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Shaping eyebrows for men: the guide

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If there is a subject that is no longer taboo, it is eyebrow waxing for men. Besides, I think that today, a large majority of men between the ages of 20 and 30 practice eyebrow waxing. Finally, if they are not lucky enough to have thin and clear eyebrows. It is true that ten years ago, it was very inappropriate for a man to pluck his eyebrows. It was a very taboo subject and only reserved for women. Doing eyebrow waxing for men then sent back a very feminized image.


Why wax men's eyebrows?


But today, it is very different, eyebrow waxing for men falls within the standards of male beauty. And there are several reasons that have led men to pluck their eyebrows lately:

Big eyebrows in men weigh down the face


I must say that eyebrow waxing for men was made possible thanks to a TV host: Emmanuel Chain. Better known to the general public by another name: the man with one eyebrow. Poor guy, he was attacked so much that many men, who also had mono-brows, started plucking their eyebrows. So that was the first reason. It is true that the mono-brow in men considerably weighs down the face and in particular the look. This is also synonymous with a very hairy one.

Hair removal for men because it's trendy

The other reason that can lead to hair removal for men, once again, is that very recently men have started to remove all the hair from their bodies. Today, it is more and more normal to see a man with completely shaved armpits, a well-trimmed shirt without hair sticking out, smooth testicles, a completely naked torso. Even the legs are starting to lose their hair. As soon as they can remove hair, men do not hesitate. The same goes for eyebrows. It should also be noted that waxing men's eyebrows is very trendy in the countries of southern Europe, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Eyebrow waxing for a clean face

Men like to be perfectly clean: the beard must be beautifully trimmed (just like the pubic hair), no nose hair must come out of the nose and be visible... The same goes for the eyebrows: the hair must be perfectly aligned with each other. It doesn't have to be the jungle, and the hairs go all over the place. Thus, if a hair goes out of line, men will now automatically pluck their eyebrows.

Eyebrow waxing for a glowing face

Finally the last point, having clear eyebrows makes the face clear and the look brighter. Especially when the man has beautiful eyes, they must be highlighted. Thus, eyebrow waxing for men is going to take place to give more radiance to the face.

My opinion on eyebrow waxing for men

My opinion on eyebrow waxing for men is pretty straightforward: I'm completely on board with this, especially since I also wax my eyebrows.

I have indeed a few hairs above the nose, between the eyebrows that I pluck as soon as they reach a certain length. I'm lucky to have light, fine hair, so it's not too noticeable. But to have a perfectly clear face, I epilate them. 

I also wax my eyebrows to decrease the length of the line.

Nevertheless, I am in favor of hair removal for men that remains masculine, almost invisible. Why ? Because the eyebrows are in my opinion one of the characteristics of masculinity and one of the attractions of the gaze. Thus, eyebrows that are far too thin, far too plucked will break the face by creating a deformity (compared to the eyes and the nose).


How to wax eyebrows for men?

To do a good eyebrow waxing for men, there are already two first rules to follow:

  • use tweezers. Don't do how many men do when using the razor. This is a huge mistake (but I know, it's also the most practical, as we all have razors close at hand, and less often tweezers). The razor will break the hair, the regrowth will be faster and above all the hair will be harder to regrowth.

  • using tweezers, you grab the hair at its base and pull it in the direction of its growth: do not grab the hair halfway through its length, for example, you risk breaking it.


If you are afraid of pain during eyebrow waxing, I advise you to apply an ice cube on the eyebrows before starting work. This will anesthetize the area.

Man waxing eyebrows at nose level

Waxing the eyebrows for men at the level of the nose is the easiest and fastest. Because the area must be completely free of any hair. You must thus remove all the hair from this area to the inner corner of the eye near the nose. To have a perfect and frank look, the edges must be aligned vertically.


Work on your eyebrow design

Now that you've cleared your nose hair, we're going to tackle the heavy lifting of eyebrow shaping for men. Starting by tackling the length of the hairs. This will allow you to perfectly shape your eyebrows by attacking all the hairs that can fight back. To do this, nothing simpler :

  • with a small brush, comb your eyebrows upwards from the nose towards their end (ie towards the ear).

  • then, using a small scissor (yes, you will have to equip yourself gentlemen), cut all the hairs that exceed.

Thus, it is not necessary to cut more at the level of the height of the eyebrows and especially not to touch on the bottom of the eyebrows. Under penalty of doing a job that is not very natural in the end.

Define the length of your eyebrows


The question most often asked by men is: at the outer corner of the eye, how far should I pluck my eyebrows ? Do not panic, nature is well done! Just take a pencil, place one end of the pencil (the lead for example) at the corner of the nostril and the other end of the pencil at the outer corner of the eye. All eyebrow hairs that appear below the pencil should be plucked.


With what to wax men's eyebrows?


Different options are available to you for eyebrow waxing:

Eyebrow waxing at the beautician

More and more beauty salons are doing leg waxing for men. Generally, beauticians apply wax strips on the legs. Because they are used to it, the gestures are quick and the waxing of the legs takes very little time.

At home, several methods can be used:

Eyebrow plucking with a razor

Easy, economical, everyone has their own razor and shaving product at home. Beware, however, of regrowth, which is faster than with other methods. But in the shower, it's still very practical.

Waxing of eyebrows

Either the same method as with beauticians. But be careful, the cozy will have to avoid this method because it is far from being the softest. On the other hand, hair regrowth is slower.

Eyebrow waxing with an epilator

You can borrow your girlfriend's epilator to wax your eyebrows. But be careful, this is not the best way to do it, because you will not be able to do very precise hair removal.

Eyebrow waxing with depilatory cream

Depilatory cream is an ideal method for eyebrow waxing: it's an easy, hassle-free and painless method. If you have some time, this is the best method to apply. Just like depilation with an epilator, you will have to be very agile to perfectly draw the line you want, you could lack precision with a depilatory cream.

Hair removal for men: at home or in a salon?

Before knowing if eyebrow waxing for men should be done at home or in a salon, I think the first question to ask is: are you able to do perfect eyebrow waxing? Because when a man decides to have his eyebrows plucked, it must be done well, so that it looks as natural as possible. And precisely that we do not see that eyebrow waxing has taken place. So, if you are afraid of missing out by plucking your eyebrows, I advise you either to call on an expert on the subject, or to go to an aesthetic salon. The prices are moderate, it is done quickly.

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