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Smegma: how to wash the white stuff on the glans?

Many young men see appearing on their glans, usually at the base of the glans, a white deposit, a kind of whitish deposit, quite porous. A deposit that can have a very strong smell. When he takes it on their finger, they feel like they have some kind of curdled milk and they wonder what it could be. So indeed, it is difficult to ask the question to his father or his mother, and when one does not have a big brother, the question remains unsolved. And it is not to friends that we will ask this question, at the risk of appearing for someone dirty! And yet, that white stuff on the glans, those whitish deposits is called smegma , and it's something completely natural that you shouldn't be ashamed of.

Here is all the information about smegma. You can also find a short explanatory video on penis hygiene at the bottom of this article.

What is smegma?

First of all, there should be no fear of these white things on the white, of these whitish deposits on the glans. It is a natural phenomenon and is even useful for the good hygiene of your glans. So you have smegma on the glans, which is a liquid naturally produced by the glans.

Moreover, small precision, the smegma will be positioned at the level of the balanopreputial furrow, that is to say at the base of the glans, where the glans joins the rest of the penis.

What does smegma mean?

For your information, smegma comes from the Latin which means "detergent" and from the Greek smekhein which means "to wash". So you see, smegma is all positive, no need to worry about that white stuff on white, those whitish deposits on the glans. So certainly, smegma can give the impression of an unwashed glans, which is not clean, of not having a beautiful penis . Especially since in some people, it can be accompanied by a strong smell which can be very unpleasant. A bit like cheese that smells really bad and really strong if you know what I mean!


How is smegma formed?

Smegma is produced by the preputial glands, which are located on either side of the frenulum of the foreskin (they are invisible). As with any type of glands on the body, the preputial glands are in different quantity on the body depending on the men: thus, some men will have many more preputial glands, hence the fact that some men have many smegma, white stuff on the white, whitish deposits on the glans, while other men won't have any at all.

As you will have understood, smegma is produced by the preputial glands. Smegma has nothing to do with ejaculation. If you thought finding smegma in the morning while opening your glans was linked to nocturnal ejaculation, it's not. Smegma is not dried semen.

Also, to go a little deeper into the questions you might have, smegma is also not related to an STD or STI. No worries about that, you can de-stress. Moreover, there is nothing to stress or be anxious about by the presence of smegma, these whitish deposits, it is completely natural. And even less smegma is a harbinger of glans cancer.


Circumcision and smegma

The smegma will tend to concentrate at the base of the glans in uncircumcised men. Circumcised men also produce smegma but they don't have white stuff on the glans, whitish deposits on the glans. Indeed, since the foreskin (or part of the foreskin) is withdrawn, it also implies that the preputial glands are fewer. And therefore, the production of smegma is greatly reduced.

Is it because of the smegma that my glans smells bad?

Smegma can indeed be the cause of a strong odor from your glans, making your glans smell bad. Because smegma has a strong smell, a particular smell which is quite recognizable. So the smell will however vary from one person to another. 

But in any case, if you do not see white deposits on your glans, smegma, this is not the reason and it would rather be linked to poor hygiene: you do not wash your glans sufficiently, and your penis in general.


How to remove white deposits of smegma on the glans?


Wash to remove white deposits of smegma on the glans

Since it is a natural occurrence, not produced by glands, there is nothing you can do about the production of smegma. On the other hand, you must have a perfect hygiene of your penis, you must wash your penis well. This will allow you to no longer have a deposit of smegma, you will eliminate it daily on the surface of the glans. It is all the more necessary to wash your glans if you have smegma because it contains bacteria, which can cause inflammation of the glans. The more smegma you produce, the more it will be advisable to wash your glans every day.


Here are the instructions for properly washing your penis and glans:

  • when you are in your shower, take off the glans well

  • use a mild soap to wash your glans well or an intimate gel which will also be very mild.

  • rinse your glans well

  • dry your glans well (it must be perfectly dry)

Regarding the gel to properly clean your penis, I recommend Cadum Intimate Toilet Shower Cream, perfect for washing the glans without rushing it. And yes, your glans is very fragile, avoid aggressive products like certain shower gels.


All the sweetness of organic cranberry and organic orange blossom, in a deliciously scented body shower and intimate cleansing cream.

Wipes to remove white deposits of smegma on the glans


Another trick to remove white deposits of smegma on the glans, if you don't have time to take a shower, or you're in a hurry (you never know situations), is to use a wipe. There are indeed intimate wipes specially adapted for cleaning the glans, quickly. These are very practical products that will also perfume your penis and your glans.

I recommend two brands of wipes, L'Essuie Fraise and Dorcel wipes, which I put below. Two brands specially adapted for men and taking care of their penis.

essuie fraise.jpg

A good intimate hygiene of the man helps to prevent infections and limits, in his partner, the risk of disruption of the intimate flora (needs validated by urologists and gynecologists).

lingette dorcel.webp

Dorcel intimate wipes have a refreshing effect for daily intimate hygiene. They will follow you in each of your movements very easily.

Can white deposits of smegma be removed?


Well, if you have smegma on your glans and at the base of your glans, you won't be able to avoid having it. Because smegma is quite simply a natural effect, so you will have to deal with it and above all, tame it if I can put it that way. Tame it by simply having impeccable hygiene. It is indeed neither possible to reduce the quantity of smegma produced by your body, nor to stop completely. Similarly, it is not possible to play on the smell of smegma. You will need to wash your penis more often if you have a very large amount of smegma.

What do we risk if we do not clean the smegma?

If you don't clean the smegma, two things can happen:

  • for one thing, you're going to be bothered by smegma. Not by the smegma as such, but by the smell it generates. It's downright unpleasant. And so will your partner if you have sex. Your partner may then feel a certain disgust by the smell, but also by the vision of smegma, which does not give the impression of having good hygiene. It's not great if you are a fan of fellatio with oral ejaculation !

  • then, if you don't remove it, the smegma may harden and the foreskin may stick together. What can be painful when it comes time to retract

Is smegma serious?

We have seen that smegma, those white deposits you have on the glans is a natural occurrence. It is not necessary to worry about it and a good hygiene of the glans and the penis in general will be sufficient.

However, if you suddenly notice a fairly large white deposit, and suddenly, on your glans or at the base of your glans, then it will be advisable to consult a doctor. This may indeed be a Banalitis, namely an inflammation of the glans which will become red, swollen and can be painful. In this case, do not delay because it can be treated very well.

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