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The benefits of the facial steam bath

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The facial steam bath is a treatment to integrate into your beauty routine. Discover the benefits of the facial steam bath and my tips for doing it well.


If there is one treatment that men never do, it is a steam bath for the face. And yet, the steam bath for the face has many benefits, regardless of your skin type . This is why it is perfect to integrate into your beauty routine for men.


Why do facial steam bath ?

The steam bath for better skin


The steam bath has many benefits for the face :

  • it allows to dilate the pores and thus be a perfect care before removing the blackheads .

  • it eliminates toxins.

  • it improves blood circulation, which will have a positive effect on your complexion, on men's beards for example, but also to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.

The facial steam bath to relax

It is important to rest for a few moments, to take time for yourself. Taking care of your face, your body, is part of this necessary time. The advantage of a facial steam bath is that you are alone, without a mobile phone, without a TV, facing the container that contains the hot water. Enjoy steaming your face when you're alone, turn off the TV, put on quiet music.

How to steam facial ?

Making a steam bath for the face is very simple. It only takes a few steps :

  • bring a pot of water to a boil. It is not necessary to use a large saucepan, a small one will suffice as it only takes the equivalent of a few cups of water, i.e. approximately 1 liter.

  • while the water is boiling, go wash your face. The idea here of having perfectly clean skin, without impurities. If you use men's makeup , remember to remove makeup from your skin. It is essential to carry out this step before doing the steam bath.

  • Only wash your skin with a face wash, don't scrub your face . Dry your skin well.

  • Once the water is hot, pour it into a bowl or salad bowl. Put a towel over your head, it must also completely cover the container so as to block the steam.

  • You can add herbs or essential oils to the water to make the experience more enjoyable. The essential oils will thus allow you to relax even more during this steam bath for the face. Regarding essential oils, I advise you :

    • For normal skin : essential oils of lavender, jasmine, geranium

    • For dry skin : chamomile or rose essential oils

    • For oily skin : essential oils of tea tree or lemon

  • Stay quietly over your container for 10 to 15 minutes. Then step back and remove the water droplets on your face gently, without rubbing, with a paper tissue by patting.


At the end of these 15 minutes, the pores of your skin will be perfectly open, you can then do the desired care.


What care to do after a facial steam bath


The facial steam bath to remove blackheads easily


Your skin pores being perfectly dilated, it's time to remove blackheads from the face ! You can indeed remove them more easily without having to force the skin. To do this, you have different possibilities :

  • use your nails if the blackheads are not too encrusted (be careful to wash your hands well, and especially your nails to prevent any bacteria from entering the dermis)

  • use a blackhead remover to gently remove encrusted blackheads

  • use an anti-blackhead patch, even if I do not recommend it on dry skin

  • use a blackhead vacuum .


Facial steam bath and mask


If you have oily skin, do not hesitate to make a face mask with green clay to remove excess sebum and all impurities from the skin. This will prevent the appearance of blackheads.


Facial steam bath and exfoliation


The pores being perfectly open, a gentle facial scrub will be effective in removing all dead cells, excess sebum and impurities which will then clog the pores and promote pimples and blackheads.


The facial steam bath and tighten pores


Now that you have one of these treatments, you will have to tighten the dilated pores of your facial skin to have a perfect skin texture and prevent dead cells and impurities from taking place there.


How often to do a steam bath ?


Depending on your skin type, it will be advisable to do a steam bath between once a week and once every two weeks.

  • If you have oily skin with lots of blemishes, like blackheads, you can steam your face every week.

  • if you have sensitive skin, it is on the other hand advised to space the steam baths once every 15 days. It really all depends on how sensitive your skin is.

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