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Why and how to use a safety razor?


We hear more and more about safety razors, it is a type of razor that has really come back into fashion in recent years. And yet, we can say that the safety razor, also called safety razor, is one of the ancestors of shaving products! Today, more and more shaving brands are offering safety razors in their product range. We want to buy them because generally it is a very nice product. But concretely what is a safety razor and how to use it, this is what we will see later.

Clarification: if you have very sensitive skin and you have bleeding after shaving, I do not advise you to take a safety razor. The blades are indeed raw, they are not accompanied by aloe vera gel for example like the blades of razors specially adapted for sensitive skin. Your skin risks taking a lot of money!

What is a safety razor?


The safety razor is therefore one of the first shaving products because it was patented in 1880! And at that time, the arrival of the safety razor profoundly changed the practice of shaving, just that. Imagine that at the time, the only product used by men was the straight razor. A product with the shaving blade present, quite difficult to use and rather dangerous, with great risk of cuts. Also, the vast majority of men went to the barber to shave, and avoid injury. Which was not necessarily practical.

The safety razor was thus a real revolution in shaving and above all very practical for educating men about shaving because it offered them two big advantages:

  • a very simple razor to use: the safety razor is indeed a razor which only takes a few minutes to learn, both to put the blade on and to shave.

  • an economical razor: only the razor blade needs to be changed, and the price of a blade is very low today.

Today we could add an additional advantage: it is a razor that can be used by all men who seek to have a consumption with the least possible waste. The safety razor can indeed be a very good alternative to disposable, plastic razors: only the blade needs to be changed. In short, a perfect shaving accessory for a zero waste shave .

Why use a safety razor?

With the fashion of the beard, the safety razor makes it an excellent product to maintain your beard . Because it is a razor that is very precise, in particular for drawing the contours of the beard (the cheekbones) or shaving part of the neck.

But it is also a perfect razor to shave the face, or shave certain parts of the body, such as the torso, the legs or the armpits.

How to use a safety razor?

Using a safety razor is very simple:

  • clean your skin with hot water to prepare your skin (and open the pores) and the hair (it will be softened, therefore easier to cut),

  • apply your shaving product (shaving foam, shaving cream, shaving gel, soap, etc.),

  • shave with your safety razor in the direction of hair growth.

  • after your shave, wash your face with cold water to close the pores of your skin.

  • rinse your blade (with cold water).

How to change the blade of a safety razor?

Changing the blade of a safety razor is very simple. Generally safety razors are composed of 3 parts:

  • the handle

  • the head

  • the comb

To change the blade, simply unscrew the handle so as to separate all the elements of the razor. Insert the blade between the head and the comb (it's very easy, just adjust the holes in the blade. Close it all by assembling the head and the comb and screwing the handle back on.

You can also find so-called butterfly safety razors, which do not come apart. It is a one-piece razor. To change the blade, simply turn the knob located at the handle, the head of the razor will thus open.

How do you clean a safety razor?

After shaving with a safety razor, now is the time to clean it. But to properly clean your safety razor and not damage the blade, it is necessary to follow a few steps:

  • immediately after shaving, clean your safety razor with cold water. It is not recommended to wash the blade of your safety razor with hot water because this risks damaging the blade, or even deforming it. This will be quite dangerous for your next ones, you would not only risk having cuts but also of cutting the hair badly and therefore having an increased risk of ingrown hairs .

  • do not bang the blade against your sink. I know, it's a gesture that many men do after shaving, and yet it's very bad. By tapping the blade of your safety razor against the sink, you risk damaging the blade of your safety razor.

  • dry your blade with a towel. But be careful not to leave small threads of fabric on the razor, do not hesitate to blow on it. In any case, do not dry the blades of your safety razor because standing water could rust them.

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