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Beard waxing, my advice

épilation barbe

Do you want to do beard waxing and you don't know how? Here in the article all my tips for doing beard waxing

More and more people are looking for new ways to shave and have perfectly smooth facial skin. Some will fall back on a straight razor or a safety razor . Other men go for beard waxing to:

  • all their beards. Well, it will take a little time anyway, especially if you have a full beard at the neck and cheeks

  • outline beard. This is usually the reason why men do beard waxing. This allows you to work well on the contour of the beard at the level of the cheekbones.

Why do beard waxing?

The benefits of beard waxing are numerous.

Hair grows back slowly after beard waxing

It is the main interest for a man to do beard waxing, rather than choosing shaving. Indeed, as with all hair removal, regardless of the part of the body, beard hair will grow back much more slowly after beard hair removal. It will therefore be perfect for all men who hate shaving, for whom the maintenance of the beard is a real ordeal. And yes, not all men are pogonophiles !

Less thick hair after beard waxing

The other advantage after having a beard hair removal, compared to a classic shave with a razor blade, is that the hair of the beard will grow back less thickly. Indeed, the razor tends to strengthen the hair of the beard when it grows back.

So, over time, if you regularly wax your beard, you will see your beard hair change and become much finer. Which will make beard waxing easier.

Very soft skin after beard waxing

This advantage of a beard waxing compared to a classic shave will satisfy all those who want to have real baby skin! Indeed, beard waxing leaves skin much cleaner than shaving. So when you run your hands over your skin, you feel absolutely nothing.

Do beard waxing or shave your beard?

it is true that a number of men may ask themselves the question: is it better to wax their beards or shave their beards? Well, the answer is going to be very simple, and the advantage goes clearly to beard waxing.

Beard waxing for peace of mind

Why ? Beard waxing has the advantage of taking into account the integration of the hair, from its bulb to the tip. While shaving will only cut the visible part of the hair, the one above the epidermis. Thus, when you shave, the bulb and the root of the hair are not affected.

Thus, by doing beard waxing, you will be quiet longer than by shaving your beard. This is a significant advantage for men in a hurry in the morning or those who simply do not want to be bothered by taking care of their beard.

Beard waxing to avoid cuts

Finally, another significant point, beard waxing will prevent you from having shaving cuts, and therefore bleeding. If you have sensitive skin and regularly get cuts, this is something to consider. However, be careful not to leave the depilatory cream on the skin for too long, at the risk of burning yourself.

The risks of beard waxing

But unfortunately beard waxing is not that simple!!

Beard waxing hurts!

We know it, we can't say that men are the least cozy!! As soon as we have a little cold, we feel like our last day has arrived! So doing beard waxing isn't the most pleasant thing there is, especially since the skin on the face is much thinner than the skin on the chest or legs. If you're used to waxing your armpits or your eyebrows , you won't have any more pain, you're used to it. But other men who have never waxed, get ready to shed a tear!

Beard waxing is difficult alone

Generally to do a beard waxing, it is better to be accompanied by another person to do it. As much to apply the wax is not the most complicated thing, but to remove it yes. This will make it easier for the person to relieve the pain right after removing the wax from your face.

What to do beard waxing with

You have different options for beard waxing:

Beard hair removal with depilatory cream

Depilatory cream is the easiest and fastest way to remove beard hair. Simply apply the beard hair removal cream to the desired areas and wait a few moments for it to take effect. After a while, you can remove it with the small spatulas offered with the cream, or simply pass your face under water. Be careful not to leave the beard hair removal cream on the skin of your face for too long, it could burn it.

Beard hair removal with tweezers

The tweezers: this is the simplest solution if you just have a few hairs to remove, on the cheekbones. The advantage is that you can do it alone and the pain is less than wax.

Beard waxing

Wax: a very effective solution for removing several hairs at once rather than using tweezers. You can opt either for commercially available wax strips. Either do your beard waxing with hot wax, which will be gentler on your skin.

Beard waxing with an epilator

The epilator: why not if you have all your beard to epilate, but there is a good chance that you will have pain, because epilators are not originally intended to epilate the skin of the face.

Beard waxing at a beautician

If you do not want to do the beard hair removal yourself, it is advisable to go to a specialist, such as an aesthetic center. The people on site have a perfect command of the gestures and will make beard hair removal less painful What's more, your beard hair removal will be done with perfect precision.

You can of course go to the barber to have your beard waxed.

Another method, more radical this one, is permanent beard hair removal, by going to a dermatologist or a specialized center. But that means saying goodbye to your beard for good.

Care after beard waxing

Of course, as after any hair removal session, you will have to take care of your skin:

Hydrate after beard waxing

Apply moisturizer to your depilated skin. Beard waxing, especially if it has been done with wax, will indeed damage the hydrolipidic film which is supposed to protect your skin from external aggressions. By applying a moisturizer, you will help restore it.

Exfoliation after beard waxing

Exfoliate your face three to four days after beard waxing. This will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs .

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