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Why use alum stone for beard ?

pierre d'alun barbe

Alum stone is an excellent care product for the beard, to be used before shaving or as an after-shave treatment. Here are my tips for using alum stone for beard.

Alum stone is not only a very good natural men's deodorant, but it is also a very good aftershave product! A product used by many barbers, and even hairdressers when they cut themselves with their scissors. Alum stone has been used for hundreds of years, it comes mainly from the Middle East, mainly from the mines of Syria. Alum comes from the Greek alos which means salt. And yes, alum is a potassium sulfate mineral.

So why use alum stone on the beard? Here are my tips.


The benefits of alum stone for the beard 

The benefits of alum stone for the beard are very numerous:


The alum stone before shaving the beard


The alum stone is recognized as a care for the beard, it is because it leaves, after having rubbed it on the skin,  a protective film on the surface of the skin. Thus, the alum stone will improve the comfort of shaving by offering a more pleasant shave. It will be particularly useful to apply the alum stone to the skin if you use a straight razor or a safety razor , which do not offer protective care like some shaving blades, with aloe gel. see for example. The straight razor or the safety razor are indeed quite sharp, it will be all the more aggressive for the skin. 

Alum stone to soothe razor burn

Another advantage of alum stone is that it will have a calming action, especially if you have very sensitive skin. How many men complain of razor burn after shaving, the feeling of burning skin. Well by passing an alum stone on the parts you have just shaved, you will calm this razor burn.

Alum stone in after-shave care

The alum stone will also after a shaving session, because the razor blade, quite aggressive for the skin, may have damaged the natural protective film of the skin, namely the hydrolipidic film. In addition, alum stone has haemostatic qualities: it will thus participate in the healing of minor cuts and stop minor bleeding. Thus, if you have bleeding after a shaving cut , you can do without the alum stone directly on the shaving cut. Well, on the other hand, get ready to have a little tingling when you pass the alum stone on the cut. 

Alum stone to prevent pimples related to beard growth

Alum stone is also very effective in preventing the outbreak of pimples after shaving the beard or after hair removal . Indeed, the stone of alum  has an astringent power which will cause the contraction of tissues, and therefore the growth of pimples. And beyond that, the alum stone will thus reduce the risk of having ingrown hairs . It is for this astringent reason of tissue contraction that makes alum stone an excellent natural men's deodorant.

How to use alum stone for the beard?


Before using the alum stone for the beard, it is necessary to moisten it by passing it under cold water. The idea here being to remove all the dust that could have landed on the alum stone. It is indeed necessary to have a perfectly clean alum stone before applying it to the skin, so as to avoid having dust on the skin. Especially if you are going to apply it to heal cuts.


Then apply it all over the area you are going to shave or on razor cuts.

After use, especially on shaving cuts, don't forget to wash it by running it under cold water. And store it in a dry, clean place, putting it back in  its original packaging (to prevent dust from settling on it).

How to choose the right alum stone for the beard?

Given the success of alum stone for a number of years, especially by all people looking for natural products for their well-being, many counterfeits have appeared on the market. Thus, some alum stones are indeed a mixture between alum and aluminum salt which is controversial. 

So, before buying your alum stone for the beard, always choose a 100% natural alum stone, 100% made with alum. 

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