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How to use beard hair removal cream?

Do you want to use a hair removal cream for the beard? Find in my article my tips for shaving or maintaining your beard with a depilatory cream.

Can I use hair removal cream to shave my beard? Well the underlying question was can I do beard hair removal using the hair removal cream I use for my bikini line! Here is a question that I recently received via my Instagram account Le Male Français . When I asked the person who asked me the question for more details, he told me that he was looking for a solution to easily remove the unsightly, slightly scattered hairs on the cheekbones. And rather than using tweezers, he wants to use hair removal cream. It must be said that hair removal cream offers several advantages:

  • it is easy to use,

  • she is painless

  • hair regrowth takes longer.

Can hair removal cream be used for the beard?

The question that can be asked is whether hair removal cream can be used to shave the beard. Especially the depilatory cream that you use to do your chest hair removal or bikini hair removal . Because you should know that the skin of the face is not the same as that of the torso, legs or pubis. The skin of the face is indeed much finer than the rest of the body, and this is complicated for all those who have sensitive skin, which is even more fragile. Because depilatory cream is a very strong product: don't forget that its concept is to penetrate the pores of the skin and dissolve the hair. However, the hair root is not affected. This can therefore be violent for sensitive skin and cause allergies or even burns on the skin.

Also, if you use a depilatory cream for the beard, I advise you to use depilatory creams specially adapted for the private parts, which are much less strong than traditional depilatory creams. Some brands also offer beard removal creams. In any case, even if the depilatory cream is suitable for private parts, I advise you to apply it to a small part of the face to see how your skin reacts. Your facial skin should not be on fire.

Why use a beard hair removal cream?

Men may use a beard removal cream for several reasons:

Depilatory cream to maintain the beard

It is true that the beard sometimes offers, depending on the hairiness, hairs that are not easy to remove, especially if you do not want to use tweezers: the cheekbones, the hairs of the mustache that goes up towards the nose. It is thus easier to apply a little depilatory cream on these hairs (and not on the whole beard) and wait a few minutes before removing them. It's worth it if you have a beard, for example, and want to maintain your 3-day beard .

Depilatory cream for the beard of sensitive skin


Beard hair removal cream can also be used if you have sensitive skin. Especially if after each shave, you have bleeding. I am thinking of shaving the neck, for example. Aside from having razor blades for sensitive skin, like the Gillette SkinGuard Senstive razor blades , the only solution that can remain is to use a beard hair removal cream.

What are the risks with a beard hair removal cream?

We can not say that there are risks in using a depilatory cream for the beard, if you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Indeed, a hair removal cream for the beard contains many chemicals that can cause skin burns. It is therefore advisable, before applying the hair removal cream for the beard, to test on a part of the skin, such as on the top of the hand for example. If it doesn't burn you, then you can apply it to your face. On the other hand, it is advisable not to exceed the pause time indicated by the manufacturer. Again, the longer you leave the beard removal cream on, the more likely you are to burn your skin.

Care after using beard hair removal cream

If you have used a hair removal cream for the beard, whether to shave your entire beard or to draw the outline of the beard , by removing a few hairs at the level of the cheekbones or on the neck, it is necessary to apply care to your skin. Indeed, hair removal cream for the beard is not a natural care for the skin and is even aggressive. Not only in terms of the ingredients (these are not natural products), but the beard hair removal cream will still disintegrate the hair. You think that your skin is going to be attacked.

Also, if you have used a hair removal cream for the beard, it is advisable to apply a moisturizer to strengthen the hydrolipidic film, the protective film of the skin.

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