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My 6 tips for having a beautiful penis!

This question of knowing how to have a beautiful penis will seem crazy to you, but in fact it is not really! As a man, I suspect that the penis is one of the most important parts of your body! Yes, do not say otherwise, it is useless to lie! And at the same time, it's a bit normal, the penis is what determines a man today. Moreover, even when one is young, the size of the penis is an object of significant stress, because it is necessary to be in the average, even above the average to have the praises of the friends! Every man looks at his penis several times a day, not to say that he touches his penis several times a day! The famous hand in the slip when you're lying on the sofa, we talk about it? In short, the penis is a major part of the body in men, a source of pride for some, an embarrassment for others thinking of having a small one. While, it is not the size of the penis that makes its quality!


Find here my 5 tips to have a beautiful penis. You can also find my advice in my video that I put at the end of this article.

Why have a beautiful penis?

Already, it is important to define what a beautiful penis is here, to clarify things! I will talk in this article about 2 things:

  • maintenance of the penis in general , in all its forms. The idea being in this article to give you my advice to have a beautiful penis in the sense of the term healthy, clean, clean, pleasant. I'm not going to talk about penis shapes, which can be the subject of another article.

  • having a beautiful penis in a sexual setting , or having a penis that makes your partner want to, but which can also have an impact on your own arousal.

It's a fact, penises come in all shapes, whether flaccid or erect. Straight ones, moderately straight ones, curved ones, bent ones… nature means that we don't all have the same penis shape. Some may find their penis beautiful or ugly depending on its shape, that's another topic. In any case, if you have a curved penis, which hurts you, I of course advise you to make an appointment with a doctor who will give you all the information to deal with this, and in particular tell you about the operation to that.


No, here, by beautiful penis, I'm going to talk about its hygiene and making it more exciting. An entire program !


So why is it better to have a nice penis? There are several reasons :

Have a nice penis for yourself


The penis is a part of the body that we look at every day. Like having a beautiful face, beautiful hands or beautiful feet, having a beautiful penis that smells good contributes to personal well-being. The penis is still the element of virility, of masculinity par excellence! If we have a beautiful penis, then our manhood is saved!

Have a beautiful penis so as not to be embarrassed

If you have to take your penis out, in the locker room of your gym for example when you change, or even when the showers are shared and open, or when you go to a health specialist, having a beautiful penis will give a good image of you. An image of a man who takes care of himself, of his body in general.

conseils beau penis

Have a beautiful penis for your partner


It would still be a shame to push your partner away because you don't have a nice penis. It is thus necessary to be ready in all circumstances and to make him want to take the handle in hand… or elsewhere, in the mouth or in the buttocks for example, but that is another subject! Even if there are lubricants that have particular tastes (chocolate, banana, etc.), you might as well stay natural for this kind of practice!


Now that we know the importance of having a beautiful penis, discover below my 6 tips to have a beautiful penis easily, quickly, without the hassle!

How to have a beautiful penis?

To have a beautiful penis, maintain your hair

The hairs no longer have the coast! Whether on the chest, under the armpits or even on the legs, men do not hesitate to mow the hair on their body, or even to do full men's hair removal . The same is true for private parts. Did you know that women weren't really fond of the jungle in your underpants or your boxer shorts? This can completely put them off even! So, gentlemen, to have a beautiful penis you will have to at least trim the hairs you may have:

  • on the shirt.

  • but also on the penis, and yes you may be hairy on the penis, by mowing your pubis and sex.

  • testicles too, it would still be weird to have the shirt shaved but not the testicles. For this you must shave your testicles with products specially adapted for sensitive skin.

  • Don't forget to shave your buttocks as well. It would be a bit stupid to have hair on the buttocks and the completely beardless or shorn front.

Our selection of the best clippers to have a beautiful penis.

tondeuse one blade 2.webp

4 beard combs (1, 2, 3 & 5 mm) + body comb and protection system for sensitive areas. Unique OneBlade electric technology: efficiency without irritation or cuts

tondeuse 1.jpg

Self-sharpening blades for comfortable mowing and impeccable styling

The protection tool preserves the most sensitive areas of your body

To have a beautiful penis, shave with good products

If having hair on your penis bothers you, and it prevents you from having a beautiful penis, then another possibility is to take the razor. But be careful, do not take a straight razor or a safety razor , which could hurt this area if you do not handle them correctly! It would still be a shame to have a bloody penis, just the opposite of a beautiful penis. Use a razor specially adapted for sensitive skin which generally has protections, or films based on aloe vera.

To shave the hair, even if you have little on the penis or around the penis, it is advisable to use a shaving product. But it is advisable to take a transparent shaving product: the area being quite ribbed, it is important to see clearly where you pass the razor. Again, do not cut yourself in this area. I advise you to take a shaving gel or shaving oil, which are transparent.

