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Pedicure for men: how to take care of your foot?

More and more men are taking care of their feet and getting a pedicure for men. Moreover, many of them also get a manicure for men . It's not surprising, the foot being a very sensitive part of our body, it still supports all our weight. But it is also a sexual organ, we must not hide it, the foot can be an object of fantasy. Also, having beautiful feet makes sense. No one really wants ugly feet. No man wants badly cut nails or dry skin under his feet. Thus, more and more of you are getting a pedicure for men. But for those who have never done one, what exactly is a pedicure for men? Here are my tips below and above all, at the end, I give you the miracle product that I use!.

The steps to do a pedicure for men

1st step of a pedicure for men: the foot bath


The foot bath is the basis when doing a pedicure for men. It is also the easiest foot treatment to do. To make your foot bath, you have different possibilities:

  • either make your foot bath in your bathtub or shower tray. This is the simplest solution because you don't have to buy any specific equipment to make your foot bath. Just run a little water in the bathtub or in the shower tray.

  • either you do your foot bath in a basin that you have filled with water

  • or you buy a footbath, a tank specially designed for foot baths. There will thus be the space necessary to place your feet there and to put the level of water sufficient, so as not to waste (as is the case in your bathtub for example). Footbaths are generally non-slip, to avoid any domestic accident related to slipping. They also have spikes that allow you to massage the soles of the feet, which is very pleasant on the one hand and promotes blood micro-circulation on the way.

  • there are also more sophisticated devices of the thalassotherapy type, which will only heat the water but which will also massage the feet. Relaxation and relaxation guaranteed!

The water must be lukewarm or hot, not too hot so as not to burn you.

Once you have run the water, you can put on a product for your foot bath. Either buy or rummage through your kitchen cupboard! You can indeed make a foot bath by infusing 2 or 3 green tea bags in about 3 liters of lukewarm water.

I also advise you to make your foot bath by putting pink Himalayan salt in it, which is excellent for the skin, and therefore for the skin of the feet, thanks to all the minerals it provides.

You can leave your feet in this foot bath between 5 and 20 minutes.

2nd step of a pedicure for men: foot scrub


Just like the face or the body, the feet of the man also need a scrub. There is indeed skin on the foot which, as on the whole body, will be renewed. There will therefore also be dead cells, which will have to be removed.

If you make the foot bath with Himalayan salt, do not hesitate to take a little salt and make a scrub at the end of your foot bath. Like this you will do two treatments in one.

Otherwise, if you make a foot scrub outside of a foot bath, do not hesitate to make a homemade scrub by taking olive oil, sugar and honey that you mix. It's economical, easy to make and fun! And you will do a zero waste men's pedicure!

3rd step of a pedicure for men: sanding his feet


Sanding his feet is an essential care in the pedicure for men. This is what will give you soft feet. Because sanding your feet will have a double effect:

  • remove dead skin cells from the feet. This will therefore come in addition to a foot scrub.

  • attenuate or even eliminate the callus on the foot, this mass of dry skin which generally appears on the heel and which is not very aesthetic. Even repulsive when it's really thick and sinters.

To sand his feet, you have different possibilities:

  • or use a pumice stone, this is the most economical way.

  • either use a foot rasp

To sand your feet, you will have to make back and forth movements on the sole of your foot and the heel. Go slowly, the goal is not to hurt yourself and remove all your skin!


Remember to disinfect the pumice stone or foot rasp well after use, especially if you share it with your spouse.

You can also use an electric foot rasp. With this type of product you have absolutely nothing to do, except take a little time each week for your feet. Here is a product that I recommend.

rape à pied.jpg

This product is perfect for removing dead skin, calluses, calluses under the feet or on the heel and will leave your feet feeling soft and beautiful effortlessly.

4th step of a pedicure for men: cut the toenails


Well, we're not going to hide it, I think it's the only step men do when they do a pedicure for men! I'm sure a lot of people reading this article haven't done the first three steps for many months. Indeed, I am even curious to know how much a foot scrub is made! But to cut your toenails, there are two steps to follow:

  • the first step is to cut the nail using a scissor or a nail clipper

  • then file the nail. And this step is not yet carried out by these gentlemen in the context of a pedicure for men.

