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Monobrow: how to stop having a monobrow?

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The mono eyebrow is envied by some, in horror for others. Here are all my tips for taking care of the mono eyebrow or removing it.

The mono eyebrow is very simple, it is the natural phenomenon that causes the hairs of the eyebrow arches to meet between the eyes to form a single line. It is therefore an element that becomes very visible on the face, especially if you have very dark and very thick hair. It may be that the mono eyebrow is finally not very visible, because the hair is very fine, clear and above all not very dense.

My opinion on the mono eyebrow

You should know that the hairs of the eyebrows undergo certain fashions! Whereas before the mono eyebrow was very badly seen, it turns out that there is a certain fashion to keep it, to have a more natural effect. And this is particularly true among women, especially due to the famous model Cara Delevingne who honored thick eyebrows. There is also another model who advocates the mono eyebrow, Sophia Hadjipanteli, in particular through her Youtube channel. And then after all, isn't Frida Kahlo and her famous mono eyebrow coming back in force now? How many paintings by Frida Kahlo are we currently seeing in interiors? And if you live badly with your unibrow, think that in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, the unibrow was the symbol of feminine beauty. So much so that women didn't hesitate to use ink or other natural tricks to create a monobrow.

The single eyebrow to say stop to dictates


Why is the mono eyebrow, or in any case having a very thick eyebrow, making a comeback among women? It's a way to put an end to the social pressure of having to remove any unwanted hair. A bit like the phenomenon in South Korea where more and more women leave their homes without makeup, while South Korean social pressure is very strong. Or the trend of letting hair grow under the armpits in women, or even that of no longer waxing their legs.

The mono eyebrow in men

For men, it's a bit the opposite, the current fashion is rather to offer eyebrows with perfectly tidy hairs, clean eyebrows. It must be said that we all still have in mind the single eyebrow of Emmanuel Chain, the famous presenter of the program Capital on M6. Also, in men the single eyebrow is rather frowned upon. It is also true that the trend is reversed among men and that they increasingly want to take care of their bodies. Moreover, we are witnessing a real struggle, not to say war, against the hair on the body of men. More and more men do not hesitate to shave their legs as soon as summer arrives, or even to do full hair removal , including intimate areas.

What I think of the single eyebrow in men? Everyone just does what they want! It is true that the trend is currently natural. Regarding men, I would tend to say:

  • that a mono eyebrow is preferable to over-plucked eyebrows. Some men do very thin eyebrow waxing , which is not pretty because it completely destructures the face.

  • but that a mono eyebrow must be well maintained so that it does not look too bushy and ultimately attract too much attention.

Why do you have a mono eyebrow?


You have a mono eyebrow but have you ever wondered why you have a mono eyebrow? Well, it's the fault of genetics! Concretely, nature has not spoiled you (or on the contrary, if you are proud of your monobrow. And there is in particular a gene, among a group of 18 genes involved in hair growth, which would be responsible for the monobrow.

How to remove a mono eyebrow?

Here are my tips for taking care of a mono eyebrow:

Remove the mono eyebrow with tweezers

The most useful accessory to take care of your mono eyebrow while keeping a natural effect is the tweezers. This accessory will indeed allow you to remove hair after hair, and in particular the hairs of the mono eyebrow which go into battle and which give this bushy effect. The tweezers will be particularly effective if the hairs of the mono eyebrow are fine.

If you're using tweezers, always start tweezing the middle area of your unibrow, don't go to the ends. By starting in the middle of the mono eyebrow and then gradually going to the sides, you will have a better view of your work.

I advise you to use the tweezers after showering. Indeed, the heat of the shower, the water vapor, will make the pores of your skin more open. The hair of the monobrow will thus be easier to remove and less painful. Similarly, the hairs of the monobrows will be more flexible, and therefore easier to remove. If you can't take a shower, you can also opt for a small facial steam bath .

​ Wax for your mono eyebrow


Wax will be your best ally if you want to put an end to your mono eyebrow. And especially if you have thick and very brown hair. Wax is also the best way to delay the growth of the hair, and therefore the return of your mono eyebrow, because the wax will directly tear the root of the hair.

So if you're cozy, prepare to shed a little tear when removing the wax. But know that the more you wax your single eyebrow, the less pain you will have. Over time, the hair will grow back finer.

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​ Hair removal cream against mono eyebrow

A great alternative to wax, if you're scared of it, is hair removal cream . Practical and effective, the depilatory cream for men is simply placed on the hair and you just have to wait a few minutes for the hair to dissolve. On the other hand, as the hair is not attacked at the root, your mono eyebrow will grow back more quickly than with waxing .

A word of advice: if you are using a depilatory cream for the first time, or if you are changing brands, always test it on a part of the skin, especially the hollow of your wrist. You will see if you are not sensitive to this depilatory cream, with in particular the risk of burns.

How to shave the mono eyebrow?

If you want to use a razor to deal with your single eyebrow, you can, but between us, it's not the best solution because not only will the razor harden the hairs of your eyebrows but in addition the hair will grow back faster. On regrowth, your single eyebrow will therefore be more conspicuous.

How to trim a mono eyebrow?

If your mono eyebrow is really a problem for you, then here are my tips for trimming it, preferably with tweezers.

With your tweezers, it is advisable to remove all the hairs of the mono eyebrow that are in the center, just above your nose. Concretely, the idea here is to clear away so as to have two eyebrow lines above each eye. This will notably illuminate your face and make it lighter. You can give it any shape you want.


To know concretely which part to remove inside, I advise you to take a pencil and place it from the outside of your nostril to the inner corner of your eye. Do the same with the other nostril. All of your mono brow hairs within this area should be plucked.

How to avoid the regrowth of a mono eyebrow?

Of course, the growth of the hair being natural, you will not be able to prevent your monobrow from reappearing. Unless you do permanent hair removal, which is completely possible in institute through different methods. On the other hand, you can naturally slow down hair regrowth, for example by applying sage or lemon essential oil. Sage essential oil is the essential oil par excellence against rapid hair regrowth, whatever the part of the body: leg, arm, armpit, etc.


However, be careful before using this sage essential oil. If it is the first time that you apply it to your skin, do not hesitate to put a small drop on your hand, to see if you are not allergic.

Regarding the lemon, if you have applied it to your skin, do not go out immediately in the sun: the lemon will indeed have pigmentary effects and accelerate the appearance of spots on your skin.

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