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How to properly epilate hand hair?

epilation poils des mans

Should you wax or shave the hair on your hands? Having too much hair on your hands can be an annoyance. Here are my tips for doing hand hair removal.

Hand waxing may be a non-subject for a large number of people, but you should know that it is a treatment that is practiced more and more. It is true that some men have very hairy hands, and this can be a real embarrassment. The trend today is indeed more hair and having beautiful hands is more and more important. Apart from being one of the first things a man or woman looks at in each other, hands are also a sign that shows if a person is taking care of them. Thus, manicure for men is enjoying some success today.

Here are my tips for hand waxing.

Why do hand waxing?


Some men go for hand waxing because they have very brown hair on their hands, either on the tops of the hands or on the fingers. Some men may do hand waxing for several reasons :

Hand waxing for aesthetics

Hand waxing for aesthetic reasons : it's not necessarily very nice to have very hairy hands, especially if the hair on the hands is very brown. Especially since today the trend is to have almost no hair on the body.

Waxing hands against discomfort

Hand hair removal to stop being embarrassed : when the time comes to shake hands, for example, presenting a very hairy hand can be a source of embarrassment for some.

Hand waxing to homogenize

Hand waxing if you shave your arms. Few men still wax their arms, like swimmers, for reasons of sports performance and better gliding in the water. But if you epilate your arms, or if you shave your arm hair, you will also need to epilate your hands to have uniformity. It will look weird otherwise to have smooth arms and a hairy hand.

The motivations for doing hand waxing can in fact be identical to those that will lead men to do foot hair removal , for example, or intimate hair removal for men .

Hand waxing will make your hands hair harder

Be careful if you start waxing your hands, the hair will grow back harder. The hair on the hand will thus be thicker and therefore more visible when it grows back. Which to the touch will not necessarily be pleasant. So, if you start removing hair from your hand, you will have to continue over time.

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My tips for hand waxing



If you decide to do hand waxing, you will have to make a good demarcation with the hairs of the forearm ! The cut must not be too frank, it will have to be made as natural as possible. If you have really hairy arms, I advise you to take a clipper and thin the hair on your forearm, at least at the junction between the hand and the forearm.

Of course, before depilating your hands, you will also have to wash your hands first.

How to wax hands?

There are different ways to remove hair from the hand.

Hand waxing


If you want to depilate your hands, I advise you to do it with wax. Hand waxing will indeed offer two advantages :

  • Hair regrowth will be slower : you won't have to wax your hands every week

  • The hair that grows back will be softer : this way you won't have the problem of having hair that grows back harder, thicker.


What's more, the hand lends itself very well to waxing : the surface is flat and therefore easy to put the wax on and take it off. But, the skin of the hands being very thin, if you are cozy, then you will have a little tear in your eye when removing the wax !

Hand hair removal with razor

The great temptation for men to do hair removal is to take the razor. Easy, practical, nothing to buy because the razor and the shaving product are already present in the bathroom. Yes, but I strongly advise you not to shave your hand hair to do hand waxing. Not only will the hair quickly grow back, but you also risk having itchy hands when it grows back. Not to mention that the hair will grow harder and more visible.


Depilation of hands with depilatory cream

This can be a good alternative between hand waxing and shaving the hair on the hand. You can use any hair removal cream to do this, but choose a hair removal cream for sensitive skin. Do not forget to test the cream first on a small part of the skin, to see if you have an allergy, or even, worse, if the cream does not burn your skin.

Permanent laser hand hair removal

This is what I advise you if the hairs on your hand are a real annoyance for you. In a few sessions, your hand hair problem will be definitively solved. To do permanent laser hair removal, it is advisable to go to your dermatologist or go to specialized institutes.


Hand hair discoloration

The discoloration of the hairs of the hands will especially address men who have fine hairs on the hand and not very brown (rather chestnut). To do this, you can use a bleaching product for the face, which is used especially by women to make the hairs of the mustache less visible.

What to do after depilating or shaving the hairs of the hands?

Now that you have tweezed or shaved the hair on your hands, you will have to take care of it:

Moisturize after hand waxing

Immediately after the session, do not hesitate to moisturize your hands. The razor or the wax are a bit like an aggression for the skin of the hand and the fingers of the hand, which will have to be softened and therefore hydrated

Exfoliation after hand waxing

A few days after waxing or shaving the hair on your hands, exfoliate your hands. This will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

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