It is important to file the nail to equalize the nail that has been cut, to round it so that it does not scratch (important in cuddly moments!).

5th step of a pedicure for men: maintain your cuticles


The cuticles are those pieces of skin that grow on the edges of the nails, mainly on the base. These pieces of skin can detach from the nail which is not very aesthetic.


How to remove cuticles? It is advisable to remove the cuticles after taking a foot bath as the cuticles will be softened and therefore easier to remove. In any case, do not remove your cuticles with dry toenails. To remove the cuticles, you will need a small tool, a metal pusher, which contains a round edge to push back the skin:

  • put the metal pusher facing the contour of the nail, and therefore facing the cuticle,

  • then push the accessory towards your foot,

  • then disinfect your nail,

  • pass the flat head of the metal pusher over the cuticle to remove it entirely.

Last step of a pedicure for men: moisturize your feet


As with any beauty routine, moisturizing is essential! Hydrate, hydrate, and your skin will thank you. The same goes for your feet! Once you have finished your pedicure for men, moisturize your feet either:

  • by applying a moisturizing body milk,

  • by applying vegetable oil directly to your feet, such as olive oil or aloe vera oil,

  • by applying crushed avocado directly on your feet if you have some in your kitchen! Don't forget to rinse!!

So you could see here all the steps to do a pedicure for men! Do not hesitate to do this treatment once a week. And your feet will be beautiful.

kit pedicure.jpg

5ème étape d'une pédicure pour homme : entretenez vos cuticules


Les cuticules sont ces morceaux de peau qui poussent sur les rebords des ongles, principalement sur la base. Ces morceaux de peau peuvent se détacher de l'ongle ce qui n'est pas très esthétique.


Comment enlever les cuticules ? Il est conseillé d'enlever les cuticules après avoir fait un bain de pied car les cuticules seront ramollis et donc plus facile à enlever. Dans tous les cas, ne retirez pas vos cuticules en ayant les ongles de pieds secs. Pour enlever les cuticules, vous aurez besoin d'un petit accessoire, un pousse métal, qui contient un bord rond pour repousser la peau :

  • mettre le pousse métal face au contour de l'ongle, et donc face au cuticule,

  • puis poussez l'accessoire vers votre pied,

  • désinfectez ensuite votre ongle,

  • passez la tête plate du pousse métal sur le cuticule pour le retirer entièrement.

Dernière étape d'une pédicure pour homme : hydratez vos pieds


Comme pour n'importe quelle routine beauté, il est nécessaire d'hydrater ! Hydratez, hydratez, et votre peau vous en remerciera. Il en est de même pour vos pieds ! Une fois que vous terminé votre pédicure pour homme, hydratez vos pieds soit :

  • en appliquant un lait hydratant pour le corps,

  • en appliquant une huile végétale directement sur vos pied, comme de l'huile d'olive ou de l'huile d'aloé vera,

  • en appliquant de l'avocat écrasé directement sur vos pieds si vous en avez dans votre cuisine ! N'oubliez pas de rincez !!

Vous avez donc pu voir ici toutes les étapes pour faire une pédicure pour homme ! N'hésitez pas à faire ce soin une fois par semaine. Et vos pieds seront magnifiques.

masque pied hydratant.jpg

If you do not have time to make a homemade mask to moisturize your feet, then I advise you to buy moisturizing foot masks. You can find it easily, especially at Sephora. However, I recommend one of these masks, that of Scholl which is very effective. Leave on for 20 minutes, time for a nap!

pedicure  homm

My advice for a perfect pedicure for men: peeling!

The different steps mentioned above may seem long to do, I know you don't have much time to take care of your face, your 3-day beard (or your beard, whatever its length), so your feet.

Also, I have a quick solution for you, which you could even take for a nap: a peeling for the feet ! Thanks to this treatment, you will have new feet with beautiful skin (no more dry heels!). If I talk about it, it's because it's a treatment that I discovered and that I can't live without. To do this, I use the exfoliating sock mask from Energie Fruit (a French brand of certified organic and vegan products) and by seeing the photos below you can see that it's a real peeling with very beautiful skin that is generated. It only takes 20 minutes of exposure (time for a nap) and after 5 days your feet start to peel. Magical.


Mask price: €15.90

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