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Non-slip ergonomic handle.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

To have a beautiful penis, epilate!


By private parts, we mean depilation of the bikini line , penis and even depilation of the testicles . Of course, you can't wax your bikini line without chasing the hairs on your penis or your testicles. It would be weird, it wouldn't be homogeneous.

  • regarding the waxing of the bikini line, either you can shave it entirely, or you can leave the length to keep a masculine aspect.

  • I am also talking about sex hair removal because some men may have hair that goes up on their sex.

  • also think about mowing or waxing the hairs that are at the level of your inter thighs.

Why wax private parts to have a beautiful penis?

  • it will enhance your sex more. By having less hair, your penis will be more visible and will feel longer. You will thus seem to have a more beautiful penis.

  • it will be more pleasant for your partner: not having hair in the mouth is still more fun, it allows you to concentrate on the thing!

  • it will also reduce bad odors, which will be pleasant for both you and your partner!

Should you shave completely clean or trim to leave only a few millimeters of hair? It all depends on what you just want. Know that total hair removal is no longer frowned upon in men, it is not uncommon to see men with pubic hair without any hair. It may even be aesthetic. In any case, this does not take away your masculinity, your virility, do not be worried about it.

Article to read: hair removal for men, what you need to know .

Here is our selection of the best depilatory creams for intimate areas

Veet Men.jpg

Veet Men Hair Removal Cream can be used on the chest and the whole body* *Chest, Back, Armpits, Groin, Arms, Legs

no hair crew.jpg

Premium depilatory cream for intimate areas: groin, pubis and buttocks


To have a beautiful penis, wash your penis well

Now that you have trimmed your hair, you will have to take care of your intimate hygiene. In other words, to have a beautiful penis, you have to know how to properly wash your penis  ! It may be simple to say like that, but it is not really the case! Why should you wash your penis:

Have a beautiful penis without bad smells

To avoid bad odors: it goes without saying that washing your penis removes all the bacteria responsible for bad odors.

Have a beautiful penis without the smegma


Smegma , these white deposits that appear on the glans   of some men, which is also commonly called penis cheese because it has such a strong smell, is a completely natural phenomenon. The small white spots are notably composed of sebum, which naturally lubricates the area. But these spots are also accompanied by a strong smell, which is not really pleasant and does not give the impression of having a nice penis. Not to mention that presenting his little white spots can be a little disgusting for his or her partner.


The rules for having a beautiful penis

To properly wash your penis and have a beautiful penis, it is necessary to respect certain rules:

  • wash your penis every day or as soon as you have a particular activity: sexual intercourse, sport, perspiration linked to exposure to the sun, etc.

  • wash your penis with a gentle product: the glans in particular is a fragile area that must be respected with care, without using harsh products.

  • wash your penis as a whole: do not just wash your penis only at the level of the penis. Remember to go well on the recesses of the glans.

  • dry your penis: do not put it away too quickly after washing your penis, leaving it wet to generate bacteria, responsible for bad odors.


I advise you to use Cadum's intimate toilet shower cream to wash your penis



All the sweetness of organic cranberry and organic orange blossom, in a deliciously scented body shower and intimate cleansing cream.

Hydrate to have a beautiful penis

Why should the penis be moisturized?


I told you about it in a blog post about Mojo Penis Moisturizer. It is true that moisturizing your penis is not the thing you do most often! Or even never between us. And yet, like any other skin on the body, the skin of the penis, which is called the sheath, deserves to be hydrated to be in shape and as beautiful as possible. Especially if you regularly use lubricant type products with chemical tastes. Having beautiful skin simply protects it from external aggressions. You should know that the skin of the penis is poor in sebaceous glands, these glands which produce sebum, which will naturally hydrate the skin. So without sebum, the skin of the penis is much less hydrated than the rest of the skin of the body.

What's more, the benefits of moisturizing your penis are real:

  • Your penis is badly treated! And yes, whether you put on briefs, boxers or boxer shorts, your penis is permanently tight and in contact with tissue, which can attack it. It is therefore necessary to protect the skin of the penis.

  • Your penis will be softer. And a soft penis contributes to having a beautiful penis.

  • A softer penis is a penis more pleasant to the touch for oneself and for his or her partner

A cream for the penis?


How to moisturize the skin of his penis? Today there are many products to moisturize the penis, such as penis creams. Products that we see a lot on social networks. But a little advice: don't bother with specific products that are marketing: to have a beautiful penis, you can simply moisturize it with your facial moisturizer or body cream. However, here are two products below that are interesting (for having tested them).

