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How to wash your hands well?

Washing your hands well is very important for good hygiene and limiting the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. Find my tips for washing your hands properly.


If there is one part of the body that is important to take care of, it is our hands. And yet, it is a part of the body that we tend to neglect, when they turn out to be a real nest of bacteria, viruses and other dirt which can then have an impact not only on our health, but also on the health of our loved ones.

Here are my tips for washing your hands properly.


What do we mean by washing your hands well ?

Generally when we wash our hands, we do it in a hurry. But concretely, washing your hands well means washing the parts below :

  • the Palm,

  • the top of the hands,

  • between the fingers,

  • around the thumb,

  • wrist,

  • gentle brushing of the nails.

And yes, as you can see, washing your hands well does not just mean washing the palms of your hands ! So who among you wash your wrist for example ? or nails carefully ? Because many bacteria can be on the nails, it is therefore necessary to insist on the nails when washing your hands.


Why wash your hands


There are of course many reasons why it is important to wash your hands.


Wash hands for hygiene

Hygiene is of course the main reason for washing our hands. Like the other parts of the body, like the article on how to wash the penis well which has met with some success ! But it may seem surprising to repeat it, as it is a gesture that is supposed to be basic.

However, the hands, they drag everywhere, really everywhere. We touch everything, whether at home or outdoors : in the supermarket, on public transport (we are talking about the famous grab bar in the metro_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_?), in your car, at work… And the products you touch are not necessarily clean : bacteria or even viruses can be found there. And the hand, we very often put it on our face : when we yawn it touches our mouth, to apply care on the face, we touch our nose, our cheeks, we passes over our eyes… In short, the hand is repeatedly in contact with the skin of the face. We thus leave, without paying attention, these bacteria or these viruses on the skin of the face, on our lips, near our eyes...

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Wash your hands after the toilet

This reason is related to washing your hands for hygiene reasons but I want to make it a specific point because it is a fact : a certain number of people do not wash their hands after going to the toilet. And it's still quite problematic when you know that you can find traces of urine or even excrement on your hands in very small quantities, not to say almost invisible. Not to mention when you go to public toilets and touch handles, doors...

Wash your hands before hand waxing

More and more people are waxing their hands, both men and women. There are many reasons for hand waxing :

  • Either for aesthetic reasons : having too much hair on the top of the hands, or even on the fingers, may not look very pretty. Especially when we are very dark, with the hair that is very visible.

  • Either for reasons of comfort : especially in men when the hairiness is very important. Shaking hands can be a source of discomfort.


But before depilating the hands, it is necessary to wash your hands well beforehand, so that the skin is perfectly clean.

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With which products to wash your hands ?


The skin of the hands is very fragile. I would say that the skin of the hands is to the body what the eye contour is to the face. Why is the skin of the hands so fragile ? Because it has few sebaceous glands, responsible for the production of sebum. The hydrolipidic film, made up in particular of sebum and sweat, supposed to provide a barrier to the skin, is therefore very thin and can hardly fight against external aggressions, cold, water and all the products that we put on our hands. (care products, dishwashing products, household products such as bleach, etc.). This is also the reason why we regularly have dry skin, because sebum helps maintain skin hydration. He thus takes care of it, especially as soon as the temperatures drop, by applying a hand cream.

Thus, the objective in washing your hands will be not to attack the hydrolipidic film of the skin of the hands, or even to reconstitute it. To do this, the products to use to wash your hands are :

Wash hands with soap

Soap is a perfect product for good hygiene. Washing your hands with clean water alone, no, you must always combine a soap.


Wash with hydro-alcoholic gel

The hydro-alcoholic gel has experienced a boost following the arrival of the coronavirus, the authorities expressly asking people to wash their hands regularly with hydro-alcoholic gel. The advantage of hydro-alcoholic gel is that it can act as an antimicrobial product very quickly. However, the hydro-alcoholic gel   is mainly composed of 90° alcohol which can greatly dry out the skin, especially if it is applied several times during the day. It will therefore be necessary to apply a moisturizer every day to preserve the hydrolipidic film.


Tips for washing your hands properly

It is necessary to follow certain instructions to wash your hands properly :

  • Don't wash your hands in 5 seconds ! No, you must take a minimum of time to ensure that hand washing is optimal : it takes about 30 seconds !

  • Avoid too hot water when washing your hands.

  • Use a clean towel : the towel is also a breeding ground for bacteria, drying your hands with a dirty towel would make your hand washing ineffective.

  • Avoid rubbing your hands too much with the towel to dry yourself.

  • Apply hand cream or moisturizing hand solution.

There you go, you now have perfectly clean hands!

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