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How to properly shave your testicles?

More and more men want to have perfectly smooth testicles, without having the slightest hair on them. It must be said that the hair has less and less in the coast, and we are looking for all the means to remove them. Thus, male hair removal has many followers, and in particular testicular hair removal . However, some men don't want to hear about hair removal at all. Depilation of the testicles with wax or with a depilatory cream is out of the question, they prefer to shave their testicles. Yes, but now, the testicles are a very delicate area and it is important to handle the razor well on this area.

Here are my tips for shaving your testicles properly. 

Why shave your testicles?

Men choose to shave their testicles for several reasons:

Shaving the testicles for aesthetics

For aesthetic reasons, it is still prettier to have hairless testicles rather than hair that goes all over the place. Especially since the hairs of the testicles are fine and with different lengths. Thus, some men will decide to shave their testicles to have the most beautiful balls possible!

Shaving the testicles for hygiene

For men who sweat a lot, especially in their private parts, hair promotes bad odors. In addition, perspiration promotes the arrival of bacteria, which is not great. And it can even be very embarrassing in certain situations, after a long day at work for example and when you have to unpack the package in front of your partner! Unless you have time to take a shower before!

Shaving your testicles for sex

Shaving the testicles can increase sexual desire: the testicles having very thin skin, they are considered an erogenous zone in men. Moreover, offering perfectly smooth testicles can also make your partner want to take care of them more carefully! And without having the hairs in the mouth! Yes it's important !

Shave the testicles against the hair

If you are waxing your private parts , and especially if you shave your pubis , it is necessary to shave your testicles to provide a certain homogeneity.

But it is necessary to take into account certain precautions when shaving the testicles. The goal is not to shave your testicles and end up having lots of cuts and bleeding. No, the goal is still to present his family jewels in their best light!

My tips for shaving your testicles?


Here are my tips to perfectly shave your testicles and have them perfectly smooth, like eggs. The goal is indeed not to have (or to present to his/her partner) testicles that look like kiwis, with hair cut flush but that we will feel when passing our fingers. It will not be pleasant at all for you or for your partner who will find that your testicles sting (and in certain situations, it could be very unpleasant for him).

Before shaving the testicles, take a shower

Showering before shaving is one piece of advice I always give, to make shaving your face more efficient, and easier. It is the same when you want to shave your testicles. Indeed, the hot water will allow to soften the hair, to make it more flexible. Softer hair will be easier to shave.

se raser testicule

Before shaving the testicles, take a shower

Showering before shaving is one piece of advice I always give, to make shaving your face more efficient, and easier. It is the same when you want to shave your testicles. Indeed, the hot water will allow to soften the hair, to make it more flexible. Softer hair will be easier to shave.

Before shaving the testicles, trim them!

The purpose of shaving the testicles is simply to make it easier to shave the testicles. Indeed, the hairs of the testicles are relatively fine and some men can have very hairy testicles. Trimming the hair of the testicles will simply allow you to see more clearly and in particular on which area to shave the testicles precisely.

So there are some testicle mowers, I have tested some, I invite you to read my opinion in the following article.

Article to read: I tested the Balls testicle trimmer .

tondeuse one blade 2.webp

4 beard combs (1, 2, 3 & 5 mm) + body comb and protection system for sensitive areas. Effectiveness without irritation or cuts

tondeuse 1.jpg

Self-sharpening blades for comfortable mowing and impeccable styling

The protection tool preserves the most sensitive areas of your body

How to shave your testicles?

Now that you have done what is necessary to prepare your testicles, here are the different steps to properly shave your testicles.

Use a transparent shaving product to shave your testicles

The main objective to achieve when you go to shave your testicles is not to cut yourself, not to have bleeding, and, at worst, not to end up in the emergency room!! It is therefore necessary to have perfect visibility of what you are doing when you shave your testicles. To do this, I recommend two products:

  • use a shaving gel: the shaving gel is in the vast majority of cases transparent. In addition, it has the advantage of not moving  during shaving, so you only need to put very little in to shave your testicles.

  • use shaving oil. So certainly shaving oil is less common than shaving gel, but it is also transparent. On the other hand, few men like oils for the greasy feeling it can leave on the skin. On the other hand, shaving oil allows the blade to glide better.


In any case, avoid using shaving foam to shave your testicles:

  • by its effect effect, it offers very little visibility on what you are doing.

  • moreover, given the area and the surface of the testicles, shaving foam is really not suitable for shaving your testicles.

gillette body.jpg

Designed for shaving the male body. Rounded head for maximum comfort. Three lubricating strips for maximum softness. Non-slip ergonomic handle.

gel rasage Nivea.jpg

The anti-irritation shaving gel allows easy shaving of body hair without irritation.

Suitable for the shower.

Which testicle razor to choose?

Now that you have applied the shaving product, you will have to choose the right equipment to shave your testicles properly, namely a good razor for testicles that will take care of them.

  • avoid the mower: the testicles have many folds and the risk here is to take a fold of the testicles in the shoe of the mower. Needless to say, it can hurt a lot!

  • you can use a straight razor, but due to its very sharp blade, it will be reserved for men who already master it perfectly on the face.

  • you can use a safety razor , but here too, you will already have to master it well on the face.

  • I advise you to use a razor specially adapted for sensitive skin, which generally contains aloe vera gel.

In any case, you will have to be very careful with the blade of your razor:

  • do not change the razor blade before shaving your testicles: it may be a little too sharp for the skin of the testicles which is very thin, thinner than the skin of the face.

  • do not use a blade that is too old either: it risks being damaged and therefore cutting the skin.

Pull your skin to shave the testicles

As I said, and even you see it for yourselves, the skin of the testicles is not smooth, it has many folds. To make shaving easier, make it faster and above all avoid cuts, you will have to stretch the skin of the part you want to shave before passing the razor blade.

Shaving your testicles: what to do next?

Put on a moisturizing solution after shaving the testicles

The skin of the testicles being very thin, it is important to protect them. The razor blade will be perceived by the skin as an attack. And to properly protect the skin, there is only one solution: moisturize it.

So indeed, hydrating the testicles is not necessarily a gesture that we often do in our beauty routine for men. But after shaving, it will be essential. To do this, you can either use your classic aftershave product (provided it is not too strong, again the skin of the testicles is thinner than the skin of the face), or by using your moisturizer day.

Exfoliate the testicles

Now that you have shaved your testicles, you will have to avoid:

  • itching: when hair grows back on the testicles, it's not really pleasant. We very often have strong itching sensations that make us want to scratch constantly. Which is not very classy especially if we are in the middle of the street or at work!

  • ingrown hairs: your testicles don't have to become an area full of pimples with ingrown hairs. It won't be pretty at all.

So, to avoid this, you will have to exfoliate your testicles 3 to 4 days after you have shaved your testicles.

Shaving your testicles: the points to remember

Here are a few things to keep in mind to shave your testicles properly:

  • prepare before shaving by taking a hot shower and using the clippers to cut the hairs shorter.

  • favor a transparent shaving product.

  • use a razor that you are used to handling, and if possible suitable for sensitive skin.

  • moisturize and exfoliate the testicles to prevent itching and ingrown hairs.

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