No buttons to have a nice penis

Of course, to have a beautiful penis, you will have to avoid all the imperfections that risk making it ugly, even disgusting for your partner. So it will be necessary to avoid the famous post-depilation red patches, the small pimples.

Make a scrub to have a beautiful penis!

So do not hesitate to regularly, once a week, exfoliate your private parts. Yes, you read it right, a scrub of your private parts. The scrub will not only remove dead cells (there are also some on your private parts including the penis, the skin regenerating every month), but also prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs, responsible for purulent pimples . What's more, the exfoliation will avoid having the famous red patches after depilation of the bikini line, which are not at all pretty!

Shave properly to have a beautiful penis

To avoid bleeding, but also to avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs, remember to shave your hair with a razor blade that is in perfect condition. If the razor blade is damaged, then you increase the chances of not cutting your hair straight and therefore promoting their growth in an ingrown way under the skin. Use products specially adapted for sensitive skin.

Take out the wipes to have a beautiful penis

I also told you about Strawberry Wipes in an article published on the blog. Wipes for the private parts can indeed be a good alternative, in the event of the unexpected, to offer a beautiful penis to his or her partner. Imagine:

  • you have an unplanned evening after work, you can't go home to take a shower, but you had a stressful meeting during the day that made you sweat! Misfortune.

  • or, you're out and spending a crazy night in a club in which you sweated a lot while unleashing yourself on the latest hits from Guetta and other DJs. But you don't want to go home alone and you have found the one who will end the evening well...


In any case, these two situations are not the most favorable for offering a beautiful penis!

At least, by having a wipe for private parts, you can refresh, if the situation arises, quickly your penis and your private parts. So, at the same time as you take a condom aside to prevent encounters, you can also take an intimate wipes for men.

Here is our selection of intimate wipes that we recommend

essuie fraise.jpg

A good intimate hygiene of the man helps to prevent infections and limits, in his partner, the risk of disruption of the intimate flora (needs validated by urologists and gynecologists).

lingette dorcel.webp

Dorcel intimate wipes have a refreshing effect for daily intimate hygiene. They will follow you in each of your movements very easily.

Have nice underwear

Finally, I will end this article on how to have a nice penis by talking about underwear! And yes, the underwear is the first impression that will make your partner want to unpack the package or not. So there's no point in having a super nice penis if the package isn't very pretty. Having nice underwear can amplify desire. Wear underwear that will not only enhance your penis but make you sexy.

Have a beautiful penis with a cock ring

Come on, we will now move on to another stage of this article, the sexual side. Normally, if you have followed all the points below, you have a beautiful penis, with perfect hygiene and a clearly visible penis. Which is no longer hidden under a forest of hair. But don't you want to go a little further? To have a penis that is a little bigger than its normal shape?

In this case, to have a penis that is as powerful as possible, we advise you to opt for a cock ring, during your sexual games with your partner, or quite simply when you masturbate. The cockring, which is also known as the penis ring , is a sex toy that is placed at the base of the penis (and you can include your testicles), which will act as a tourniquet. The blood will thus be blocked and you will have a nice erection, which will be maintained for a longer period of time. Since your penis will be engorged with blood, it will appear bigger, wider. Enough to give you great sensations when you have your penis in hand, or to excite your partner even more.

Article to read: Cock ring, how to choose and use it well

Here's our selection of team-approved cock rings. Click the picture to buy them.

cockring vibrant
cockring vibrant

The qualities of a beautiful penis

Researchers from the University of Zurich conducted a study by interviewing 105 women aged between 16 and 45. These researchers asked this group of women to rank the qualities of a nice penis in order of importance. Here is what came out of this study which will reassure a large number of men:

  • general aesthetic appearance

  • the presence or not of pubic hair: thus, to have a beautiful penis, do not hesitate to ask your partner for preference. Either you keep your hair, or you will have to go through a shave of the private parts to have a beautiful penis.

  • the circumference and appearance of the skin, equally (we are never against a little softness)

  • the shape of the glans

  • the length of the penis: it is thus not the length of your sex that counts to have a beautiful penis!

  • the appearance of the testicles (perhaps testicular waxing may be necessary depending on your partner's tastes)

  • the position and shape of the urethra


Conclusion to have a beautiful penis

You will have seen it while reading, to have a beautiful penis, you don't need much:

maintain your hair to show your penis in its most beautiful setting

  • wash your penis to avoid bad odors

  • moisturize his penis to have beautiful skin

  • maintain it well to avoid pimples and red patches

  • have intimate wipes for men to quickly refresh your penis in certain situations.

It's up to you to have a beautiful penis!

If you want to have more advice on male sexuality, I advise you to subscribe to my Instagram account Faistoimale which only talks about that!!

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