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How to do a blowjob properly?

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How to do a blowjob properly? Find in this article all the advice of guys who indulge without taboos.

Blowjob is certainly one of the most appreciated sexual acts by men. This is not surprising, the guy in this case lets himself be completely done and only has to think about his own pleasure. And yet, some people hate performing oral sex on their partner, out of disgust for many, sometimes out of fear. Performing a blowjob seems like a simple gesture, but there are techniques to make this act of sucking even more pleasant, both for the man and for his/her partner who is doing it to him. Indeed, it is not uncommon to hear guys say that they are not satisfied when their partner gives them oral sex. Techniques that several guys will deliver to you because we asked them the question through our Instagram account @faistoimale dedicated to male sexuality.

Through this article, you will have all our advice to know how to give a blowjob!

How to properly prepare for a blowjob?

Before you go straight in and put your partner's penis in your mouth, it's important to prepare well. Or, more precisely, to properly prepare your partner's penis! And yes, we are mainly going to talk about hygiene here!

A perfectly free penis

There is nothing more unpleasant to have hairs on the tongue when you perform oral sex:

  • already, it cuts you off in the fellatio you are doing, the time to remove the frozen hair on your tongue. And it can take long seconds if ever the hair is stuck to the tongue

  • but in addition, it can be disgusting if you are a little phobic of the hairs.

  • and I'm not talking about odors related to perspiration! Yes, some men sweat from the pubis, testicles or even the gluteal fold, and the smells are directly under your nose when you perform oral sex.


Also, for the good of your partner who gives you fellatio, do not hesitate to brush your hair. There are two techniques you can use to do this: bikini waxing or bikini shaving. If you are afraid of losing your virility because you no longer have hair on your pubis and testicles, know that more and more guys are doing it and they don't lose their masculinity at all! Even better, the penis thus cleared of all hair is prettier and above all it seems longer! You will therefore have a more beautiful machine to present to your partner who will be just as excited as you to give yourself a blowjob.

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Ergonomic non-slip handle for control in the shower.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

If you don't want to shave your hair completely, you can trim it with a suitable body trimmer, such as the Philips OneBlade trimmer. She is perfect, we recommend her. No risk with it to cut you!


A perfectly clean penis for a blowjob

It goes without saying, offering a clean penis to your partner who is about to suck you off is a necessary condition! And by clean penis, we mean:

  • A penis that smells good, that does not smell of sweat or worse urine

  • A penis on which there would be no smegma , these famous white deposits found on the glans and which look a bit like flour.


Having a beautiful, clean penis that smells good will make your partner want to give you a blowjob even more without disgust, but with great desire.

Also, when you feel that fellatio is possible, do not hesitate to take a shower beforehand and to wash your penis well. If you ever don't have time, because it's unforeseen, there are intimate wipes for men that are perfect for giving popol a little before taking it out. Here are the wipes that we recommend (very practical to bring with you, to the office for example!).

essuie fraise.jpg

A good intimate hygiene of the man helps to prevent infections and limits, in his partner, the risk of disruption of the intimate flora (needs validated by urologists and gynecologists).

lingette dorcel.webp

Dorcel intimate wipes have a refreshing effect for daily intimate hygiene. They will follow you in each of your movements very easily.


The importance of foreplay

And yes, do not throw yourself directly on your partner's penis to give him a blowjob. It is necessary above all to prepare the gentleman, to excite him to the maximum so that the fellatio is as perfect as possible.

In concrete terms, do not put a penis that is still soft in your mouth. It is indeed necessary that the penis is already well advanced in its erection. Why ?

  • for you who do fellatio, it will not be very pleasant to suck a flaccid penis.

  • then, according to the feedback we got via the @faistoimale account, not many guys like to have their penises sucked while still. It's not very pleasant and it can also be a source of stress. Yes, the stress that the penis is not erect quickly and that the person performing the fellatio takes it badly (and we all know that there is nothing worse than stress, pressure, for not having a good ejaculation).


