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Why and how to use a straight razor?

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The straight razor is a very emblematic accessory of shaving products. You can also find the straight razor under the terms of straight razor or saber. The last word is also very relevant to designate the straight razor, because it is truly a blade that you will pass over your skin to shave, or to maintain your beard. The fact that it is a blade is also the reason why the straight razor was abandoned by men when the first safety razors arrived. Indeed, the cabbage was the first accessory used by barbers to shave or maintain men's beards. And even today it is an accessory favored by barbers: not only is it a very classy product but the straight razor also offers perfect precision for shaving hair.

The straight razor is back in force, like all the traditional products to maintain your beard, like shaving soap. It also fits perfectly into a zero waste shaving design and thus avoids having to throw away disposable razors. Below is why and how to use a straight razor.

Why use a straight razor?

Using a straight razor offers many advantages:

The straight razor allows for a perfect shave

The straight razor will allow all men who want to shave to have perfectly smooth skin. Very soft skin, the famous baby skin that we all look for after shaving! However, be careful not to go too fast, the straight razor can indeed be dangerous: you will have to take your time and require some learning.

The straight razor allows you to perfectly maintain your beard

Men who have long beards, a few weeks or a few months, take great care of their beards. They have an objective to maintain their beard on a daily basis, and in particular to work well on the contours of their beard. The straight razor is thus a perfect tool for cutting the scattered hairs that can come out of the main beard. Some men will indeed use a disposable razor, others will use a beard removal cream . But the straight razor remains an ideal accessory for this, because of the precision it offers to cut hair after hair, cleanly and distinctly.

The straight razor is ecological

At a time when more and more of us want to reduce our ecological impact, the straight razor is proving to be a partner of choice for a zero waste shave . It is even the ideal partner for an ecological shave because with the coup cabbage, no more waste. So in addition if you use shaving soap to shave or a solid beard shampoo, you have won everything!

The straight razor is indeed a very solid shaving accessory, which will last over time. When it is perfectly dried after use, especially the blade, you will keep it well and therefore use it more often. In the past, the straight razor could be passed on from generation to generation.

The straight razor is economical

Here is an argument that could make you want to switch to a straight cut to shave or to maintain your 3-day beard, for example. Indeed, at a time when we are all reducing our expenses, the straight razor is a much more economical razor than disposable razors, or razors whose blades must be changed. Admittedly, the blow to the purchase is not trivial, but it will be enough just to replace the blade afterwards (depending on your use). And the blades of a straight razor are very economical.

The straight razor for a traditional shave

Obviously, given the product, many men will want to use a straight razor to get back to the basics of shaving, namely traditional shaving. The one that our grandfathers practiced, with the badger in particular to lather the shaving soap . It is true that this type of shaving with a straight razor is a moment when one takes care of care, with all the rituals of shaving.

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​ The straight cut for everyone?

The straight razor can turn out to be a dangerous accessory, which requires a certain mastery to use it properly. Because as I said above, the straight razor is a sharp blade that you will pass over your skin. Basically, it is not necessarily advisable to use a straight razor if you meet the two conditions below:

  • you are clumsy: don't forget that you are going to run a blade over your skin. If you're already clumsy with a traditional razor and you cut your skin frequently, I don't recommend using a straight razor.

  • you have sensitive skin: if shaving turns out to be a real priesthood, and you suffer from razor burn or you have a lot of bleeding after shaving, especially in the neck, then do not use a trimmer cabbage. It's a bit like the safety razor, which is not recommended for sensitive skin when handled by yourself (and not by a barber). Razor blades sold on the market are generally embellished with aloe vera gel which softens the shave: this is not the case with a straight razor blade.

​How to maintain the straight razor

The maintenance of a straight razor is very simple:

The straight razor during use

When you're shaving, be careful when cleaning your blade:

  • if the blade of the straight razor is made of steel, you can rinse the blade with clear water. Of course, avoid tapping the blade of your cabbage against the sink, at the risk of damaging it.

  • if the blade of the straight razor is made of carbon steel, then the blade will be susceptible to corrosion and risks of rust in the long term may arise. Feel free to rinse your blade with a towel.

The straight razor after use

After using your straight razor, clean the blade by running it under running water (cold, avoid very hot water which may damage and loosen the blade of your straight razor). Alternatively, you can pass a wet towel over your blade.


Always store your straight razor in a dry place to prevent it from getting wet.


Regularly put an oil on the blade of your straight razor, such as Vaseline, to put a protective layer.

You now have all the information to use a straight razor properly in your shaving sessions.

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