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How to wash your penis, my advice

Washing his penis is an act that all men do today. Intimate hygiene in men is a subject that was not well taken into account in the past. But today, men take care of all parts of their body, including private parts. This is how we see more and more men waxing their private parts . Intimate hygiene for men is thus a real underlying trend. And at the same time, it's very good for men to ask themselves the question of washing their penis well, not only for their well-being but also for their partner.

Here are all my tips for washing your penis properly.


Why wash his penis?


It is important to wash your penis well for several reasons:

Wash your penis to avoid bad odors

If there is one point that worries men when they are in a very specific situation, when undressing in front of their partner before taking action, it is to make sure that their penis or their testicles don't smell bad. Bad smells that could have serious consequences for the rest of the sexual act: already a personal discomfort (it's not pleasant to think that one smells bad from these parts) and a discomfort vis-à-vis the other. To avoid this inconvenience, it is necessary to wash his penis well.

Wash your penis to remove smegma

Some men have white deposits on their glans, this is called smegma. It's nothing bad, it's a secretion naturally produced by the glans, which contains several elements. Some men will produce more than others, it really all depends on how many preputial glands you have. But if you produce it, inevitably, it will be necessary to wash your penis because generally the smegma is accompanied by a not very pleasant smell.

Article to read: Smegma: how to wash the white stuff on the glans


Wash your penis before doing a sex wax

More and more men do not hesitate to have sex hair removal . Indeed, some men have hair growing on their penis and this can bother them. Washing your penis can thus be a step before waxing because it will soften the hair and therefore make it more supple and easier to shave or wax. Thus, it is always advisable to take a hot shower (without burning yourself of course) before waxing.


Wash your penis after heavy sweating

Some men tend to sweat a lot, whether armpits, feet, hands, but also their private parts! And since the penis and the testicles are packed in the briefs or in the boxers without the possibility of letting air in, it obviously doesn't smell very good! So men who tend to sweat a lot will have to wash their penis often.

Wash your penis to feel good!

Quite simply ! Washing your penis can also be an act done to feel good, to feel fresh. Kind of like wiping water on your face!

But beware, rules must be respected to properly wash your penis.


How to wash your penis?


To wash your penis, do not use products that will damage the penis, which is very very fragile. And the way to wash his penis will also depend on whether you are circumcised or not.


How to wash your glans?

If you are not circumcised, you will have to remove the skin (what we call the sheath) that covers the glans to clean both the skin, its folds and the glans. Cleaning the glans is very important, especially the base of the glans which contains Tyson's glands. These Tyson's glands notably produce Smegma, a whitish substance that appears from time to time at the base of the glans. Generally, smegma is accompanied by an odor that is not the most pleasant.

If you are circumcised, it will be easier.


Use a gentle cleanser to wash your penis

Washing your penis is very simple: all you need is a little water and mild soap. As with any body or face care, opt instead for an organic soap, which does not contain alcohol or synthetic fragrances. A real Marseille soap will do just fine. You can also use a soap-free cleansing lotion. In any case, shower gels should be avoided.

Here are the two products that I recommend for washing your penis.


All the sweetness of organic cranberry and organic orange blossom, in a deliciously scented body shower and intimate cleansing cream.


This foam is very fine and is pleasant to use.

Without paraben, sulfate or alcohol, it is perfect to gently cleanse your penis.

Gently wash your penis

In any case, you will have to wash your penis in a delicate way, very gently. It will be necessary to avoid any friction, any vigorous washing on the glans in particular. Thus, it is recommended to wash your penis with your bare hands, and not to use a washcloth, which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

However, and this is the most important, after washing your penis, remember to dry it well! This is the most important step when washing your penis. When you have finished washing your penis, before "returning" it, it must be perfectly dry.

Wash his penis with wipes

Another solution to wash your penis is to use wipes. And yes, there are intimate wipes, which are particularly suitable for washing your penis. Wipes can meet two needs:

  • they are gentle for washing your penis and are a good alternative to a cleansing lotion

  • they are useful in case of particular, unforeseen situations! It is therefore always good to have a wipe in case of a naughty little date, for example, but you suffer from bad smells in the penis and the area around it (testicles, pubis). Rather than taking a shower, a quick trip to the toilet with your intimate wipe, and the problem is solved!

essuie fraise.jpg

A good intimate hygiene of the man helps to prevent infections and limits, in his partner, the risk of disruption of the intimate flora (needs validated by urologists and gynecologists).

lingette dorcel.webp

Dorcel intimate wipes have a refreshing effect for daily intimate hygiene. They will follow you in each of your movements very easily.


Manscaped intimate wipes are very good products. In particular, they have a very masculine scent which, in addition to cleaning your private parts, will leave a nice scent.

Wash his penis and moisturize!

Washing your penis is good, but after having done it, it is also good to moisturize it! Yes, you read correctly! And yet very, very few men think of hydrating this part of their body which, however:

  • encased in underwear needs care!

  • and also experiences friction during sex!


Why should you moisturize your penis? Because it will help strengthen the hydrolipidic film on this part, this famous film that protects the skin from aggression. You should know that the skin of the penis is as thin as the skin of your hand. It therefore requires special care. And depending on the underwear materials you wear, the skin of the penis can be attacked. So moisturize from time to time! Not every day either!

Wash his penis and erase!

What, a penis scrub!! Yes, you read it right, just as it is necessary to hydrate your penis, you also need to exfoliate your penis from time to time! Because on your penis, you have skin and therefore necessarily dead cells! Because the skin of the penis also regenerates!

But be careful, the skin being fragile, use a product with a light, small grain, to exfoliate the penis. The goal is not to damage it!

How often should you wash your penis?

This is a question many people ask themselves. And by washing the penis, once again it is not a question of passing it under water only: So should one wash his penis every day? Every time we just urinate? Should you wash your penis after sport? after Love ? I will answer this question below.


Wash your penis daily

Above all, you should know that you must wash your penis daily. Yes, you read it well, every day. It's basic hygiene. But be careful not to wash it too much, in any case with products that are not suitable for men's intimate hygiene. Because this could have serious consequences causing damage to the skin or mucous membranes.

Wash your penis after certain activities

But, it is sometimes necessary to wash your penis after the following activities:

  • sport: because you have perspired, it is therefore necessary to wash all parts of your body (and no, just applying a deodorant for men to mask the smell of perspiration is not enough!).

  • love: it is often pleasant to wash your whole body after having made love because you have perspired. But it is also true that many men wash their penis (and only the penis) after having made love, by running it under water. Basically, this is not essential because the vaginal flora prevents the proliferation of germs and the sexual secretions are not dirty. Nevertheless, depending on the sexual practices or the products used (spermicides, gels, lubricants, massage oils or even food, anal intercourse, etc.), it is necessary to wash your penis.

  • when it's hot: once again, the perspiration generated by the heat can be accompanied by bad odors. It is thus necessary to wash his penis.

How to clean your glans?

The question of how to clean your glans has been presented below in the point " comment lavage son glans ". To clean your glans, you simply have to either wash it with clean water or apply an intimate wipe. If you are not circumcised, it will be necessary to remove the skin that covers the glans to properly clean his glans. Of course, even if you don't use a cleaning product, you will have to run your hands well over the base of the glans to possibly remove the whitish substance.

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