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Zero waste shaving: the guide?


Zero waste shaving is increasingly sought after by men. Here are my tips for achieving an optimal zero-waste shave.


It's a big trend in our consumption today, zero waste is a consumer phenomenon that is gaining more and more followers. And it's not worse, our way of consumption pushed to do some harm to our planet. The cosmetics universe is also a universe in which zero waste is developing the most since many young brands, making only natural products, highlight their zero waste values. And shaving products are no exception.

Here are my tips for making un zero waste shaving.

Why do a zero waste shave?

Several reasons can lead men to choose a zero waste shave to take care of their skin :

Zero waste shaving for ecological reasons

Of course, the first reason a man will choose to shave zero waste is for an ecological reason.


We are increasingly respectful of our environment and want to have as little impact as possible. Every day we see a little more the effects of man on nature and our consumption is largely responsible for this: we buy products grown or manufactured thousands of kilometers away and which come by plane. This is particularly the case with certain vegetable oils found in beard oils. Or we buy products that are wrapped in several packaging, which is so much waste to be treated afterwards. So of course there is recycling, but it is not an optimal solution. The best for the planet is quite simply to generate less waste. There will be fewer trees to fell, less plastic to create, plastic from the highly polluting petrochemical industry.

Also, it is more and more imperative to use zero waste shaving products.

Zero waste shaving for economic reasons.

Another reason why men can turn to zero waste shaving is that it allows you to make great savings ! Indeed, zero waste shaving products are generally cheaper to produce because there is no packaging. A lower cost for the manufacturer that he will thus pass on to his selling price. Finally, normally ! Thus, by doing a zero waste shave, you will be able to save a little more money.

In addition, if you decide to make your own zero waste shaving products, you will be able to use products that you have already purchased for eating or cooking. So you won't have any specific products to buy and your zero waste shaving products will cost next to nothing.

Zero waste shaving to improve your health

Generally, in the vast majority of cases, who says zero waste shaving also says natural products. Indeed, the production of zero waste beauty products has mainly come from so-called natural brands, which thus offer healthy products, without chemical ingredients from the petrochemical industry. Besides, it's a bit in their DNA : natural products are healthy for health but also for the environment, so it would have been nonsense to wrap them with packaging . Thus, zero waste shaving products are natural, mostly vegan. As many harmful products in less than your skin will integrate, responsible for many diseases.

Which products for a zero waste shave?


Today it is very easy to find products to make a zero waste shave. Moreover, when a man chooses to shave zero waste, it's a bit like going back to the origins of shaving, to a traditional shave. To make a zero waste shave, here are the necessary products :

A safety razor for a zero waste shave

Of course, who says zero waste, says that nothing should be thrown away. Or at least, as little as possible. So, if you were a fan of disposable razors, you will have to put them aside very quickly.

From now on, for a zero waste shave you will have to use a safety razor . They are very solid razors, which will last a very long time with normal use. Moreover, it suffices to take some of them in the hand to see that their handle, for example, is practically unbreakable. The only thing with safety razors is that you have to change the blade as soon as it gets damaged.

The straight razor for a zero waste shave

Another way to eliminate the need for disposable razors is to use a straight razor. The straight razor is an antique in the world of shaving accessories but is extremely precise. It is not for nothing that all barbers, or even the pogonophile , use the straight cutter to shave the hairs of the beard. However, be careful when using it, it requires great attention.

Shaving soap for a zero waste shave

Rather than using shaving foam or shaving gel that are sold in aerosols, to have a zero waste shave you will have to change your habits and switch to shaving soap! In addition, it will allow you to return to the origins of shaving, to traditional shaving , the one our great-grandfathers did.

But be careful, to use a shaving soap , you will have to equip yourself with a shaving brush to make it lather. So yes, it will take longer than with a simple shaving foam, but zero waste shaving done this way will also bring you real pleasure.


The shaving bar for a zero waste shave

Shaving bar is another product you could use for a zero waste shave. Unlike shaving soap, shaving bread is easier to use because it does not require a shaving brush to create lather. To use a shaving bar, it's very simple:

  • you moisten the shaving bar by passing it under water

  • you then rub it on the part to be shaved. The fact that there are hairs will then create foam. Pass the shaving bar over the entire area to be shaved.

Alum stone for zero waste shaving

If you are anchored in a zero waste shaving approach, Alum stone is a must, especially used as a natural deodorant. But the Alum stone for the beard is also known to stop bleeding after a shaving cut . So, if you are clumsy, especially when using a safety razor or a straight razor, always have an Alum stone in your bathroom.

Zero waste aftershave care

If you have very sensitive or very dry skin, you will need to apply an aftershave. But forget the aftershaves that can be found on the market, which very often contain alcohol, which is absolutely not good for your skin. No, I'm going to recommend three natural products to make a zero waste aftershave:

  • St. John's Wort vegetable oil will not only moisturize your skin but will also soothe it. If you have very sensitive or irritated skin, then this carrier oil will be perfect for you.

  • calendula vegetable oil is also soothing and is perfect for all skin types.

  • hemp vegetable oil has healing properties, it will therefore be perfectly suited to all men who have sensitive skin and who regularly have micro-cuts linked to the passage of the razor blade.

You can also mix a vegetable oil (olive oil, sunflower oil, the one you have in your kitchen) with lavender essential oil, which has soothing and healing properties.

The DIY for a zero waste shave

If you want to take zero waste shaving even further, you can even make your own zero waste shaving products. So, by taking vegetable oils from your kitchen cupboard, such as olive oil or sunflower oil, as well as walnut oil or grape seed oil, you can create your own oil at homemade beard .

Also, by mixing some ingredients that you consume, such as honey and coffee grounds, you can create your own beard scrub .

People who are a little more experienced can even make their own homemade beard soap or even beard balm.

You can find my homemade cosmetics recipes here to make yourself, with simple products that you have in your kitchen, your own cosmetics.

You now have all my tips for a zero waste shave.

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