Also, before performing fellatio, increase the pleasure! Start by gradually exciting each other, with kisses on the mouth, on the body, caresses, then masturbation . Besides, if you want advice, you can find my article on how to masturbate well .


What is the best position to perform a blowjob?

In concrete terms, there is no one position in particular for performing oral sex well, which will make it better. Because ultimately, depending on the desire, the excitement, any position can be taken to perform a blowjob.

However, depending on the position chosen, fellatio will not be perceived by the guy in the same way:

  • standing fellatio: this is one of the favorite positions of guys because it is synonymous with domination. The guy is therefore standing, the person doing it is on his knees (or seated). The person who sucks is therefore in submission mode, a submission that is further accentuated if the guy presses on the level of the head to set the pace for fellatio. This position is also pleasant for the guy who is getting sucked because he has a perfect view of the scene, of his penis.

  • seated fellatio: the guy is therefore seated (on the edge of a bed, on a chair, etc.), the person who sucks him is on his knees. It is also a highly appreciated position because it combines pleasure and comfort! Yes, comfort, the guy is seated, he just has to let himself go!

  • finally you have the lying position or in this case it is the person who sucks who dominates the guy! In the sense that she does fellatio as she sees fit.

  • you also have the case of the position in 69 where finally everyone gets sucked!


The 10 tips for doing a good blowjob

Play with her excitement

There is nothing more orgasmic in a guy than to feel the ejaculation coming and then to stop before the point of no return arrives, which is the ejaculation. So, when you feel that your partner is close to ejaculation (particularly by his sighs or by the movement of his penis which may experience some impulses), do not hesitate to slow down your movement of the mouth to reduce the pressure . Then start again a few seconds later!

Play with your tongue during fellatio

Many people wonder what to do with the tongue during oral sex. Well you can do many things:

  • on the one hand, you can lick the penis along its entire length, as if you were licking an ice cream. And do it while looking at your partner, it will excite him even more.

  • on the other hand, you can concentrate your tongue on the glans and the frenulum by titillating them.


So play with your tongue, tighten your mouth to create a pressure effect on the glans, but avoid biting unless your partner asks for it. Because very few guys like to have their glans bitten.

Put a lot of drool

Your saliva is a key element to a good blowjob! A slobbering blowjob is indeed sought after by many guys! Do not hesitate to salivate a lot, or even spit directly on the penis! Few guys say it, but they love it! And it's okay if saliva gets on the sheets.

Play with your hands during fellatio

It's not just your mouth that counts during a blowjob, your hands are also very important! While you suck him, especially when you focus on the glans or the frenulum, caress the base of the penis, or even squeeze the base of the penis. Squeezing the base of the penis will slightly cut off the blood flow, thus making his glans more sensitive (and therefore fellatio will be even better).

A cock ring for a good blowjob

Right now we're talking about blocking blood flow to the penis to make the glans more sensitive. In this context, you could also put a cock ring on the guy just before performing oral sex. Surprise him with this sex toy, you'll see he'll love it. Concretely, the cockring is a penis ring that is placed at the base of the penis and which tightens it. Not only will he be more sensitive to the glans, but his penis will slightly increase in size, especially in width. You who perform fellatio, you will thus have in your mouth the sensation of having a bigger penis, you are likely to appreciate fellatio even more at your level.

Here is our selection of cock rings:


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the We-Vibe Cockring Bond:

The strong point of this cock ring lies in its opening which allows very easy fitting around the penis (or around the testicles). And this regardless of the size of the penis. The remote control that comes with it allows you to play with the different vibration modes simply. The elongated shape of this cock ring also allows you to press on the perineum for even more sensations. A very good cock ring for a solo moment during masturbation or during a relationship with his/her partner.

Here is our selection of cock rings, also tested and approved. Click the picture to buy them.

cockring lot 2.jpg
cockring vibrant

Don't just focus on the penis

It might sound weird to say this, but a lot of people who suck off a guy focus only on his penis. And yet, this is a big mistake! A good fellatio is a fellatio that will alternate between the penis and the other private parts, namely the testicles, the perineum, or even the SIF! These are indeed so many erogenous zones for the guy, so you might as well titillate them!! Do not hesitate to focus on the penis then, for a few seconds, go down a little to lick, even swallow, the testicles!

