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How to use shaving soap?

savon a barbe

Beard soap is a treatment used by many bearded men to wash their beards. Here is all the information to use a shaving soap properly.

If you are looking for a traditional, authentic beard care, or even a zero waste shaving care, then beard soap is the beard care for you! Shaving soap is indeed experiencing a dazzling comeback as beard care and it is to its credit. Practical, easy to use, economical, healthy, natural, shaving soap has many advantages.

Here's everything you need to know about shaving soap.

What is shaving soap made of?

Of course, there are all kinds of shaving soaps. But it is advisable to use shaving soaps that are as natural as possible: without chemicals, without petrochemicals. So, leave out all soaps that may contain parabens and other sulfates. Also avoid any shaving soap that contains alcohol: especially if you have dry skin because alcohol will dehydrate your skin even more.

To choose a good shaving soap, it must be cold saponified. Saponification is a chemical reaction that makes soap making possible, usually by mixing soda with vegetable oils, the best known being olive oil. Saponification thus makes it possible to obtain a surgras soap .

Thus, not only do we find vegetable oil in soap, which is very moisturizing for the skin, but also the majority of soaps today are enriched with vegetable butter, the most widely used being shea butter.

But today we find even more developed shaving soaps:

  • some will contain donkey's milk, renowned for its moisturizing side, or even goat's milk.

  • others will have essential oils to give it a scent

  • others will be enriched with grains, such as salt, sugar for example to have an additional exfoliating side. This will allow you to do a beard scrub at the same time as you wash your beard.

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What is shaving soap used for?

Shaving soap will have three main interests:

shaving soap for washing

The first benefit of using shaving soap will be to wash your beard. Indeed, beard soap is an excellent treatment to wash your beard gently. It can thus be used alternately with a beard shampoo .

Shaving soap to moisturize

Then the shaving soap will help moisturize your beard and thus make the hair more supple and shiny. Your skin under the beard will also be softer.

shaving soap for shaving

Finally, shaving soap can be used as a shaving product. It will thus replace products that may be industrial and contain many chemicals and petrochemicals such as shaving gel or shaving foam. Even if today there are many shaving creams or traditional shaving gel.

shaving soap to exfoliate

Recently, some brands have launched exfoliating shaving soaps. The objective of these products is twofold: not only do they wash the beard, but they also exfoliate, either:

  • to remove dead skin cells under the beard

  • to remove any excess sebum present at the root of the hairs or on the hairs.

This type of shaving soap is particularly effective in preventing the appearance of beard dandruff .

A beard soap or beard shampoo?

Is it better to use shaving soap or beard shampoo? This is a question that many bearded men ask themselves when it comes time to buy a product to wash their beards. And choosing between a beard soap or a beard shampoo is simply a matter of taste:

  • some bearded men will prefer simplicity and use a beard shampoo: they only have to take the desired quantity from the bottle.

  • others will prefer the raw side of shaving soap because it is reminiscent of traditional shaving.

Who can use shaving soap?

All bearded men can use shaving soap to shave. And yes, shaving soap is not only reserved for men who wear long beards, like hipster beards :

Shaving soap for short beards

Men who wear a short beard, such as a 3-day beard or a 10-day beard, should use shaving soap to clean their beard but above all to moisturize their beard. Because the 3-day beard is generally an itchy, itchy beard, because the skin under the beard is dry.

shaving soap for long beards

Men who have long beards should use shaving soap to wash their beards basically. A beard that is encrusted with pollution and other bacteria.

How to properly use shaving soap?

Here are my tips for having a perfectly smooth beard:

How to lather shaving soap?

To lather the shaving soap it's very simple, the hairs of your beard will do the work for you, skin like the hairs of a badger. To lather the shaving soap, here are the steps to follow:

  • wet the hairs of your beard under lukewarm water. Your beard hair should be damp, not soaked. You can thus directly use the shaving soap in the shower, it will be easier.

  • also pass the shaving soap under water to moisten its surface.

  • Apply the shaving soap directly to your beard using very gentle circular movements. The goal is not to damage the hairs of your beard by going too hard. The foam from the shaving soap will gradually come. Make as many circular movements on the shaving soap to have the desired amount of foam. Of course, the amount of foam will depend on the length of your beard hair.

  • once you have enough lather, leave the shaving soap aside and massage your beard with your hands. Make sure that the shaving soap lather grips the hair in its entire length, from root to tip.

  • rinse your beard with lukewarm water.

  • dry your beard well, it should not stay wet.

  • you can then apply a beard oil .

How to Clean Shaving Soap

When you have finished washing your beard with the shaving soap, you will have to clean your shaving soap. It should not be left like that, placed in its shaving bowl.

  • rinse off the shaving soap when you are done using it

  • store it in a dry place so that it does not get wet. Avoid leaving it near the faucet. Today there are many pockets to store your shaving soap.

You now have all my tips for using shaving soap properly.

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