today, it is mainly women who have recourse to anal bleaching. And yes, it remains today a very feminine question, still few men have recourse to it.

For what reasons ? The main one is that anal bleaching has been popularized by pornographic films, with women with fully bleached anus. And when we know the impact that porn films can have today, we are therefore not surprised that this practice of anal bleaching is spreading more and more in society. In fact, what we see in porn movies has a tendency to become the norm, especially among the younger generation for whom everything that happens in porn movies is the norm. Just think of the stress that some young men put on themselves to have erections worthy of porn actors, or even such large ejaculations.


How to do anal bleaching?


To perform anal bleaching, different techniques are available to you.


Anal whitening by a professional


This is obviously the technique that we recommend the most, to avoid any risk, any accident. Let's not forget that the anus is a mucous membrane, a fragile area which reacts very quickly and above all, which can be very painful if it is damaged. Thus, we must not mess with it to speak vulgarly.

You can therefore go to your dermatologist, if he is equipped, or to an aesthetic center that practices anal bleaching. Of course, it is advisable to call beforehand to make sure that the dermatologist or the aesthetic center does the anal bleaching well. In any case, don't be afraid to go to a professional to perform anal bleaching, don't be shy: they are professionals who are used to seeing anuses! If only for the depilation of the inter buttock furrow which is practiced enormously. Your anus will therefore not be the first!

These professionals will use the laser technique, which is a safe and very painless method, even for people with very fragile skin. Be aware, however, that local anesthesia is performed. With these laser techniques, it will take several sessions, depending on how your skin responds to the laser. Count at least two sessions (not to say 4 sessions), for a minimum budget of 100 to 150€ per session. And yes, it has a "small" price to do anal bleaching.


Anal bleaching at home


If you do not want to hire a professional to whiten your anus, in this case you can do it at home, by applying certain products. And it is on this point that we ask you to be very careful: do not apply anything on your anus to whiten it. Once again, it's a very fragile, very sensitive area. So don't go and buy an anal bleaching product that you have the slightest doubt about. If you don't want to buy a product, know that you can make your homemade recipe by mixing lemon with yogurt. And yes, lemon is known to whiten the skin.


Of course, before performing anal bleaching, whether at a professional or at home, it is essential to wax the anus first. Also be aware that you will need to be in a doggy style position to perform this. If you do it at home, it will be advisable to be helped by a person to properly apply the product to the area to be whitened.

Here are two creams to perform anal bleaching at home. Click on the images to access them.

blanchiment anal.png
blanchiment anal 2.png

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