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How to remove blackheads from the face?


How to remove blackheads from the face without damaging the skin? Extracting blackheads from the face can be tricky. Here are my tips.


Blackheads on the face are something everyone dreads. As soon as we see one appear on the face, most of the time at the level of the famous T-zone (chin, nose, forehead), we hasten to remove them by hand. However, this can be done incorrectly and cause infection of the skin. Below are some tips for removing blackheads from the face.

You will also find my video tips at the end of this article.


Advice before removing blackheads from the face

The objective here is to make it easier to extract the blackhead from the face without having to force and thus damage the part concerned. It is therefore necessary to open the pores as much as possible. To do this, there are different possibilities:

  • it is advisable to do a steam bath , a bit like doing an inhalation. Heat some water in a basin and tilt your head over it, with a towel resting on your head. Stay like this for about 10 minutes. This treatment is to be done regularly if you have oily skin in any case, without necessarily before an extraction of blackheads.

  • you can also soak a small towel to wash your hands in hot water, wring it well and put it on your face for a few minutes. 

Before removing blackheads from the face, it is also recommended to do a facial scrub to remove all the dead skin cells and cleanse the face.

Finally, you can soften the blackheads of the face by applying, with a cotton swab for example, olive oil or sunflower oil on the blackhead of the face.

How to remove blackheads from the face?

There are several ways to remove blackheads from the face.


Remove facial blackheads manually


To remove a blackhead from the face, it is very simple: place a finger on each side of the blackhead and press the skin to get it out. It is recommended to use a paper handkerchief at the level of the fingers, to avoid leaving a trace of nail on the part concerned by the extraction. Well, removing blackheads from the face with your fingers is not the best solution:

  • as I said above, it can leave traces on the face.

  • nails can also penetrate the flesh of the face and create an infection.

it is therefore recommended to wash your hands well before removing blackheads from the face by hand. This will in particular remove all the bacteria present on the nails.

Use a blackhead remover to remove blackheads from the face

You can also use a blackhead remover if you don't want to use your fingers to remove a blackhead from your face. Very little used by men, the blackhead remover is nevertheless a very useful accessory, which allows you to extract blackheads from the face cleanly and neatly, without leaving a trace. The blackhead extractor consists of a rounded end, empty, like a teaspoon. Simply place the rounded tip at the blackhead and press onto the skin.

The blackhead aspirator to remove blackheads from the face

You can use a blackhead vacuum . Generally, blackhead vacuum cleaners also make it possible to exfoliate the skin of the face to remove dead cells and reduce excess sebum. Blackhead vacuum cleaners offer different suction forces depending on the depth of the blackhead (if they are on the surface or deeply embedded, the need is not the same). The question that can be asked is whether blackhead vacuum cleaners are effective.

Use a patch to remove blackheads from the face

Finally, the last possibility to extract blackheads is to use a patch that you leave on the T zone for several minutes. But the results are not necessarily there, the patches being particularly effective for the blackheads of the face located on the surface, not in depth.

What's more, the anti-blackhead facial patch is not recommended for people with sensitive or dry skin. Indeed, these skins benefit from a weak protection of their hydrolipidic film. However, the patch, with its sticky effect, removing it will also damage this hydrolipidic film.

How to avoid the appearance of blackheads on the face?

To prevent new blackheads on the face from appearing, you will have to set up an appropriate routine:

  • do not hesitate to exfoliate your face twice a week if you have very oily skin. This will deeply cleanse your skin and remove excess sebum and dead cells.

  • you can also do a green clay mask once a week to absorb excess sebum on your skin

  • finally, include in your morning beauty routine a micellar water that will act as a gentle exfoliation every morning.

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