Do not hesitate to finger the anus during a blowjob

The anus is a highly erogenous zone for men. In addition to the many nerve endings present, the anus contains the prostate in men, which is considered to be the G-spot. It can thus provide beautiful orgasms when it is titillated, sometimes more powerful than an orgasm linked to an ejaculation. While you're doing fellatio: don't hesitate to introduce a finger into the guy's anus (be careful, put some saliva in it to make it more pleasant).

Or even use a sex toy for men like an anal plug or a prostate stimulator ! Double pleasure guaranteed! We particularly recommend the Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator:

stimulateur prostatique.webp

Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator:

It's quite simply the ideal sex toy for discovering the joys of anal pleasure! Yes, I am talking about joy because when you have discovered this, you will not be able to do without it! This Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator is very pleasant to the touch, very soft, which allows gentle introduction into the anus. Likewise, it is relatively thin, which means that beginners will have no fear in using it. Its shape will directly touch the prostate and the base will allow you to press the perineum at the same time: double pleasure guaranteed.

Play with ice cubes!

Do you want to bring a little novelty to oral sex? In this case, before sucking off your partner, don't hesitate to put an ice cube in your mouth for a few moments to cool it down. The glans is very sensitive to temperature variations and the feeling of cold will be surprising at first but will then be greatly appreciated!

A cumshot in the mouth!

The guys are unanimous on this point: there is no better way than to finish a blowjob by ejaculating in the mouth of your partner. It is the holy grail.

But beware, many people hate sperm. Whether on their body or worse for them, in their mouth. The fear of oral ejaculation is indeed a barrier to many people to agree to perform oral sex. In this case, express it clearly to your partner so that:

  • either it warns you before ejaculating so that you withdraw your mouth

  • or he comes out on his own and ejaculates elsewhere, especially on his belly.


Again, it's a matter of respect.

A precision however, it is not obligatory to ejaculate following a fellatio! Blowjob can very well be a preliminary to any other sexual act!


Don't forget to protect yourself!

If you don't know the guy you're going to give a blowjob to, don't hesitate to put on a condom to suck him off. Yes, it will be much less pleasant for you and for him, but it is essential to protect you! Oral sex is indeed a vector of STIs (sexually transmitted infections). It would still be a shame to get a bitch for a blowjob!

What if you don't like to give oral sex?

If you don't like fellatio but your partner asks for it, here are our tips:

  • first of all, don't force yourself! Fellatio is a sexual act and like any sexual act it must be done with the agreement of all partners and with mutual respect. If your partner forces you to perform oral sex, by pushing your head towards his penis, don't do it and tell him clearly.

  • then try to see what slows you down in oral sex? Is it for hygiene? Is it for the smell? In this case, do not hesitate to take a shower with your partner before doing it to him, starting foreplay in the shower, for example.


If you're worried about doing a bad job, try to put that out of your mind. Well, you have already had our advice above. Then you have to communicate with your partner. Already, while you are doing fellatio, try to feel what the guy is feeling, through his sighs, his groans, his body movements, even the words he can say. You can also clearly ask him what he liked the most, the least. A sexual act is also an exchange, it is healthy to tell each other things frankly!


What to do if you feel nauseous during oral sex?

It happens a lot more frequently than you might think! Feeling nauseous during fellatio is mainly due to two things:

  • the disgust of fellatio, the non-desire to do it! And on this point, of course, you must not force yourself as we have seen above

  • penis size! And we are not about big penises here, an average sized penis may already be too big for some mouths. In this case, it is recommended to go gradually, so that you are perfectly excited to perform oral sex and so that you no longer have this urge to nauseous, to vomit. So linger a long time on the glans, lick the penis for a long time before putting it in your mouth.

If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! If you don't have an Instagram account, find us also on Facebook .

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