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My advice for a successful oral ejaculation

Oral ejaculation, also known as ejaculation in mouth, involves ejaculating into your partner's mouth . Who will either swallow it or spit it out. This is different from a facial which involves ejaculating on your partner's face.

That's it, things are said, we can get down to business! Through this article from this sex toy test blog, we are going to give you all our advice for successful oral ejaculation and above all answer all the questions you may have about this practice.

Here is the summary of the article:

When to perform oral ejaculation?


Of course, several situations lend themselves to oral ejaculation with your partner, in fact all situations from the moment you are going to ejaculate.

A cumshot in the mouth after a blowjob


This is usually the situation in which oral ejaculation is most common. Normal, the penis is already in the mouth of the partner, so it makes sense that it ends this way.

Oral ejaculation after penetration


This means that the ejaculation does not have at the moment of penetration but at the moment when you feel at the point of no return and you want to end up in your partner's mouth.

How does oral ejaculation happen?

Of course, for oral ejaculation to occur, the penis must be in the mouth of the partner at the time of the act. It is from the moment when you are going to feel that you are on the point of no return, that is to say on the impossibility of restraining yourself, that ejaculation in the mouth will take place.

Should we warn before an oral ejaculation?

The question that arises is whether it is appropriate to warn your partner of the imminence of oral ejaculation? Well, everything will depend on several elements:

  • if you know that your partner doesn't like sperm, in this case you will have to remove your penis from his mouth. Remember that sex should be an act of trust and should be done with total respect. Even when you're in a submission/dominance relationship.

  • if you know your partner likes cum, then it's up to you!

    • or you can surprise him by not telling him anything and make a direct and frank ejaculation in the mouth.

    • either you warn him or her that you will soon unload, you can do it in different ways: by clearly saying that you are coming and that he or she is going to take an ejaculation in the mouth, by accelerating your rhythm of going and comes in her mouth, or screaming with orgasm.

Quand ejac bucc
Comment ejac bucc
ejaculation buccale

What to do with the sperm in the mouth?

If your partner has your sperm in his mouth, several scenarios are available to you:

  • or your partner swallows it as you ejaculate. A little as if she were suckling a bottle after all!

  • either your partner keeps it in the mouth and spits it out a little later

  • either you continue your intimate moment and in this case you kiss, the sperm thus being distributed in your two mouths. This is called snowballing. So some guys, even a lot of guys, hate swallowing their own cum.

How much semen with oral ejaculation?

You should know that the sperm will be expelled in several jets, as during any ejaculation. Besides, do you know what is the average quantity of sperm ejected with each ejaculation? Between 2 ml and 5 ml! The quantity will depend on two main factors:

  • the state of excitement of course, the more the man will be excited, the more he is likely to ejaculate in quantity

  • the number of days of abstinence! And yes, it matters!


Other factors may also come into play, such as age and certain pathologies.

Also, if you decide to swallow the semen, there is no risk of choking! The quantity is too small for that.


Is it good to perform oral ejaculation?

If your partner is deficient in vitamin B12, then it is advisable to perform oral ejaculation! Semen has certain nutritional values, it contains vitamin B12 but also vitamin C and proteins with antibacterial properties. Of course, this is not going to replace other ingredients that are much higher on these vitamins. You should also know that semen contains certain minerals such as potassium or magnesium.

But beware, before agreeing to receive an ejaculation in the mouth, it is important to know your partner well: sperm is indeed one of the bodily fluids that can transmit sexually transmitted diseases and infections, viruses such as herpes. . If you are therefore with a complete stranger, it is strongly recommended not to swallow his sperm and to perform oral sex with a condom.

Preparation before oral ejaculation

Of course, before immediately putting the penis in your partner's mouth, you will need a little preparation time before that, out of respect for your partner! He or she will indeed put your cock in his mouth, as much as this moment (especially if it lasts for long minutes) is the most pleasant! And to do this, you will have to go through several stages, especially if your sexual intercourse is limited to oral sex or after masturbation , but without penetration or sodomy .

First of all, you will have to wax your bikini line or shave your pubis depending on the method you have chosen! Women (and some men) are less and less fond of body hair, especially when it comes to having a virgin forest in their face that will prevent them from breathing!

Also, here are the products that we recommend, products specially adapted for shaving the pubis, testicles, SIF or hairs that you may have on the penis.

Ejac bucc bon
gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Ergonomic non-slip handle for control in the shower.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

In addition to waxing or shaving, it will also be necessary to present your partner with a penis and testicles (if he or she puts them in the mouth) that are perfectly clean and smell good. You will thus have to have a beautiful penis in all its glory, and which does not contain in particular smegma . We advise you either to take a shower before, or to use wipes if you are not able to take a shower.

essuie fraise.jpg

A good intimate hygiene of the man helps to prevent infections and limits, in his partner, the risk of disruption of the intimate flora (needs validated by urologists and gynecologists).

lingette dorcel.webp

Dorcel intimate wipes have a refreshing effect for daily intimate hygiene. They will follow you in each of your movements very easily.

The accessories we recommend

Very few men use sex toys, and yet it's a shame because they increase pleasure. Also, to have more excitement, to have better ejaculation and therefore satisfy your partner even more, here are two sex toys for men that we recommend.

Starting with a prostate stimulator to reach your G-spot, the prostate!

stimulateur prostatique.webp

Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator:

It's quite simply the ideal sex toy for discovering the joys of anal pleasure! Yes, I am talking about joy because when you have discovered this, you will not be able to do without it! This Helix Syn Trident prostate stimulator is very pleasant to the touch, very soft, which allows gentle introduction into the anus. Likewise, it is relatively thin, which means that beginners will have no fear in using it. Its shape will directly touch the prostate and the base will allow you to press the perineum at the same time: double pleasure guaranteed.

But I advise you above all to use a cock ring which will give you new sensations at the level of the glans and especially excite your wife even more who will see your penis swollen, bigger, with visible veins.


Opinion of Jonathan - Le Male Français on the We-Vibe Cockring Bond:

The strong point of this cock ring lies in its opening which allows very easy fitting around the penis (or around the testicles). And this regardless of the size of the penis. The remote control that comes with it allows you to play with the different vibration modes simply. The elongated shape of this cock ring also allows you to press on the perineum for even more sensations. A very good cock ring for a solo moment during masturbation or during a relationship with his/her partner.

Want more sex tips? 


If you want more advice on male sexuality in general, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!! We exchange a lot between guys on this account, especially through the Sexy Sunday question.

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