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Should you wax or shave your foot hair?

How to epilate or shave the hair of the feet? Find in my article my tips for removing foot hair and having hairless feet.


Should you wax or shave your foot hair? This is a question that may seem absurd among topics related to male hair removal but many people ask! I found this out on a forum and someone was asking this question. Like what, all topics are covered on the forums, even the removal of hair from the feet! This is also not a trivial subject because many men have hairy feet, and today hair is not very fashionable. Foot hair removal is thus a treatment increasingly done by men, but also done by women. It is true that we put our feet forward more and more, we no longer hesitate to walk barefoot at home, even when it is crowded. And in summer, flip-flops and sandals force us to put our feet forward.

So having hair on the feet at the level of the toes or on the foot, in the extension of the leg, is an annoyance for many. Especially if the person is very dark, with very visible hair. Below are my tips for waxing feet or shaving foot hair.

Why epilate or shave the hair of the feet?

Waxing or shaving the hair of the feet can arise in several cases:

Foot hair removal for aesthetics

For aesthetic reasons: you are a man or a woman with many hairs on the toes of the feet, but also on the foot itself. Well, this is especially valid for men, and all the more so if they are brown. It is true that having hair on the toes that reaches the nail is not very aesthetic. 

Moreover, the current fashion is to have perfectly smooth, hairless feet.

Foot hair removal against body hair

The hair today is no longer too popular on the body of man. We live in a society that hunts hair and hair removal for men has become a real phenomenon, which is no longer taboo at all. All parts of the body are affected by depilation, whether it is depilation of the testicles , depilation of the gluteal furrow , armpits, legs, bikini line, etc. Only the beard stands in the way of this hairless body.

Foot hair removal for shaved legs

Leg hair removal for men is in vogue. So those who wax their legs have every interest in waxing or shaving the hair on their feet. It would be weird from an aesthetic point of view to see smooth legs but hair on the feet!

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How to epilate or shave the hair of the feet?


Here are my tips for waxing or shaving foot hair.

Epilate or shave foot hair with tweezers

Using tweezers to wax or shave the hair off your feet can be a good alternative. On the top of the foot, the skin is flat and harder than elsewhere on the foot. The pain will therefore not be very intense. On the other hand, on the toe it may hurt! So if you are cozy, you will be warned.

Use a trimmer to wax or shave your foot hair

This is the easiest way to wax or shave your foot hair. The simplest because it will not take a lot of time. The most economical too because you don't have to apply products to the area. On the other hand, the hair will grow back more quickly.

Epilate or shave foot hair with a razor

I think this is the solution most used by men to remove hair from their feet. Because the razor is the accessory they master the most. It's economical, it's fast. But be careful, as with the trimmer, the hair will grow back faster and harder and therefore more visible. Before you shave the hair on your feet with a razor, take a good bath on the front foot, to soften the hair and make it more supple. This is the opportunity to take care of your feet and get a pedicure for men .

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Waxing foot hair

Waxing foot hair is certainly the best solution. Because the foot lends itself well to it, the toes too. So certainly it can be painful, but in any case, the result will be clear. And the hair will take longer to grow back than shaving your foot hair.

Foot hair removal with depilatory cream

Depilatory cream is undoubtedly the best solution for removing foot hair. Indeed, depilatory cream has several merits:

  • it is practical, you just have to apply the depilatory cream on the foot hairs that you want to even disappear and wait a few minutes.

  • it is painless, unless you let the depilatory cream sit too long, then you risk having burns!

What to do after depilating or shaving the hair of the feet?

Now that you have waxed or shaved the hair on your feet, you will have to take care of it:

Moisturize after foot hair removal

Immediately after the session, do not hesitate to moisturize your feet and toes. The razor, the trimmer or the wax are a bit like an attack on the skin, which will have to be softened and therefore hydrated

Exfoliate after foot hair removal

A few days after waxing or shaving, exfoliate your feet. This will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

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